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How To Expand Your Art Knowledge

Art Knowledge

Knowing more about art is helpful for multiple reasons.

It allows you to have more interesting conversations, teaches you about history, and helps you appreciate artwork better. Plus, for those who paint or are interested in art history, knowing more is simply part of the fun!

So, whether you want to set up an art business, impress friends, or prepare for an art history course, here is how to expand your art knowledge.

1. Discover What Art You Enjoy

learn everything about art

Trying to quickly learn everything about art, from the intricacies of the renaissance period to the radical art movements of the 20th century, will only tire your brain out.

To start with, consider what type of art you enjoy the most, and then learn about that. For example, you may prefer photography over painting. Or, maybe you can’t get enough of fine art. By knowing what you love, the education part will come naturally.

2. Visit More Art Galleries

You might have visited a handful of galleries over time, but more are around than you’d think. To discover artists, both old and new, visit more art galleries. In London, you can find Woodbury House Art, which has excellent pieces by Blek Le Rat and Richard Hambleton.

Hambleton is a fascinating artist, especially if you like street art. There are many more to find and peruse, so don’t just stick to the most famous ones!

3. Read, Read, Read

art history

Reading is one of the best ways to expand your knowledge on any topic, including art. Read art magazines, journals, books – anything you can get your hands on.

Non-fiction books about art history will help expand your historical knowledge, while art books with paintings inside will expand your knowledge of the artworks themselves and how they look/how they were created. The more you read about art, the more you will know.

4. Take An Art Course

Have you ever considered taking an art course? If so, now is the time to do so, especially as you want to expand your art knowledge. After all, passion is an integral part of education!

Fortunately, you can find a bunch of different art courses online. Some teach you how to be a better artist, whereas others teach you more about art history. There are plenty of workshops and in-person courses you can find, too; you just need to look around. Once you’ve finished the course, you will have much more art knowledge under your belt. Plus, you might have made some friends with similar art-focused interests!

5. Practice Your Own Art

Art Practice

Practicing your art is the best way to become a better artist. At the same time, it teaches you about art. For example, if you’re a painter, the more you paint, the more you’ll learn about the process.

In turn, you’ll find you appreciate the work of other artists better and take note of details that others may not. So, whether you paint, draw, sculpt, or take pictures, enjoy becoming a better artist while expanding your art knowledge.

With these simple tips, it is easy to expand your art knowledge.

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