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Block Someone From Facebook Business Page – Complete Guide

block someone from Facebook Business Page

How to block someone from Facebook Business Page? Facebook is more of a marketing channel rather than social communication nowadays. With a business page on Facebook, you get fantastic opportunities for promoting your brand at moderate costs. But you must be familiar with banning or blocking someone from your Facebook account, right? You can do the same from your Facebook Business Account also. 

Blocking is something that mainly business account owners do when any follower or member does unparliamentary activities on the page. Especially, in order to protect your business reputation and prevent spammers, banning becomes the only way left with you. Are you facing any such problem but not being able to block the person? I am sure this is the reason that brings you here.

So worry not; to know how to block someone from Facebook Business page; read the guide from end to end. We will be covering the following today:

Why Should You Block Someone From Facebook Business Page?

Facebook Business Page

While learning how to block someone on a Facebook business page, it is also necessary to know why. In which cases, you can block someone from your Facebook Business Account? The reasons can be many – Offensive comments about your business, spam posts, intentional reports on your contents, and many others. At this time, to safeguard your Facebook business account, you should block those people straight away. 

How To Block Someone From Facebook Business Page?

Block Someone FB Business Page

Facebook Business Pages are incredible ways to earn sound revenue and build a BRAND. Are you an already established digital entrepreneur with a massive brand reputation and presence on Facebook? Then you must know how important your business page is to you. 

Even some people earn their bread and butter from Facebook business pages. It’s very pathetic if someone spams your business page or spreads false allegations against you. This can immediately affect your brand identity. The only remedy here is to ban those spammers from Facebook pages. 

Learn from the below points how to block someone from Facebook Business Page.

1. How To Block Someone From Facebook Business Page Settings?

To block someone from FB Business page settings, all you have to do is go to “people and other pages.” After that, search for the person whom you want to ban, and then tap “Ban from page.” 

2. How To Block Someone From Facebook Page Post?

Blocking someone from the Facebook Business page post is much different than that of the Facebook user account. To do this, go to Posts, after that Visitor Posts, and then tap the Page or Person that you would like to block.  

3. How To Block Someone From Your Facebook Business Page Inbox?

Do you know how to block someone from your Facebook Business Page Inbox? This is also much different from Facebook messenger blocking. So the first step is to look for the message from the person that you want to ban. Then proceed to select the ‘Ban from page’ under three dots (…) beside their name. 

How To Check Whom I Have Banned From My Facebook Business Account?

I hope you have understood how to block someone from Facebook Business page. Now it’s quite natural for this question to come to mind – how to check whom you have blocked from your page? It’s very simple: Navigate to your Settings, select the “People and other Pages” link. After that, select “People Who Like This Page“. You can now choose the “Banned People and Pages” option to see who you blocked from your page. 

Can You Unblock Someone From Facebook Business Page?

Unblock Someone On A Facebook Business Page

It’s great that you are now aware of “how can you block someone from seeing your facebook business page?” Sometimes, it may happen that you have banned someone from your Facebook page unintentionally. Just like the question “can I block someone from my Facebook business page?”, we have received several queries on unblocking. 

So you must be desperately looking for how to unblock someone from the Facebook Business page. How to unblock someone on a Facebook business page? To learn it, check out the following steps below:

1. From The Inbox Of Your Page

To unblock someone from your page inbox, detect the message of the blocked person in the inbox. Then hit on the  three dots (….) and click on “Remove Ban from Page.” There you go, it’s done.    

2. From The Settings Of Your Page

Navigate to  the “people and other pages.” Then look for the person whom you would want to unblock. Click on the three dots (….) and tap on to ‘Remove Ban from page.’ 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. How Do I Hide My Facebook Page From Someone?

At first, navigate to the “page visibility”. After that tap on the “Unpublish” option and there you go! Furthermore, if you want to check, whether it is unpublished, you can return back to the page.

Q2. Can Someone See If You Ban Them From Your Facebook Page?

If you ban them or block them from your Facebook Business page, they will not get a notification about the same. But they would definitely understand what you have done because your page will be limited to them. 

Q3. Can A Blocked Person See My Business Page On Facebook?

No, not at all. As soon as you block someone, he will be blocked from seeing the contents on your page permanently. In other words, his access would be restricted. 

The Final Thoughts

I hope “how to block someone from Facebook Business page” is now crystal clear to you. It’s pretty simple but might take some time for those who are doing it for the first time. So now that you have learned how to block someone from a business page on Facebook, why don’t you give it a try all by yourself? 

Ensuring your account’s image and security are in your own hands. Unless you are doing it for yourself, nobody will be helping you proactively.  

Don’t forget to let us know your experience with the whole process. Are you facing any kind of challenges while blocking someone? Let us know in the comment box below; we will try to address it very soon.  

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