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How Much Weight Can You Lose in a Month: 2022 Updated Tips

Do you have your own healthy eating habits?

Do you already limit your calorie intake? If your answer is yes, these activities are good steps for achieving your ideal body weight. However, employing additional healthy habits such as doing exercise may contribute to rapid weight loss.

Nevertheless, is losing weight in a fast-phase manner helpful in maintaining a healthy weight? If it is, how many pounds can you lose each time, and will you be able to maintain it over time? How can you prevent weight gain for a successful weight loss journey?

How Much Weight Can You Lose in a Month

Each person has unique body chemistry. Aside from that, the progress of one’s weight loss may vary due to one’s lifestyle. So, how much weight can you lose in a month?

weight loss

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a weight loss of around four to eight pounds per month is still healthy. That is one to two pounds per week.

Meanwhile, according to Charlie Seltzer, MD, a certified obesity medicine physician, and certified strength and conditioning specialist, losing weight for around one to two percent of your total body weight is enough. It means that if one’s weight is 150 pounds, an initial weight loss of six to twelve pounds in a month is still healthy.

In the end of everything, experts agree that losing weight too fast is not healthy. Rapid weight loss may cause a health decline. If not, it will make you end up gaining more weight again.

What is Rapid Weight Loss?

Rapid weight loss, in general, is losing weight for more than two pounds per week. Typically, it involves gaining weight of one kilogram or more.

Rapid Weight Loss

While it is possible for a person to lose weight so quickly, a weight loss of five percent of one’s weight may be alarming.

If you want to achieve sustainable weight loss without compromising your health, the best way is to lose weight slowly.

Healthy and Sustainable Ways to Lose Weight

When it comes to losing weight, there are various tips you can follow to help your system lose body fat naturally. One common piece of advice is to adapt to a healthier lifestyle. However, how do you make sure that you do it correctly?

With that in mind, here are some recommended steps you can take to safely lose those extra calories and stored fats.

Ways to Lose Weight

1. Maintain a calorie deficit

A calorie deficit is one of the main contributing factors to weight loss. It is a phenomenon in which you are consuming fewer calories than your calories burn. Everyone can have a calorie deficit, but not all can sustain it.

There are many ways to maintain such a thing. While you can take just one of them, doing the combinations in such ways will be more helpful than limiting yourself.

2. Control caloric intake modestly

In contrast to your own expectation, adapting to very low-calorie diets may not be so helpful, especially if you are just starting out. Limiting yourself from foods with so much more calories to the fewest ones will leave you unsustainably hungry. Instead of achieving fat loss, you may only end up craving more foods.

3. Monitor your calorie intake

How many calories do you consume? Remember that this question is important for a calorie deficit. Calorie intake will help you track your progress while you are modestly controlling it.

4. Do physical exercise

Physical activity helps the body burn more fats and release extra calories, leading to weight loss. There are various physical activities you can engage in such as bodyweight exercises, strength training, and resistance training. Even brisk walking is also helpful in losing weight and burning fats.

5. Eat protein bars

Many times, you need to increase your energy intake, especially if you want to stay productive while having your weight loss experience.

Protein is also a good source of energy, thus protein bars can help. Proteins rather than red meat and carbohydrate-rich foods are even healthier. Indeed, if your current energy intake is mostly sourced from rice and heavy slices of bread, such food can be a replacement.

Aside from increasing your energy while limiting your consumption of processed foods, lean protein is good for building up more muscle, which you may lose if your approach is only limiting what you eat. Lean muscle mass also enhances your body composition.

Instead of appearing too thin, your body figure will just make you feel so right despite you losing so much weight.

6. Be careful with fad diets

Many people wanting to lose ten pounds in a month are attracted to a crash diet. That is a diet promising quick solutions for weight loss. While it can be effective for some people, experts agree that it is hard to maintain and may be more harmful than helpful.

We also have the concept called yo-yo dieting. It is a cycle of weight loss that follows this pattern: dieting, losing weight, stopping, regaining, and re-dieting.

This occurs when the body cannot sustain its cravings, often the result of resorting to a quick-fix weight loss solution. However, that does not mean that having a healthy diet is not effective anymore. Indeed, food preferences still play a role in achieving a healthy weight.

7. Eat healthier

Avoid foods with a high number of preservatives. Most of these foods contain high amounts of salt. For drinks, most of those contain high sugar that can be artificial or natural. If you want sweet drinks, you can pick fruit juice, which is a lot healthier than soft drinks.

This practice does not only help you lose weight. It also contributes to a healthy body and controlled blood pressure. If you aim for disease control, such a weight loss plan also works.

8. Use a natural fat burner

Natural fat burners are often in the form of a supplement. It contains several ingredients that help the body burn fats and calories. Calories burned will definitely lead to weight loss.

According to the resources collected from, natural fat-burning supplements are proven to help a person lose weight. However, this should not be a replacement for adopting a healthy lifestyle. Rather, it should be used as a companion to a balanced diet and exercise.

9. Weight loss surgery

This is an effective way of losing weight quickly. However, experts still advise adjusting the lifestyle so that a person will not regain the weight he or she acquired before the procedure.


If you want to attain a healthy, sustainable weight loss, resorting to quick-fix diets or practices is not a solution. Rather, it is a gradual change that you must be patient with. The weighting will be worthwhile as long as the discipline is there.



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