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How Companies Are Changing The Bike Helmet Game?

Bike Helmet

Helmets sold in the world must adhere to the same stringent Consumer Product Safety Commission standards as those sold elsewhere.

A well-fitted helmet should be pleasant to wear and should feel light in weight. In the event of an accident, it is recommended that even a brand-new helmet be abandoned.

What we seek is: Helmet type – Mountain riding (usually with a front visor for protection and additional covering in the rear) and commuter biking (built for a little bit of everything) are the three categories of helmets according to Ben Sawyer, head mechanic at Cycle Mania in Portland, Maine. 

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The Factors Of Good Helmets Are:-

The Factors Of Good Helmets Are:-

The question of whether bikers or cyclists should put on helmets fuels the Bike Helmet debate worldwide. Nevertheless, the question is which has the bigger advantage…. Creating a better helmet-free cycling environment or promoting physical safety?

From our point of view, both are points of concern. Often the four-wheeler owners across the globe are taking part in this debate. 

However, there are a plethora of factors you need to consider while choosing the best helmet for yourself. 

Comfort and safety go hand in hand with bike helmets. You may give up while fixing an uncomfortable helmet to the point where it no longer protects against the face-plants or relaxing the helmet straps to the point where they no longer fit snugly. We looked at lighter, more streamlined helmets for racing and extended rides and ventilated ones for summer bikers.

Despite the prevalence of charcoal-grey bike helmets, our experts say bright-colored bike helmets are the safest. This is especially for the case of a dirt bike helmet. “You want the most obvious color on your head,” Swart explains. “At least throughout the day, it’s a major safety factor.” We tried to recommend colorful helmets. We evaluated night riding helmets with built-in lights.

Tested for impact, these helmets are safe to buy and could save your life. For this list, we focused on helmets that have undergone extra optional testing by independent organizations including Virginia Tech, Consumer Reports, Snell Foundation, and ASTM International. For a higher-end helmet with supposedly cutting-edge features, we think you should choose one that’s been tested by more than one lab, especially since there’s evidence that extra bells and whistles may make certain helmets less safe.

MIPS is an experimental technology, not a CPSC requirement, and our experts were split on its effectiveness. Swart is cautious, citing a December Snell study that was inconclusive. “I don’t envision ever wanting to acquire a non-MIPS helmet – it’s your life,” writes Radavist’s John Watson.

Our sources concurred that MIPS and other rotational-mitigation technologies might theoretically provide extra brain injury protection and are unlikely to cause active harm.

Best Bike Helmets

Best Bike Helmets

Cyclists basically do not object to high-visibility clothing or helmets. Countrywise, in London, the majority of people wear a helmet when they are on a bike. 

  • Bontrager Starvos WaveCel

This road cycling helmet is lightweight, well ventilated, and has an attractive, gently rounded profile. The brand provides detailed instructions on how to measure your head and get the optimum fit.

On the streets, it comes in a brilliant “radioactive yellow” colorway. Instead of MIPS, the Starvos uses a newer technology called WaveCel, which Sawyer and Adventure Cyclist editor-in-chief Alex Strickland told us about.

According to Strickland, Bontrager used to just put WaveCel in their high-end helmets, but now it’s “kind of trickled down to this $100 pricing range.” Despite the added protection, he said this helmet is “super comfortable; you don’t notice it has it.” Virginia Tech gave the Starvos a rare five-star safety rating.

Best Commuter Helmet

Best Commuter Helmet

A commuter helmet provides safety to the riders during incidents of crashes. Furthermore, it protects you from overheating and enables you to reach the destination without the risk of getting injured. The best bike helmet from the commuter category is illustrated below. 

  • MIPS Helmet

Christina Torres, the founder of City Girl Rides, is “obsessed with a thousand bike helmets.” This brand was highly recommended by professionals.

Many bike helmets now come with clever snap locks. Many of Kelley’s customers use this helmet to traverse Los Angeles.

Adam Bernstein of Echelon Cycles says so. Consumer Reports rated the Chapter helmet’s fit and adjustability as “excellent” and its simplicity of use as “good”. The helmet’s breathability is “poor,” so avoid long rides.


A well-fitted helmet should be comfortable and low in weight. The brightest helmets are the safest. Night riding helmets with lights are safe and can save your life. The greatest helmet is one that meets all CPSC requirements. MIPS is a CPSC-approved experimental technology. 

Its five-star safety rating came from Virginia Tech. Now Bontrager offers MIPS on entry-level helmets as well as high-end ones.

Have any queries? Do let us know in the comment area below. Also, stay tuned to for guides on topics like mountain bike helmets. 

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