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6 Top Listed Investment Companies On The ASX


The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) is the primary stock exchange in Australia and a leading global marketplace.

The companies which are on the list of the stock exchanges, like Austrian securities, are raising money by selling shares to investors. The investors get the opportunity to earn money when the companies are successful in making money or getting the opportunity to make profits.

6 Top Best Investment Companies On The ASX

The following are some of the top-listed investment companies on the ASX:

1. Global Master Fund

Global Master Fund


Global Master Fund is an ASX listed investment company that invests in a diverse range of companies around the world. The company has been listed on the ASX since 1998 and has grown to be one of Australia’s leading investment companies.

Global Master Fund is managed by a team of experienced investment professionals with a combined experience in the Australian and global equity markets totaling over 90 years. The Global Master Fund team is committed to providing investors with solid returns through quality investments.

2. ETF Securities

ETF Securities is one of the largest issuers of exchange-traded funds in Australia. ETF Securities is a wholly owned subsidiary of ASX Limited, Australia’s leading financial markets operator. 

ETF Securities offers ETFs on Australian and international markets, including Melbourne, Sydney, and London Stock Exchanges.

The company has grown substantially since its inception in 2000 with a focus on bringing innovative products to market for its clients, including index trackers, fixed income hedging tools, and specialist strategies such as relative value opportunities (RVP), sector rotation strategies (SRT) and smart beta indices (SBI).

3. K2 Asset Management

K2 Asset Management


K2 Asset Management is an investment company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). It has a market capitalization of $10 million, and its shares are managed by Mr. James E. Klimowicz. 

The company was established in 1999.K2 is an Australian-based equity and fund management company that is working on the basis of the whole sales and institutional investors.

K2 focuses on the ability to deliver strong and well-implemented investment strategies. The company is investing a large amount of money to generate long-term growth, and also, they focus on preserving the clients to gain profit for a volatile period.

4. BT Funds Management

BT Funds Management in  ASX is a provider of funds management services to institutional investors. The company is an Australian investment firm that provides investment solutions to institutional investors, including superannuation entities, public sector bodies, and corporate clients.

The company was established in 1984 as BT Investment Management Limited. It was incorporated on 23 May 2004 and offered its services across Australia through offices located in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth.

5. Platinum Capital

Australian investment company

Platinum Capital is an Australian investment company that was listed on the ASX in 2003. This boutique investment company has a focus on private equity investments, with a portfolio of assets including public companies, funds, and unlisted equities. Platinum Capital has offices in Singapore and New York City, as well as Australia.

Platinum capital gives an investment philosophy and method for selecting undervalued stocks. Easy trading with ASX is possible by providing substantial diversification.

PMC can distribute all available profits to the shareholders in a form of dividends.

6. Milton Corporation

Milton Corporation is a private investment company that invests in the debt, equity, and equity-related securities of private companies, public companies, and real estate companies. 

Milton Corporation is based in Melbourne, Australia. The firm was founded in 2004 by Paul D’Almeida and Stephen Heydon. The two chairmen Robert Millner and managing director Frank Gooch are aiming for long-term investment plans.

Milton corporation invests in diversified portfolios and assets with a focus on providing the full franked dividend and capital growth for the investors. The ASX-listed companies and the liquid assets like cash and term deposits along with the trusts and the fixed interest and securities are the most significant advantages.


We hope you found this list of top-listed investment companies useful. The ASX is the place to be if you want to invest in Australian companies, so we’re proud to offer this list and help people find the right company for them.

Which company are you picking for your next investments? You can share your opinion through the comment sections and let us know your opinion.

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