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5 Vintage Names Making A Comeback In The 21st Century

Deciding upon a name can be extremely challenging, regardless of whether that name is for a child on the way, a child being adopted, or even for a person seeking to create their own identity and sense of self.

For some people, choosing a commonly seen name is not ideal as they want the name they settle on to be unique in tone and meaning. By learning the vintage names which are currently making a comeback, a person can find a name that carries great meaning and popularity.

What Is A Vintage Name?

The term ‘vintage name’ can be confusing in and of itself, which is why going over the definition is beneficial. In short, a vintage name is any which was popular hundreds of years ago, only to fade from the public eye for multiple generations. The name then becomes popular as a vintage name when it reemerges as a common name for individuals after those many years away. For example, hearing the name Florence Nightingale today may give a person pause at the uniqueness, but hundreds of years ago it wouldn’t have made anyone blink an eye.

5 Vintage First And Last Names On The Rise Again

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As mentioned, a vintage name is one that was traditionally popular, only to disappear for potentially centuries before emerging again. Due to this, it’s unlikely that you will recognize some, if any, of the following names. This does not mean they are not gorgeous, however, so be sure to consider each and every one of the following as a first or last name:

1. Aurelia

Aurelia is a beautiful name with Latin roots that translates to “the golden one”. It was originally derived from the Latin name Aurelius, which was an ancient Roman surname. It was a third name in Roman culture that was often used to reference the personal characteristics or traits of a person.

2. Theodore

Believe it or not, Theodore actually placed as one of the Top 10 names of 2021 for the first time ever, though it fell out of that spot in 2022. This name is also derived from the Greek and originally meant “gift of God”, which made it a popular name in the olden times. The shortened version of Theo is also equally popular, which is great for those who prefer nicknames.

3. Atticus

Deriving directly from the Greek word Attikos, which means ‘from Attica’, this name stems from the Athens region. It was originally associated with the Roman literary figure Titus Atticus before later being popularized by the fictional character Atticus Finch.

4. Ophelia

Ophelia directly translates to ‘help’ and is a name that has long been associated with the tragic heroine of Hamlet. As the years have passed by, this name has been viewed less and less as an old-timey name and more parents are beginning to consider the name for their children.

5. Violet

Popular due to also being a shade of gorgeous purple, violet is a soft and gentle name that many parents envision for their children. This name finally broke into the top fifty all-time popular names back in 2015 and has stayed popular ever since. Its origin is English from Latin, making it unique on this list of mostly Greek stemming names.

Key Tips For Choosing A Name

Choosing the right name is important but it can feel impossible without knowing where to start. Fortunately, there are a number of key tips which can help a person ensure they choose the best name possible:

  1. Avoid passing trends that you see on social media
  2. Look toward your family tree to see if there are unique names that stand out
  3. Consider how the initials will look when they are together
  4. Double-check if there are any hidden meanings to the name you are considering
  5. Think about your culture and common names stemming from that culture
  6. Remember that just because a name is a classic, doesn’t mean it’s boring

Find A Name You Love Today

The last thing anybody wants is to settle on a name that they don’t really love, regardless of whether it’s for themselves or someone else. While every name is unique and powerful in its own right, that doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for everyone. Consider all of the names you are thinking about and the meanings they carry in order to find one that truly resonates with what you believe a name should have.

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