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Comparing The Functionality Of A Virtual SIM Card And A Physical Carrier.

Virtual SIM Card And A Physical Carrier.

Today’s world runs on quick updates. Insertion of new development in everyday life makes  it easier and faster. It is the age of AI. And while some people are studying artificial intelligence and its benefits, we suggest you take a look at the Virtual SIM Card. 

The eSim is being actively adopted, helping business owners, travellers, and everyday users to share calls and expand their horizons. Today, we will compare the features of a virtual sim card and the familiar physical sim card and find out which type of card to choose.

Virtual SIM Card And Its Advantages 

So, a virtual SIM card builds into your smartphone that connects to a mobile network. Unlike a physical SIM card, an eSIM is integrated into your smartphone’s motherboard. You don’t have to insert it, and you can’t take it out of the device, but you can switch numbers and change carriers. Since the virtual sim card is an embedded chip, you can overwrite information on it and set up new numbers very easily! Yes, it has its clear advantages against manual ones, at least in terms of technology evolution. 

In some areas, virtual sim cards have a complete advantage over physical ones. On the other hand, these virtual sims lag behind the physical ones.  Hence let us find out all here in this analysis. 

Virtual SIM Card Is Easy To Activate 

One of the core features of virtual sim cards is that it is easy to add. To activate the physical sim card, you will have to place it properly on the sim card ejector. It holds the sim card properly. It will not be activated if you fail to place the sim card properly. But you don’t need all these with the virtual sim card. When you have registered the eSim with the help of scanning the QR code, then the entire network will be activated. 

Switch Between Network 

Switching between the network is far easy with the eSiim card. Gone are the days when you had to insert the sim card you intended to activate, thanks to the technological upliftment that you get with the help of the sim cards. 

Yes, you got it right, the sim cards or, say, the sim cards pose a clear advantage against the physical ones. Other than this you can get a whole lot of benefits from them. They include efficient traveling, less space, and others.

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Comparative Analysis Of The Functionality Of Virtual SIM Card And Physical Career

Any comparison finds the best expressions when you are doing it based on the most common features. Let’s compare the features of a physical sim card and a virtual sim card:


Although the physical nano-SIM seems quite small, the card slot takes up several times more space in the phone body than a virtual sim card. The freed up space for the physical sim card slot can be used by smartphone engineers. A common example is the high-capacity battery. In addition, the absence of a card slot increases the tightness of the smartphone case.

Purchase And Setup

To buy a physical SIM card, you need to go to the office of the mobile operator. For a virtual SIM card, you do not need to go to the offices of operators because it can be connected from the comfort of your home.

To do this, you need to download the application of the mobile operator or a third-party application to connect a SIM card. After that, choose the tariff you are interested in and pay for it. Setting up a virtual SIM card takes place in the phone itself. Mobile operators offer both eSiM Plus regional eSIM connection and international eSiM.

Using Virtual SIM Card While Traveling

Most often, travelers leave their home operator’s SIM card behind and buy a physical SIM card abroad to stay connected. However, by changing SIM cards, you may lose your primary card. Also, many people prefer to connect roaming, which can be very expensive.

A virtual sim card can solve both problems. First, you can connect a virtual sim card of the country you are planning to travel to in advance and at a favorable price. Secondly, you don’t need to ship the SIM card, so you can’t lose your current one.


Over time, any physical SIM card will wear out, especially if it is frequently removed from its slot. Sometimes it needs to be repaired and replaced. This cannot happen with a virtual SIM card, as the chip is not removed from the device.

Also, a physical SIM card can be stolen and data can be duplicated from it for fraudulent purposes. In this case, you can simply disconnect the card and not lose the number.

Finding Your Phone

If you do lose your device, you have also lost your physical SIM card. If you did not have the phone finder feature enabled, you will need to buy a new smartphone and connect a new sim card. In such a case, an eSIM can help find your device because carriers have access to the data and can help track the signal, or block the card.

Comparing the two types of sim cards, we should also mention the disadvantages of virtual sim cards.

Apart from the advantages, you have a few disadvantages with the help of the eSimcards. 

Firstly these eSimcrarda can be difficult to switch, especially during the time of an emergency. Moreover, the support of the eSim is still limited to most of the handsets. The main disadvantage of eSIM is that switching phones is less convenient. You can’t simply remove a SIM card from one device and insert it into another.

Therefore, you will likely need to change your phone number when you switch phones. It’s also worth noting that the embedded SIM card feature is not yet available on all smartphone models, so check the chip in your phone beforehand.


To summarize, we can say that eSim is a convenient development and in many ways, wins over physical sim cards. However, when connecting a virtual sim card, you should also pay attention to the disadvantages.


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