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Why Are Divorce Cases Rising During The Coronavirus Pandemic According To Experts

Divorce Cases

The pandemic is not a threat to only the global economy, but it has also been seen that it has strained many marriages to the breaking point. There are signs that the divorce rate is soaring up due to the point of stress in the emotional and economic sectors.

The facts are quite astounding. According to Person Law family attorneys, online self-help divorce agreements’ sales rose to 34% in 2020. In fact, the new divorce cases filed increased from 25% to 35% compared to the same time in 2019.

Divorce and family lawyers who participated in the survey agreed that the dire situation is due to being together 24X7 during the pandemic.

Why Are Divorce Cases Rising During The Coronavirus Pandemic?

Due to the divorce rate spiking up, awesome couples are looking for options that can help them separate from their spouses. All relationships have some disagreement; however, the pandemic has made the situation worse.

From worrying about your health to worrying about your loved ones’ health under the pressure of financial crisis has left everyone at the peak of their stress. These events have amplified the divorce rates.

For some couples, pandemic friction has caused fights even on small matters like cleaning dishes, doing the laundry, and using up savings accounts. And for others, the lockdown has given them an ample amount of time to rethink their situation and make a decision that will be best for both.

Here is what experts think over the soaring divorce rate.

1. Disagreement Over COVID 19 Risks

The major problem with the couple’s disagreement with the risks related to the pandemic is disagreement. Divorced lawyers with shared custody of children have the most issues as they hold different ideas about the safety precaution taken due to the pandemic.

Couples who seek marital counseling sometimes disagree with the safety norms of COVID 19. In fact, the disagreement can be between a couple living together. Hence, it is important for couples to respect each other’s decisions and do things accordingly.

2. More Conflict, Less Intimacy

It is quite common, even if there had been no pandemic situation. The more couples fight, the less intimate they become. In a survey of more than 700 adults, it has been seen that most are married and living together. Out of the married couples, 34% of them agreed that they had last intimated a month ago. The reason was disagreement and fight over the disagreement.

When the pandemic hit the world, the couples were forced to live together. When partners live together for a longer period of time, they can get tired of each other. They are also stressed about maintaining the new rules and regulations about work and family life.

The survey also shows that couples with increased conflict are more likely to feel anxious, depressed, and stressed.

3. Economy Brought Challenges

The pandemic has started eating up all the savings couples have stored for their future. Now that the savings are in the last bar, couples are trying their best to look for alternative solutions. That’s where the personal assets come in.

Neither side is willing to part ways from their assets, resulting in disagreement among the couples. This practice has increased the stress among the couples and has lowered the love time among the couples.

When To Seek Help?

The first and probably the most important thing individuals need to do is find a good divorce attorney. Working with some of the best legal experts can help you make the transition process of a divorce a simple and uncomplicated affair. it would also result in less bitter memories and allow you to step into your new life with some level of positivity.

If the couple finds that they have some unresolved business, it is time for them to take legal advice or help. It is important that you understand your situation and take the necessary steps to save your relationship.

If you are wondering whether or not you can still divorce your partner with everything going on, the answer is YES. Divorcing your partner is never easy; however, with the pandemic altering the rhythm of your life, divorce might only be the way.

There are many options to seek help, but before you do that, we would like to advise you that talk with your partner to see if the problems can be solved with light talk.

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