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5 Reasons You Need Redundancy Lawyers

The need for redundancy lawyers in the workplace can be perfectly explained from two different sets of points of view. On the one hand, it can be explained from the employer’s point of view, and on the other hand, it can also be explained from an employee’s point of view.

Here I am going to break down both these POVs so that you have a much better and clearer understanding of both.

What Is Redundancy?

The simple definition of redundancy is the circumstance when an individual loses their job due to some situational changes with the employer.

It is important to comprehend that redundancy is not related to your work performance by any means. And also the fact you did no wrong to make yourself redundant.

  • Suppose your employer decided to cease to trading.
  • Your work location is getting closed.
  • The importance of employees with your set of skills has suddenly changed.
  • Due to financial reasons, the workforce needs to be reduced.
  • Due to a shift in undertaking, a different set of skills are required.
  • Your particular job role is no longer required, and it won’t be replaced as well.

How Much Redundancy Notice Am I Entitled To?

The question of how much redundancy notice you are entitled to depends solely upon the period you have been working with the company.

  • 2-5 year’s continued employment – 2 week’s notice
  • 5 -10 year’s continued employment – 4 week’s notice
  • 10 -15 year’s continued employment – 6 week’s notice
  • 15 + year’s continued employment – 8 week’s notice

Top 5 Reasons For Employees To See A Redundancy Lawyer

Here are a few reasons why redundancy lawyers help employees.

Reviewing A Job Offer

A redundancy lawyer can help you a lot when an employee loses their job, but it is also true that they can help you to start a new beginning as well.

These lawyers will also help you look for other job offers and will help you find the next best job offer for you, and help you start a new beginning.

Dealing With A Workplace Issue

A workplace issuer is something that is never-ending and can be a difficult situation to deal with. Not every workplace issue is the same, but rather than handling it on your own, it is always better if a professional steps in to mediate the situation, such as a redundancy lawyer.

They are the ones who have previous experience of dealing with such problems in the workplace. So other than doing anything and complicating the situation, a redundancy lawyer should take charge.

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Harassment And Discrimination

One of the ugly realities of any workplace scenario is the issue of harassment and discrimination. You will find there are a lot of different laws in force to handle such delicate circumstances.

When it comes to situations such as this, there are multiple ways a problem with harassment and discrimination can happen. So the best person to handle situations as such, a redundancy lawyer, should be consulted with.

Negotiating An Exit Package 

For the employees who have been long-term employees in the company, it is possible that they are looking for a way out of their current role.

So a redundancy lawyer can offer them an alternative option of retiring early. A negotiation of that sort can be quite beneficial for the employee as well.


It can be quite traumatic and painful to suddenly lose your job, so to make sure that you get a proper payout and even your termination is being treated fairly, a redundancy lawyer is very important.

Top 5 Reasons For Employers To See A Redundancy Lawyer

Here are a few reasons why redundancy lawyers help the employer.

Employment Contracts

To have a healthy and legal business, it is important that you have your employment contracts updated and in proper order. It is important that you check them on an annual basis. And this is where a redundancy lawyer can be quite beneficial to you.

Workplace Policies

There should be a certain standard of discipline and workplace ethics that you need to follow; these are essential and are required by the law to uphold.

If these standards are not met, then there are serious consequences and penalties that can be issued against a certain individual. And who better than a redundancy lawyer to introduce these policies to the employer?

Discipline Issues

You need to understand that employers are also human, and sometimes they might be compelled to dismiss a few employees who are troublesome and cause disturbance.

The dismissal can also be due to poor performance or incorrect behavior in the workplace. So before dismissing someone, it is always better to consult a redundancy lawyer to clear all your bases. And nothing will bounce back to you.

Making Changes

It is possible that the business suddenly becomes stagnant and is moving towards becoming stale. So to revive your business by joining forces with others, you need to make some immediate changes, no matter how difficult it might be.

Now before you make these changes, it is better that you consult with a redundancy lawyer about whether the steps you are taking are right or not and whether it is good for your business or not.


If a termination is done wrongfully or poorly, it can become a sharp thorn in the employer’s side. So in these cases, it is always better to talk to a redundancy lawyer and take advice from them about any consequences.

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