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Surrogate Mother In Ukraine: Selection Criteria, Cost, Independent Choice

Surrogate Mother

Surrogacy has emerged as a popular and viable option for couples and individuals struggling with infertility.

Ukraine has become a sought-after destination for surrogacy due to its favorable laws, advanced medical facilities, and experienced professionals. This article delves into the essential aspects of surrogate mother selection, the surrogacy in Ukraine cost, and the benefits of making an independent choice in this crucial journey.

Surrogate Mother Selection Criteria

Choosing the right surrogate mother is a pivotal decision in the surrogacy process. Several key factors should be considered during the selection process:

Age and Health:

The surrogate’s age and overall health play a vital role in ensuring a successful pregnancy and safe delivery. Most surrogacy centers in Ukraine prefer surrogate mothers between the ages of 21 and 35, as they are considered to be in their prime reproductive years.

Prior Surrogacy Experience:

Surrogate mothers with prior surrogacy experience may have a better understanding of the process and potential challenges. Their previous successful pregnancies can be reassuring for the intended parents.

Emotional and Mental Well-being:

Emotional stability and mental well-being are crucial qualities in a surrogate mother. Ensuring that the surrogate is emotionally prepared for the journey can contribute to a positive experience for all parties involved.

Legal and Ethical Considerations:

Working with a reputable surrogacy center in Ukraine ensures adherence to legal and ethical guidelines. A thorough screening process is essential to verify the surrogate’s eligibility and willingness to participate.

Surrogacy in Ukraine offers a comprehensive range of services, including medical treatments, legal support, and emotional guidance, making it a preferred destination for intended parents seeking a surrogate mother.

The country’s advanced medical facilities, experienced professionals, and favorable legal environment create optimal conditions for surrogacy arrangements.

Cost Of Surrogacy In Ukraine

Cost Of Surrogacy

One of the primary reasons Ukraine has become a preferred surrogacy destination is its cost-effectiveness. Ukraine’s surrogacy cost is significantly lower compared to many other countries without compromising on the quality of medical services.

Surrogacy centers in Ukraine offer comprehensive packages that cover all essential aspects of the surrogacy journey, including medical procedures, legal assistance, and surrogate compensation.

Benefits Of Independent Choice In Surrogate Mother Selection

Making an independent choice in selecting a surrogate mother allows intended parents to have greater control and involvement in the process. This approach empowers them to prioritize specific criteria that align with their values and preferences.

Independent selection also fosters a personal connection between the intended parents and the surrogate, creating a nurturing environment for both parties.

What’s The Difference Between Agency Surrogacy and Independent Surrogacy?

A surrogacy agency is a smart solution for intended parents who are willing to opt for a gestational carrier and expand their family. Agencies usually offer a plethora of services for surrogates and families, such as:

  • Combining gestational carriers with intended parents
  • Clinical screening and various surrogate background checks
  • Building legal agreements and parental rights between both parties
  • Mental health experts, fertility clinics, and medical experts

On the other hand, independent surrogacy refers to intended parents who do not want to opt for a surrogacy agency. They try to find an IVF clinic and gestational carrier all by themselves. Such parents mostly work with their fertility lawyer, who helps the surrogate all through the pregnancy process. 

Pros Of Agency Surrogacy Vs Independent Surrogacy

The biggest advantage of agency surrogacy is its combined service for intended parents. It is not only about locating an individual who wishes to do it but also a matching program that ensures a seamless surrogacy procedure. 

Meanwhile, opting for an independent surrogacy means you can save some money. Surrogacy is a costly endeavor- it might ask for as much as $25,000 from the intended parents. So, if you are finding a surrogate carrier yourself, you are most likely to save all these charges. 

Another benefit of hiring a surrogate firm is the legal expertise they provide. Parentage and surrogacy laws vary from one state to another. Hence, enforcing an agreement between a gestational carrier and a parent might be tricky when they reside in various places.

Parents who do not wish to employ a surrogacy agency can exercise more control over the professionals they are willing to hire. It is not too tough to find a fertility attorney- fertility clinics refer lawyers to patients very often. 

Cons Of Agency Surrogacy Vs Independent Surrogacy

For certain families, the biggest limitation of hiring an agency is the cost intact. Certain agencies determine that the lowest range begins at $90,000, which is quite difficult to afford. The array of charges might vary from one case to another- but not reduced significantly.

With no access to the resources that an agency might offer- things might go wrong with independent surrogacy. It might make the procedure tough if all the tests are not conducted well enough. They can simply make the process complicated.

The next con of agency surrogacy is that fertility clinics vary largely in matters of pricing. Other intended parents might need to look for egg donors or conduct genetic testing. This ultimately increases the price tag. Maximum surrogacy programs work with intended parents and offer a reduced fee.

Unlike independent surrogacy, a lot of agencies consist of the two parties that consult everything with the carrier before proceeding. An agency certainly helps to streamline the procedure, although it has a cost incurred. Independent surrogacy usually comes with less expertise in comparison to the former alternative. 


Surrogacy in Ukraine provides a promising path to parenthood for individuals and couples facing infertility challenges. By carefully considering surrogate mother selection criteria, understanding the Ukraine surrogacy cost, and making an independent choice, intended parents can embark on a transformative journey toward building their family.

Collaborating with reputable surrogacy centers and experienced professionals in Ukraine ensures a seamless and rewarding experience for all involved. So, what are you waiting for? Make a smart move by opting for surrogacy- but the choice is yours whether you want to do all the work by yourself or hire an agency. 

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