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How To Start Your Bed And Breakfast Business

Bed And Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast is a popular form of the rental business. Even though it is more difficult to manage than a regular short-term vacation rental, it has some unique benefits. Before launching such an enterprise, it is necessary to discover all the aspects of the business.

What Are Bed And Breakfast?

A Bed and Breakfast is a type of accommodation service, which is also called B&B. The basics of the service are implied in its name: such rentals offer the guests an option to stay for a night and have breakfast in the morning. Of course, there are some unique aspects to it other than offering food.

In contrast to hotels and most regular Airbnbs, the interactions between hosts and guests are a lot more common in B&Bs. In most cases, an establishment of this type operates in a large house or cottage with multiple rooms available for accommodating visitors. The host usually lives there and is always available for the guests.

With such an enterprise, the expectations from the owner are rather high. It won’t be enough to simply provide a room and some food: the visitors will expect personal service. The hosts should be ready to have conversations with their customers, guide them through local attractions, and take their personal preferences into account.

How To Start A B&B Business

Just like with all the other accommodation services, it is not easy to launch a B&B enterprise. There are many steps the owner should be ready to perform, and each of them has some unique aspects and important details that should be taken into account.

Step 1: Draft a Business Plan

Every successful enterprise starts with a business plan. Before rushing in, it is vital to plan as much as possible beforehand. It will eliminate a number of mistakes and enable you to have certain expectations regarding the performance of the business. It is easy to find a template for a business plan online. Try filling it out with as many details as possible.

Step 2: Choose a Property

The first actual step in launching any rental business involves choosing a property. There are several things to consider at this point. First of all, it is important to select the type and the size of the property. Most Bed and Breakfast establishments operate in spacious houses and cottages with many rooms for accommodating guests.

Another factor that should be kept in mind is the location. It will have a huge effect on the performance of the business, so the choice should be made carefully. To pick the perfect place, it is necessary to understand and take into account the needs of your target audience.

Step 3: Prepare the Property

Of course, just purchasing real estate is not enough to start accepting visitors there. First of all, the place has to be renovated. The required procedures may range from equipping the place with furniture to restructuring the areas of the house. Making a proper choice in the previous step will surely reduce the amount of work required.

It is also necessary to equip the property with all the amenities for the comfortable accommodation of guests. Keep in mind that Bed and Breakfast establishments are expected to give visitors the cozy feeling of home, so the property should correspond to these standards.

Step 4: Design the Menu

A B&B service implies offering breakfast, so the host should be ready to impress the visitors with tasty meals. The best option is to come up with a menu that would universally fit the majority of potential guests. Select some easily made dishes and have a weekly schedule for this purpose.

Most establishments of this type offer continental breakfast with multiple meals to select from. While designing a menu, it is important to keep in mind the preferences the guests might have. A good B&B host is always able to adjust breakfast for picky customers.

Step 5: Consider Getting Assistance

Operating a regular vacation rental is difficult, and a Bed and Breakfast service has even more tasks associated with it. Thankfully, the hosts can load off some of the work to other people. The most common staff hired by establishments of this type includes cleaners, technicians, and managers.

Another type of assistance a B&B host can receive relates to the daily routine tasks they have to perform. There is an option to automate them with the help of special software. For example, users of can have the following tasks performed automatically:

  • updating the calendars;
  • adjusting the rates;
  • responding to first messages;
  • leaving positive reviews;
  • set tasks for employees.

Step 6: Create the Listing

Once all the previous steps are performed, it is time to create and publish the listing. The good news is that B&B owners can use popular short-term rental platforms like Airbnb, VRBO, and others. For the listing to become successful, it is important to attach high-quality pictures to it. A good option would be to hire professional photographers for this task.

Of course, the listing should be properly configured as well. Make sure to set the correct location and enter the right price while creating the listing. Even though the guests won’t see the description while scrolling through the available properties, they will read it after clicking on your listing, making it important to write it out properly.

Step 7: Manage the enterprise

After finishing all the preparation, the host has to manage the business. It is the most difficult step on the list, as there are numerous regular tasks that have to be performed. It includes managing the calendar, adjusting the rates, communicating with guests and potential customers, leaving reviews, cleaning the property, preparing breakfast, and many more.

It is especially vital to offer high-quality service right after launching. Otherwise, the first reviews might be negative, which can cause significant damage to the further performance of the business.

Benefits Of This Business

No one would deliver such a service if there were only some additional difficulties associated with it. Expectedly, there are several key advantages to operating such a short-term rental enterprise. Even though this model won’t be suitable for every host, it will be very beneficial to those who are ready to take on some extra challenges.

Higher Rates

There are more services offered at a B&B rather than at a regular rental, so the rates for them are reasonably higher. It enables the owner to generate additional income from a property that would be less profitable if simply rented out.

Less Competition

There are much fewer bed and breakfast establishments than regular vacation accommodation services. This automatically enables the listing to stand out from the crowd. Even though the service is more niche, it will surely find its customers even in an area that is densely packed with regular Airbnbs.

Connection with the Customers

The service implies a much closer connection with the guests than a typical accommodation establishment. With a proper approach, it will result in a flow of positive reviews and regular customers. It will also develop a number of beneficial personal connections with the people you meet.

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