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  • National Consumers Association criticizes new fee by LIME

    26 November 2014
    The National Consumers Association has described as unfair a decision by LIME to charge customers an extra fee for printed copies of their bills. The Association’s President Kingsley St. Hill says this new development underscores the need for the swift enactment of consumer protection legislation in Saint Lucia. He says the association will scrutinize the new fee to determine whether it violates the rights of consumers. Just recently Saint Lucia’s Minister for telecommunications, Dr. James Fletcher wrote to LIME expressing serious concerns about the new fee. He says the decision by LIME ...
  • Possible shortage in poultry products

    26 November 2014
    St Lucians could see shortages in poultry products in the coming weeks as a result of a temporary ban on the importation of poultry from the U.K. The announcement comes from local agriculture officials who have been speaking about the possible impact of the ban on food security. The temporary restriction on UK poultry forms part of measures being undertaken to prevent a highly pathogenic strain of bird flu from reaching the island. Agriculture officials say the U.K is one of Saint Lucia’s main suppliers of poultry therefore the ban would invariably affect the availability of poultry pro...
  • Dead man found in Monrepos

    26 November 2014
    The partially decomposed body of an elderly man has been found in a sewer drain in Mon Repos. The dead man has been identified as 66 year old Desmond Victor of Lumbard, Mon Repos. Witnesses say he was found with a loaf of bread still in his hand. Police say Victor has a history of alcohol abuse and foul play is not suspected in his death. Police theorize that Victor may have fallen into the sewer while under the influence of alcohol. His relatives says he was a kind man. A post mortem is expected to be conducted on the body soon
  • Police treating disappearance of Nathaniel Paul as a suspicious case

    25 November 2014
    The mysterious disappearance of a Castries vendor on a boat ride last week is now being treated as suspicious, St Lucia police has confirmed. Investigators had initially said they were treating the incident as a missing person’s case. But now they say new evidence and eyewitness accounts have caused them to look closer into the matter. RSL 97 first reported the accounts of eyewitnesses on the boat ride who say that Nathaniel Paulwas thrown overboard by a group of men who had been seen taunting him.  The police say a number of witnesses have now come forward with similar information ...
  • Trade union concerned about health and saftey issues at C.C.C

    25 November 2014
    The Seamen Waterfront and General Workers Trade Union is calling on the labor department to investigate whether health and safety regulations are being adhered to at the Castries City Council. The call comes after a CCC employee got injured on the job. The trade union has in past underscored the need for workers to be better equipped with the necessary safety gear. President of the Union Vernantius Popo says he has also received several reports of work related accidents from other workplaces. Earlier this month the Department of Labor called on all employers to observe the guidlines lai...
  • Temporary ban on importation of livestock from the U.K

    25 November 2014
    Saint Lucia’s Department of Agriculture has announced a temporary ban on the importation of all Poultry and poultry products from the United Kingdom. This is inlight of information received from the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in the United Kingdom, indicating that the country recently experienced an outbreak of Highly Pathogenic strain of bird flu. The ban is imposed with immediate effect and applies to all poultry, poultry meat products and processed internal organs of poultry raised, slaughtered or processed in the UK. These importation restrictions are part of ...


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Guest_9750: I love it Lucy
Cicerongirl: Give her voicemail. You've reached Garfield. If that's Lucy, Keisha and company call me in the new year I eh talking to Y'all garçon lol
Guest_9750: One thing them actors need a grammy award, cuz their stories on the tip of their tongue
Guest_9750: lies and more lies
Guest_9750: Poor jab garfield you had a mailbox party
Cicerongirl: A A de rumor go viral lol
Cicerongirl: Oh gosh Garfield putting coals in the fire rotflmao
Cicerongirl: So walk with a transistor and juice Lizann lol
Cicerongirl: A A Lucy need an ambassador to tell de woman she eh coming to the party lol
Cicerongirl: Asiay Keisha you related to me mun lol
Cicerongirl: Great job guys! Bravo
Keisha St. Helene: thanks
Guest_7173: hey wheres the live feed
mae clercent: hi tone whats up
Guest_3969: gud morning gud livestream :-* :-* :-*
mae clercent: is it blue shirt day today?
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: yes it is!!
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: Where is your blue shirt
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: Good morning to all
Weatherman: Good morning to u Shayne and to all RSL listeners, today is my Birthday also a few friends as well Teddy Zee in New York, i know he is always tuned to RSL 97
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: Good Morning Weatherman....
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: Happy birthday to you sir
Weatherman: thanks Shayne
Weatherman: have urself a productive day
Guest_3969: whats the name of that riddim bro
Guest_8387: Happy Birthday and Happy Thanksgiving to my friend James in the BX. I am sure he is listening on this holiday.
Guest_6594: Just thought that I should share this...THE FOUR STAGES OF LIFE ARE 1) You believe in Santa Claus 2)You don't believe in Santa Claus 3)You are Santa Claus 4) You look like Santa Claus....LOL
Guest_6594: Sorry this regard my text ... i know it didn't sense
Guest_6594: Sorry about my english.
Guest_6594: excuse me the post on the text is not from me
Guest_6594: hey two of us have the same guest code?????
Guest_6594: lol i guess I'm Santa !
Guest_7864: lol i agree , but i rather be santa than to look like santa
nanton29: Hello Shayne Thanks for the shout out this morning but my birthday is not until Saturday so I have a few more days to go.
nanton29: Btw the way you look very good on the live stream. This is James in New York.
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