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What Is Cannabis Shake And What To Do With It?

Cannabis Shake

When processing or packaging weed, some small pieces of buds, stems, and leaves fall off.

You can think of them in terms of crumbs from cakes or chips. In the marijuana sector, they are not called crumbs but shake, cannabis shake, weed shake, or marijuana shake.

Processors handle large volumes of weed, and throwing shakes away will be wasting revenue. Still, shakes are weed with all weed properties to make you high.

What Does Shake Contain?

Cannabis shake contains similar properties to any other cannabis strain. The concentration may vary from one batch of shakes to another. You may not exactly tell the amount of THC in the shake. Again, shakes can be collected from different types of weed strains with different types of active ingredients. Shakes from pure or a single hybrid strain are sometimes labeled Premium Shake.

What To Do With Weed Shake

The experts at Cali weed UK say that weed shakes can be from any of the strains like Lemon Haze, Blue Dream, or even from a mix of multiple strains. It will still work and make you high if you know what to do with it.

Here are different ways to use weed shake.

1. Vape it in a THC vape pen

Just like any other type of weed, shake can be vaped and give you that high experience. Just grab your grinder and fill your vape pen. The advantage of vaping is that you will not feel any harsh grains or stems.

2. Make some rolls and smoke it

Smoking shakes might not give you the best smooth experience of quality weed. Remember, it is a mixture of stems, flower buds, and leaves. It does not mean you cannot enjoy releasing a puff of shake smoke. You need to grind it first into a smoother shake. Grind just enough for the moment and save the rest for another day. It will work the trick, but the high feeling could last for hours.

3. Make cannabis-infused tea

Cannabis-infused tea has been in use for many centuries. If you have never tasted it, set aside a day to experiment. Prepare tea and add some amount of shake. Do not drink immediately but let it steep for some hours. Strain it and add sweeteners or lemon.

4. Make weed edibles

Weed edibles are a great way to enjoy the shake. Since you are making edibles from home, there is a process to follow. First, decarboxylate your shake. To decarb means to activate the cannabinoids so that they will be useful to your body. Set the heat at 2300 F and leave the shake for 30 minutes. You will activate the inactive forms of THC and CBD, turning them into active ingredients.

You can make it into various forms, including:

  • Cannaflour
  • Cannabutter
  • Cannabis coconut

5. Make cannabis-infused booze

If you love cocktails, you can make cannabis-infused liquor at your home. Prepare the shake the same way you prepared it for shake edibles. Decarb for 30 minutes and then rinse it to make sure it is clean.

Pour your shake into a glass jar and then fill it with enough liquor making sure the entire shake is covered. Cover it with a tight lid and keep it in a dark place. For the next two weeks, shake it twice daily. Your cocktail is ready, and you can enjoy the mix.

6. Prepare weed-infused food

You can add your shake to your cakes, cookies, or other types of food. Just be certain to add the right amount so that you will not affect the taste too much. Keep the shake soaked overnight to remove chlorophyll. If you do not remove it, your food might have an awful weed taste. In the morning, cleanse it and heat it to decarb. Your shake is ready to be an ingredient in any type of food that you want to prepare.


Shake is made from the small pieces of weed that fall off when packaging or processing. It consists of tiny stems, leaves, and flower buds. It can be a mix of different strains, and it might not taste as great as other types of weed. You can use shake to make edibles or oil, or you can vape or smoke it.

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