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Picmonkey – Best Review By Users In 2022


Are you searching for excellent graphic designing and photo editing tools? Pickmonkey is one of such tools which can make things easier for you. You may have come across various positive Picmonkey reviews but don’t believe gossip.

Believe the reality, not the opinions of the others, without testing it. You have to ensure that you do not make your choices in the wrong direction regarding selecting graphic designing tools.

Before using any app, you need to know its features and benefits to adopt any software for your use. Then, develop your business plan properly to achieve your goals in the best possible ways.

What Is Pickmonkey?

Pickmonkey Photo Editor

Pickmonkey is one of the most effective photo editing and graphic designing software founded in March 2012. It makes the users create professional designs and image edits. There are several facilities for using this software.

Some of the core facilities of this software are you can resize, add filters graphics, retouch your pictures, and it can help you elevate your visual arts. In addition, you can make a wide selection of design templates to design your craft beautifully.

The application of the Pickmonkey app can make the life of photo editors easier and more lucid. Do not make things more complicated yourself.

Core Features Of Pickmonkey

Pickmonkey Features

You need to know multiple factors while using the Pickmonkey software for your business. Some of the core features of this software are as follows:-

1. Photo Editing

For editing the images, the Pickmonkey software is the best one to edit the photos at your end for editing the photos. It allows you to make the perfect editing functions at your end.

Cropping and resizing can work well in your favor. The second feature is basic edits to help you make the proper user exposure and sharpen the color option.

You can color the correct areas, and delete the duplicate images at your end. Work out your plans in such a manner that they can work well in your favor.

2. Designing The Assets

You will get an extensive selection of design options. Also, you need to make out the ways that can work well in your favor. You have to make the design from scratch while using the software templates. You can make use of this software in making the following items for your business expansion:-

These are some of the essential items you can use while applying the proper Pickmonkey Software.

3. Collaboration

You can make the content collaboration system effective in real-time while developing your business in the right direction. This is because all the projects and designs are placed in an accessible place.

It makes the process of sharing a lot more accessible compared to other photo editing tools. For example, if your team can share their design ideas, team members can ask for feedback and develop a comment file.

You have to understand the facts before you select the Pickmonkey software tools. It can make things work for you in the right way while you want to improve your business.

4. Built-In Storage

When you go through the Pickmonkey reviews, users can use the built-in software storage called Hub. You can design the photos and other storage devices along with them to make things work in your favor in the right way.

You can share desktop creations instantly with the help of this software. However, you have to understand these facts before making your choices for mobile and desktop creations appropriately.

This facility of the Pickmonkey software can make the life of the photo editor easier. In addition, it can provide them the opportunity to develop their brand image in the right direction.

5. Videos GIF’s And Collages

You can resize the collage cells to provide more flexibility by adding textures for individual images in the collage. But, again, the animated GIF library application can make things work well in your favor.

You have to ideate the facts correctly to make the proper use of this software. However, the application of the animated GIF library can make the life of the photo editors easier with the application of this software.

6. Ease Of Use

If you are not a professional graphic designer, you can use this software to perform complicated software functionality with ease. The ease of use for the software makes it obvious choices for the users of this software.

You need to work out your plans so that they can help you boost your business in the right direction within a short time frame. This tool is a user-friendly tool to make the lives of the photo editor easier and more effective.

The registration process is short, and you can go through the process to make things work in your favor within a short time frame.

Pros & Cons Of Pickmonkey

Pickmonkey Pros & Cons

After knowing the features of the PickMonkey now, it’s time to understand the pros and cons of this software to make things easier and more effective for your business and photo editing.


  • It is easy to learn and quite user-friendly.
  • A plethora of templates is available to keep your content fresh.
  • You can add new features and customize the image as per your wish.


  • Your website can freeze, and you can lose your work.
  • Tutorials and instructions are some of the significant additional features.
  • Animation is not possible in this app.

Pick Monkey Pricing

There are three plans available on this site. Some of these are as follows:-  

  • Basic plans worth $7.99/month.
  • Pro Plans Worth $12.99/month.
  • Business plans worth $23.00/month.

Final Take Away

Hence, these are some of the factors which you need to take care of while you want to seek the assistance of the PickMonkey software for your business. It can offer you quality services in a short time frame.

You can also share your comments, reviews, and opinions about this software. However, before sharing your comments, ensure that you have used this software once and try to deliver your rational comments.

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