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Important Tips For Preventing Dog Bites

Humans and dogs have a special if not symbiotic relationship. Indeed, they are not man’s best friend for no reason.

They are our loyal companions, our protectors, our guards, and even our psychiatrists since they can cheer us up when we’re feeling stressed or experiencing depression. 

If you’re blind, a dog can become your eyes. If you can’t use your legs, a dog can retrieve things for you. In return for a dog’s devotion and love, we feed them, care for them, and show them major love in return. 

But on occasion, a dog will become so protective of its owner/master that it will lash out even at a small child who appears to be a threat. It’s for this reason, and others, that hundreds of thousands of dog bites occur each year in the U.S. alone. 

Says the professionals at Seay/Felton Trial Lawyers, a Macon personal injury lawyer, if you’ve been the victim of someone else’s negligence, malpractice, or malice, it’s likely you’re entitled to seek out financial compensation from them in the form of a legal personal injury lawsuit. Lawsuits can include bites from dogs that weren’t properly collared, contained by a fence, or tied up. 

But the point is not to get bitten in the first place. That said, how best can you avoid dog bites? According to a recent report by the Uhealth Collective, over 40 percent of American families have at least one dog. If you go on social media, you’re bound to see lots of reels of cute little babies and cuddly dogs bonding. It’s truly a heartwarming display of man and beast conjoined at the hip. But make no mistake, even the cutest dog can make mistakes, intentionally or not. 

Dog Bites Each Year

Statistics illustrate that in the U.S. alone, about 4.5 million dog bites occur every year. Children are said to be more likely to be bitten by an alarmed or irritated dog than adults. The injuries children receive from their bites are also likely to be more serious than those suffered by adults. The types of injuries a child might endure can be bites to the neck, face, and head, all of which will require medical attention and perhaps plastic surgery. 

Little kids can be the victim of bits from just about any dog. Believe it or not, dog bites often come from an animal the child is already familiar and friendly with. 

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Important Tips On How To Prevent Dog Bites

When it comes to children and adults, here are some vital tips on how to prevent dog bites: 

–A parent or parents should never leave infants or toddlers alone with a dog, even if it’s a trusted family pet. Dogs show a lot of love, but they can also bite. 

–Children (and adults) should be calm around dogs. Do not allow kids to play rough with your dog. No one, adult or child, should play tug-of-war with a dog.  

–If you’re outside walking or jogging, never approach a dog that’s not on a leash or accompanied by its owner. 

–It’s important to teach your children to always ask the owner first before attempting to pet their dog. If the owner says yes, the dog must be allowed to sniff the child first. Adults should follow this rule too.   

–Adults and children should never pet the face or tail of a strange dog. You can gently stroke the dog’s back and avoid eye contact with the animal as this might be interpreted as a threat. 

–A dog that’s eating, sleeping, or caring for puppies should never be disturbed. In these situations, even the most docile family dog can be known to respond aggressively. A bite could result. 

–Another important lesson to teach your kids is that if a dog appears to be acting in a threatening manner such as barking or growling, they should remain calm and avoid eye contact with the animal. They should then back away slowly until the dog shifts its focus to something else and leaves the area. 

When A Dog Bite Occurs

If the worst happens and you are bitten by a dog, seek our basic medical attention right away. Basic medical care for a dog bit includes a thorough cleaning of the wounded area then the application of a sterile bandage.

You should then seek out professional medical treatment, preferably in an ER. A doctor will likely perform other, more comprehensive treatments. 

Dog saliva contains bacteria that can lead to infections (many dogs eat their own waste). It’s because of this that certain vaccines plus antibiotics might be prescribed to both treat and prevent the possibility of serious infections.     

In the end, you and your children need to learn when it’s time to play with a dog and when it’s time to leave them alone. This is just one basic step in the overall prevention of dog bites.  

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