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Do You Need a Hair Transplant?

Feeling self-conscious about your looks is something everyone has felt at one time or another, whether it is problems with acne, weight gain, or any part of your body that you are not quite happy with. For some these issues might not be something that bothers them, but for others, it can lead to low self-esteem and a lack of confidence. In these cases, doing something about it can help to change your attitude and make a big difference in how you perceive yourself. A common cause of low self-esteem is hair, particularly because as you age it might begin to thin or become brittle. Having a hair transplant is a possible solution to this, and if you are worried about the state of your locks, here are some signs to look out for that could indicate you would benefit from this treatment.

Thinning Hair:

Thinning Hair

As you age your body changes and this could result in your hair becoming thinner. If this is happening at a fast pace, and you are starting to see your scalp through your hair it might be a cause of concern for you. While some shampoos and conditioners can help to make hair feel thicker, a hair transplant could also be an option.

Receding Hair:

Your hair might not be losing its thickness, but perhaps you have noticed that your hairline is receding. This can lead to your forehead appearing bigger and can be a worry for those it is happening to. Clever hair cuts and styles can be successful in hiding a receding hairline, but eventually, you may need to take further action if this is something that is bothering you and altering how you behave.

Bald Patches:

Bald Patches

Another cause for concern is if you have noticed bald patches developing. Before you rush to a clinic for a hair transplant, contact your doctor to make sure that this is not a sign of something else, as stress can lead to hair loss as well as other medical conditions for which you may need treatment for.

Other Treatments Have not Worked:

As mentioned previously, certain products are designed to promote hair growth and make your hair appear thicker. If you are noticing problems with your hair, try these treatments first to see if they can help you. If they have failed to work, book into a reputable clinic such as for a consultation to see if a hair transplant is the right solution for you.

Things to Think About Before a Hair Transplant:

You will be able to get further advice at a consultation for a hair transplant to find out if it is right for you, but there are some things you should think about before booking in for one. Firstly, although hair loss can happen at any age, hair transplants are recommended for those who are 30+. This is because it will be easier to determine your hair loss patterns at this stage in life than if you are younger. You should also consider whether you have enough donor hair to use in the transplant, whether that be from other parts of your head, or your chest or back. You can discuss this in more detail during your consultation.

Losing your hair can be a stressful experience for anyone and it can drastically change the way you look. If you are worried about your hair and have recognized the signs listed above, perhaps a hair transplant could be the right solution for you.

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