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Is Mexico Good For Surrogacy? What You Need To Know

The World Center of Baby surrogacy Mexico agency strives to provide future parents and surrogate mothers with high-quality care and complicity. Surrogate mothers play a very important role in the implementation of the program and they bear a huge burden of responsibility.

We do our best to surround our clients with care and respect. With the psychological counseling, ongoing guidance, and appropriate medical care we provide, our clients get everything they need to realize the greatest miracle of life – having a healthy baby.

A pure and warm Mexican climate and a relatively low cost are perfect for future parents and babies. According to the data and information of the Ministry of Justice, more and more people choose Mexico for surrogacy.

What Is The Cost Of Surrogacy In Mexico?

The number of gay/lesbian couples or just couples who can’t have children and are ready to pay for the opportunity to become parents continues to grow rapidly every year. The price in a World Center of Baby clinic for this service starts from 73,000 US dollars (the cost, as a rule, includes all the services associated with medical support and monthly maintenance during the period of childbearing).

Is Surrogacy In Mexico Possible?

World Center of Baby works with honesty and decency. Our team members are always available and ready to answer your questions, offer advice, and assistance every step of the way. Our surrogacy programs and IVF programs are designed to meet the needs and requirements of your families. We work tirelessly to create the right condition for your families and provide a wide range of treatments.

Surrogacy Agency In Mexico: How Does It Work?

Some couples decide to search for a surrogate mother on their own on a forum or shift this care onto the shoulders of agencies specializing in the selection of women who have decided to bear and give birth to a child for an infertile couple.

The World Center of Baby agency is engaged in the selection of candidates for the role of surrogate mothers, bearing full responsibility for their state of health. For this, a thorough comprehensive examination of their body is carried out, as well as full medical support of the process:

  • Fertilization
  • Embryo transfer
  • Pregnancy management
  • Childbirth

The legal side of the case concerning the execution of the contract with the surrogate mother and the paperwork of the newborn is also done by us.

Surrogacy Laws In Mexico: Legal Issues

According to the law of Mexico, the surrogacy gestational program is not prohibited. A couple that gives written consent to implantation of an embryo to another person is recorded as parents and the consent of the surrogate mother is not needed for this.

However, the advantage of the World Center of Baby is that biological parents don’t need to go through a lengthy adoption procedure. They can be immediately recorded in the column of the baby’s birth certificate as a mother and a father.

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