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Top 3 AI Breakthroughs For The Year 2022

We all know that AI is the future of technology.

You may have seen movies about robots taking over the world, but you don’t have to worry about that just yet.

With proper guidance, AI will bring many benefits to our life in 2022.

Here are three breakthroughs I hope we see this year:

Autonomous Weapons

Autonomous Weapons

AI will be used to control autonomous weapons. AI will also be used to design autonomous weapons. Autonomous weapons will be trained with the help of AI, and they’ll communicate with each other using machine learning algorithms.

The goal is to create a system that can learn from experience, improve its performance over time, and adapt itself as new data comes in—the kind of thing that lots of companies want for their products today, but which might also get them into trouble if it were applied incorrectly (and not just because people might try to create Skynet).

AI Will Become The NEW Electricity

NEW Electricity

AI will become the new electricity. That’s right, it’ll be everywhere—in every industry and aspect of our lives, including business, government, and military.

We are already seeing this shift with the proliferation of AI-powered products like Amazon Echoes and Google Homes in homes around the world.

And by 2022 we’ll see even more companies adopting AI solutions across all industries: retail, healthcare, fintech (financial technology), etc.

Super Intelligence

Super Intelligence

Imagine a world where AI has advanced to the point that it can think, act and communicate like a human—and is able to learn and make decisions in much the same way we do.

This is what superintelligence means for us as individuals, but it also could have profound consequences for our society as a whole. AI will be able to understand human emotions, which would allow them to read facial expressions accurately enough that they can predict when someone is lying or telling the truth (with 93% accuracy).

These capabilities could be used in hiring processes and negotiations between nations—not only would they understand how an individual feels at any given moment but also how they’re likely going to react in specific situations based on their past history.

The ability of machines to learn will give us new ways of solving problems we never even knew existed before:

Imagine if you had access to Google Earth combined with GPS tracking abilities so precise that you couldn’t lose yourself even if you tried!

You’d be able to find anything anywhere in under five minutes by simply pointing your camera phone at something nearby – whether it’s a grocery store across town or an old friend across the country who moved away years ago without telling anyone else about where exactly she relocated herself after graduation day ended up being over.”

I Hope These AI Breakthroughs Can Help Make Our Lives Better.

There are a lot of problems in the world. There are plenty of things we’d like to do but can’t, or don’t have time for. AI has the potential to help solve these problems and make our lives better in many ways:

  • Solving problems that were previously unsolvable. For example, AI may be able to tell us if our diagnosis is correct, even when there’s no way for us to know this ourselves.
  • Making better decisions about what we should do next (e.g., helping us decide where we’re going on vacation). This could be something as simple as suggesting places based on your interests (which could also lead you into new activities), or something more complex such as being able to analyze data collected from your health tracker while also considering what you’re doing today versus tomorrow so that it knows whether taking an extra walk right now might actually be more beneficial than watching TV instead—or vice versa!
  • Helping us live healthier lives by analyzing data collected through wearables or medical devices; e.g., if a person has high blood pressure they may need medication which will lower their blood pressure back down again so they aren’t getting side effects from having too much salt intake every day!


AI can be a powerful tool to help us earn more money, save time and reduce human error. It will become the new electricity because it will enhance every aspect of our lives. I hope these AI breakthroughs can help make our lives better and create a brighter future for us all.



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