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What Is Tort Law?

Tort Law

Did you know Americans filed over 11 million civil suits in 2021?

Most often, the claimant files a civil lawsuit to earn payment for a wrong done to them. As a result, most cases fall under the legal definition of tort law.

In legal terms, tort law redresses wrongful acts. Usually, the defendant must provide monetary compensation. It may equal or exceed the harm done to them.

Often the compensation includes medical expenses for injuries sustained. But, it may also cover lost income, payment for pain and suffering, and punitive damages.

If you’d like to learn more about tort law and the types of cases that fall under this category, keep reading!

Tort Law Case Examples

As mentioned, most civil suits are tort law cases. The exception is contractual disagreements, as these fall under contract law. The following are types of tort cases because they involve wrongful acts or infringement of rights.

1. Liability Cases

Liability Cases

When a person or corporation fails to comply with their responsibilities, they have legal responsibility for the consequences that result—that is what liability means. Faulty products that led to accidents or injuries are the most common reason for liability suits. The claimant must prove that the defendant is liable for the damage.

Some famous liability cases include Liebeck v. McDonald’s Restaurants, in which an elderly woman was severely burnt when she spilled a scalding cup of McDonald’s coffee on herself.

Another example involves General Motors covering up faulty ignition switches for years that resulted in disabled airbags. Because this flawed design caused hundreds of injuries and deaths, GM was forced to pay damages.

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2. Negligence Cases

Negligence Cases

When someone acts carelessly and another person suffers as a result, they are negligent. Although negligence doesn’t have to be intentional, they fail to do what they should to protect themselves and others.

Often, people file negligence suits with the help of an injury lawyer, especially when they involve car or bicycle accidents and medical malpractice. However, proving negligence can be difficult, so finding the best accident attorney is vital.

One famous negligence case involved Duke University Hospital and a 17-year-old girl named Jesica. In 2003, the hospital performed organ transplant surgery on her without checking to see if the organ donors matched Jesica’s blood type. After the transplant, Jesica experienced fatal brain damage and her body shut down.

3. Intentional Tort Cases

Intentional Tort Cases

When a person deliberately injures someone else or causes them damage, an intentional tort case is filed. The most common law violations that fall under this category are battery, false imprisonment, and defamation.

Now You Understand Tort Law!

After reading this post, you have a better understanding of tort law. If you are thinking of filing a civil suit, we recommend contacting an attorney who can assist you while preparing the case and in court.

If you would like more legal advice and information, be sure to read more articles on our website that can help you!

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