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Inked Expression: Different Types of Handwriting Tattoos

Tattoos have become increasingly popular over the years, with more and more people expressing themselves through body art.

One of the most unique ways to showcase one’s personality and beliefs is through handwritten tattoos. Handwriting tattoos are a way to make a statement while also incorporating a personal touch.

Let’s explore the different types of handwriting for tattoos and how you can get one that is truly unique to you.


Cursive handwriting is a popular choice for tattoos due to its elegant and flowing nature. It adds a touch of sophistication and can be easily customized to suit individual preferences. One can opt for traditional cursive or go for more modern variations such as calligraphy or brush lettering.

Handwriting Styles

With advancements in technology, it has become easier to create custom fonts that mimic handwriting. This offers more flexibility in terms of font style, size, and placement on the body. Handwritten fonts, ranging from simple to intricate designs, are a versatile choice for tattoos.

If you have a specific handwriting style that you want to replicate, consider working with a tattoo artist who is skilled in creating custom fonts. Additionally, if you are interested in pursuing a tattoo apprenticeship, learning how to get a tattoo apprenticeship can provide valuable insights and guidance in this creative field.

Personalized Scripts

For a truly unique tattoo, one can opt for a personalized script. This could be based on their handwriting or that of a loved one. This not only adds a personal touch but also makes the tattoo more meaningful and special.

Typewriter Font

For those who prefer a more vintage look, a typewriter font can add an interesting twist to a handwritten tattoo. It gives off a nostalgic and retro vibe and can be customized by adding elements such as symbols or illustrations.

Typewriter Font

Street Art Fonts

Street art has become increasingly popular and its influence can be seen in the world of tattoos as well. Street art fonts are bold, edgy, and often have graffiti-like elements. They can add a rebellious touch to a tattoo and are perfect for those looking to make a statement.


Calligraphy is a beautiful form of handwriting that has been around for centuries. Its intricate and ornate nature makes it a popular choice for tattoos, especially for quotes or longer phrases. It adds a touch of elegance and can be customized to suit individual preferences.

Foreign Scripts

For those looking to add an international flair to their tattoos, foreign scripts are a great option. This could include languages such as Arabic, Chinese, or Sanskrit. Not only does it make the tattoo unique, but these types of handwriting for tattoos also add a layer of mystery and intrigue.

Old English Font

Old English font, also known as Gothic script, has a bold and striking appearance. It is often associated with medieval times and can add a sense of history and tradition to a tattoo. This style is perfect for those looking for a bold statement piece.

Find Your Style With These Types Of Handwriting For Tattoos

The world of tattoos offers many types of handwriting for tattoos to choose from, each carrying its own story and appeal. The key is to choose a style that resonates with you and reflects your personality.

Remember, tattoos are an art form and handwriting tattoos are no exception. As you embark on your tattoo journey, consider exploring these different types of tattoo fonts for a piece that is truly unique to you.

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