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Lifting of Lockdown for Coronavirus Should be Gradual Says WHO

Lifting of Lockdowns for Coronavirus

On Tuesday the World Health Organization warned on the lifting of lockdown. They have said the lifting of lockdown must be done gradually not all of a sudden. They have also said that it will not be much wise to lift up the lockdown without restrictions. This might raise the number of the infection even more than the normal numbers. 

However, the lockdown has been proved beneficial for the countries a lot, and now everyone must be ready for the new way of life and people must keep on following the measures that have been told already. Only if people follow the rules and regulation, then we will be able to check the spread of coronavirus. 

The lifestyle and way of life must change as per the requirement of the COVID-19 wants us to take care of ourselves.  

“At least until a vaccine, or a very effective treatment, is found, this process will need to become our new normal.”

Governments considering the lifting of lockdown measures should do so carefully and in stages, and continue to monitor the epidemic situation, he said. So long as the coronavirus is circulating, no country is safe from a potentially overwhelming outbreak, he said.

“Individuals and society need to be ready for a new way of living,” he said.

While the Western Pacific has in recent weeks been much less hard hit by the epidemic than the United States or Europe, there has been an increase in cases in Japan and Singapore, among other countries.

Kasai also warned that the epidemic must not disrupt vaccination programs against other diseases like polio, measles, and rubella. Otherwise, the Western Pacific could face a new crisis when health systems are already strained, he said.

*Reuters is the source of information and facts, only the Title has been changed completely.

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