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How to Make the Best out of Your Collage Maker

Running a business or social media channel takes time and effort. You therefore probably want to focus on your business’s core value-add stuff and not waste time on things that are just there to support your business. When it comes to digital marketing, there’s so much happening online these days that you can’t just sit back after a campaign.

You need to make sure that you keep updating and refreshing your content. Spending hours every day creating the perfect visuals and text isn’t effective for you which is why you need help. That’s why a free collage maker online was created in the first place.

Moreover, Promo offers you all the templates you need that you can easily customize to get your online visuals constantly updated and relevant for your business.

Making the Most of your Free Collage Maker Online

Free Collage Maker OnlineThe easy part is that any photo collage maker allows you to put together a photo collage in less than half an hour. Nevertheless, there’s a difference between awesome and simply average photo collages. Follow these tips though and you’ll be soon posting beautiful photo collages on your social media walls:

  • Define your goals
  • Layouts
  • Spacing
  • Colors, style, and theme
  • Editing

Define your Goals

It almost goes without saying that you need to first know why you’re using a free collage maker online tool. Is it for a marketing social media campaign spread out over several weeks? Alternatively, perhaps you’re using your photo collage to showcase a new product on your website? Then again, you could just be putting together your holiday photos for your social media friends.

The more you know what your goals are then the easier it is to define the audience and what might appeal to them. You can then find the appropriate tools and settings in your free collage maker online to customize your output accordingly.


LayoutsA photo collage is all about being creative with your layouts. Most people go for the simple approach and just use the grid format you can see on most templates. Alternatively, you can get more creative if you think that’s going to work for your audience.

For example, you can have overlapping images or photos laid out in particular shapes across your photo collage such as a giant heart. Basically, do you want fun and quirky or focused and informative? This is why knowing your audience comes in handy.

You can then add any relevant features from your photo editor including logos, text, and animations to truly enhance your overall message.


SpacingThis is when it gets a bit more technical which is why you might opt for using the collage templates on offer. If you do make your own photos to download then be careful you don’t add too much empty space around your subject matter. Then again, you probably don’t want anything too close up either unless that’s the effect you’re going for.

The Rule of Thirds is particularly valuable when taking photos and it’s also very easy to apply. All you have to do is imagine a 3 by 3 grid over your frames. You then check that your subjects are either along the grid lines or at the interesting points. This has been proven to make photos more appealing to the eye by photographers and artists for decades.

Colors, Style, and Theme

As mentioned, it’s useful knowing who your typical audience is before using your free collage maker online. That’s because you can then choose a theme and style that will align with their preferences. You can also search through your collage templates with any relevant keywords to ensure you get the right style.

When it comes to colors though, you might have specific ones already designed for your brand. You would then amend and edit your photo collage accordingly with your photo editor.


Like most tools, you can stick to the basics or become a more advanced user. For example, you can choose to do more complex editing such as including transitions or designing unique animated characters. The collage maker you choose will naturally vary according to what type of editing options and features you want to work with. Either way, the possibilities are endless and can suit every goal.

Parting Words on Maximizing your Free Collage Maker Online

We all have our styles and preferences and how you use your collage maker will be different from how anyone else uses it. That’s actually what makes it fun whilst also enabling you to make your own unique photo collages. After all, it would be boring if we were all the same.

So, play around with your collage maker and see what’s possible. All you need to do is remember your goals and stay true to your brand so that people know who you are instant. That will then help grow your social media followers which is, after all, the ultimate goal.

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