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How Much Does Emergency Tree Removal Usually Cost?

How much does an emergency tree removal cost? Any realtor can tell you that trees don’t increase property value. Getting buried alive by a falling tree tends to decrease a property’s value. So what are you waiting for?

Finding a tree removal service is as easy as picking up the phone and making a call, but there’s nothing more awkward than getting a price you may not have been prepared for.

So we put together a short guide to help you understand the cost of an emergency tree removal, and how you can keep it affordable. Keep reading to get the inside scoop on

Emergency Tree Removal Service: When Do You Need Their Help?

The first question that may emerge in one’s mind is, when does one need emergency tree removal services? Let’s try to understand them here. 

Overhanging Trees 

When the branches of the trees are overhanging, in that case, you may need the services of these professionals. The overhanging trees on your property can reach your neighbors and create potential hazards. It is you who has to compensate for the loss. Moreover, your relations with the neighbor will be affected. Therefore, do not let your tres escalate the borders; take professional services’ help.

Dying Trees 

Trees that are dying can be a threat to people. They become unstoppable or unpredictable. Their branches or the entire tree may fall unexpectedly and may cause potential damage. Hence, you must contact the expert to cut down or remove the tree as it might pose a danger to any pedestrian or vehicle.

Life Risk

If a tree poses unfortunately falls on an individual, it may lead to injuries or even death. Hence, there is involvement of life risk. You must take the assistance of the experts so that it helps you be on the safer side. 

Why Choose Expert Emergency Tree Removal Services?

There are reasons why you must take the help of experts without trying it all yourself. It is not a task that is almost impossible. But with a lack of experience, you may make some blunders. Here, we discuss some of the reasons why you must go for expert assistance.


The professionals who are engaged in the work have thorough knowledge and understanding of the complexities of tree removal. They are armed with professional tools and equipment that help remove the trees and clean the areas in the best way possible. 


Tree removal is an expert service and requires an understanding of safety. Yes, it is among the top priorities. When dealing with tree felling, you must have adhered to all the safety measures. Only then can it reduce the risks of injury and increase safety. Any attempt to remove the trees can indeed be extremely dangerous. Professional tree removal services are equipped with safety gear and modern tools that prevent them from any kind of mishap. 

Legal And Environmental Considerations

Removing the trees requires permission from the concerned authorities. Some regulators oversee the rules and regulations for removing the trees. Especially, there are laws and regulations on environmental protection. The experts are well versed with the laws and regulations and take the legal measures that stop you from legal issues. They ensure all the compliance.

Emergency Fallen Tree Removal Cost

Emergency Fallen Tree Removal Cost

Generally speaking, emergency tree removal is more expensive than waiting for the tree service to schedule you after other customers. Here are the estimated emergency fallen tree removal prices:

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On Power Lines

Emergency tree removal on power lines can be an expensive process. Generally, the cost of tree removal typically starts at around $1,950 and can go up to more than $8,200 depending on the size of the tree and the amount of danger the tree poses.

It requires a great deal of specialized equipment and skill, making these services much more expensive than other types of tree removal services. When it comes to the removal of trees on power lines it is important to trust your tree care provider and ensure that all safety precautions are taken to properly remove the tree and protect power lines.

On A House

Depending on the size and location of the tree, the cost can range from a few hundred dollars to more than $6,350. The amount of risk involved is a determining factor in the tree removal cost. removal on a house will cost more than when it’s in a public park or other significant area for example.

The cost further increases if the tree needs to be taken apart piece by piece. Besides the cost of removing a tree, certain additional fees are applicable for the cleanup of debris and logs.

On A Fence

The amount of time needed to safely remove the tree may also play a factor in how expensive the removal is, it could cost from $1,875 to $3,290. Removing the tree may also require additional supplies and services to ensure a safe and complete job. If the tree has been cut down to a stump, additional labour and equipment may be required to dig it out.

If the tree has fallen on the fence, there may be significant repair or replacement costs associated with the fence. In conclusion, the cost of emergency tree removal on a fence can vary significantly and should be estimated on an individual basis.

If you have a fallen tree today and don’t know where to get help, you may visit Top Tier Trees or other company tree services near you.

Knowing How Much Emergency Tree Removal Usually Costs

Emergency tree removal can be a major expense, costing anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars depending on the size and condition of the tree. It is important to get an estimate for any tree removal service to ensure you’re getting the most competitive price. To get your professional tree removal estimate, contact your local arborists today.

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