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How Technology Is Making Stock Traders Smarter Than Ever

How technology is making stock traders smarter than ever

It’s no news that we are in the information and technological era. Nowadays, everyone can effortlessly access information or resources needed to effectively perform their daily activity, manage and run a business, garner knowledge, learn skills, and more.

Every sector is getting influenced by technological advancements. The educational sector, finance, medical field, the media, religion, government, and even binary options trading robots are not left out. The stock market is experiencing a massive turnaround from previous seasons of loss to massive consistent success. This can be attributed to the integration of technology into the stock market. We will explain how these robots work and provide insights into their impact on the binary options trading landscape.

This blog is dedicated to enlightening you on how technology makes stock traders matter. We hope you will learn from this blog and implement the lessons derived from your trades.

Stock Market  And Technology: Brief Discussion On Their Integration

You may or may not have recognized how technology can be a spring from an “average investor” to a successful investor. Modern technology has carved the way to a better trading life. Trading is now fun, easily accessible, and traders are more likely to make a profit compared to previous years.

A major agent that integrated stock trading and technology was the emergence of smartphones. Previously, stock trading occurred in coffee shops. Back then, before someone thought of the idea of a dedicated marketplace to trade stocks, businessmen traded stocks in crowded cafés where they needed to order coffee to trade.

Stocks were handwritten on paper, and traders had to visit the makeshift stock markets; coffee shops to buy and sell stocks. However, things entirely changed for good with the emergence of smartphones. Smartphones spread access to the internet and the stock market to larger parts of society. Anyone interested in stock trading could hereby trade with the little hand-held device.

The first stock exchange market was the London Stock Exchange (LSE), which was created in 1801, but this stock market could not issue shares until 1825. This prompted the emergence of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in 1817. This exchange was not the first in the United States of America. The Philadelphia Stock Exchange is regarded as the first yet, NYSE traded stocks from its inception, and this contributed to the NYSE’s growth in ranks to become one of, if not the most popular, stock exchange globally.

Ways Technology Makes Stock Traders Wiser

This section will discuss the areas in which technology has helped stock traders become wiser in their trades.

Real-Time Monitoring

Technology provision of real-time monitoring facilities has helped in enhancing how traders trade. Previously, human errors were rampant in trading due to inaccurate information. Today, several tools developed from technological advancements make it possible for investors to access accurate information that can be acted on to make a profit.

Reliable Security

All thanks to technological advancement, stock traders now trade with total trust in the security and transparency of the stock market. With the help of technology, access to secure stock exchange platforms is possible through our devices; smartphones, laptops, PCs, etc. Traders now have it easier than ever. No need to get to a physical structure to buy or sell stocks. Rather, anyone can exchange stocks even from their sofa.

Rapid Transactions

Through technological advancements, stock traders have upgraded from coffee shops to exchange marketplace to virtual trading.

Decades ago, stock traders spent hours awaiting their turn to exchange. The stock exchanges used to be time-consuming and stressful. However, technology emerged, and stock traders moved from stressful trading to faster and more secure trading. Even the need for intermediaries was reduced drastically. Today, stock traders or intending traders can learn and trade on the stock market themselves, which leads to a lesser cost of operation.

Blockchain Technology In The Stock Market

The use of blockchain technology is widely spreading, and stock markets are beginning to embrace blockchain technology too. This novelty and amazing technology possess a massive potential where traders who embrace it can trade in the most secure environment and under less risky circumstances.

It also offers rapid and secure transactions in the stock market.

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Deutsche Borse, and Japanese financial service agencies are some organizations already using blockchain technology. In a few years’ time, we believe a wider part of the global stock exchange market will embrace and use blockchain technology.

We also want you to become wiser, so research how to implement blockchain technology in your stock trading activities and transform your trades.


We have talked about the influence of technology in stock trading, we hope you have learned a lot, and we hope you’ll be able to implement these lessons in your trades. Technology eases living if applied appropriately. This is a similar case to trading. When you apply technology to your trading activity, you will reduce trading risk and losses, increasing your chances of becoming a successful trader.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs

What Is Stock Trading?

Stock trading is simply buying and selling (exchange) of shares of a certain company.

How Can I Trade Stocks?

There are seven simple steps to follow to start trading stocks.

  • Open a dematerialized account (Demat account) or brokerage account.
  • Learn and understand stock quotes.
  • Understand the bid and ask prices of the shares you are interested in.
  • Understand fundamental knowledge and technical knowledge of stock trading.
  • Learn the stop loss.
  • Meet an expert for questions.
  • Start exchanging with safer stocks.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Blockchain Technology In Stock Trading?

Some benefits of using blockchain technology in stock trading include the following:

  • Provision of reliable and robust security measures.
  • Implementation of infrastructures to facilitate faster settlements of trades.
  • Totally eliminate third parties’ threat through regulation of network and smart contracts.
  • Reduce operational and transactional costs, automate surveillance, track and report illegal trading activities, and more.


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