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  • Zane Tibar Pierre faces charges in connection with Carl Crescent Street Homicide

    24 July 2014
    A second person is to face charges in connection with the Conway resident homicide.   On Wednesday July 23, 2014, officers attached to the Criminal Investigations Department preferred charges against Zane Pierre for allegedly involved in the homicide of 19 year old Danny “Cocoyo” Theophane of Conway, Castries.   31 year old Zane “Tibar” Pierre of Wilton’s yard will appear before the First District Court in Castries on Thursday, July 24, 2014.   On Saturday, July 19, 2014, 22 year old Laurie Phillip of La Clery, Castries was charged for the homicide of Theophane. He appea...
  • Government salutes contributions of former Governor General Boswell Williams

    24 July 2014
    The Cabinet of Ministers has with profound sadness learnt of the passing of former Governor General Boswell Williams. H. E Boswell Williams served Saint Lucia with dedication, humility and honour, first as a member of the Civil Service, next as a Saint Lucia Labour Party Parliamentary Representative and then in the highest public office of the land, as Governor General. His was considered as being among the keenest of political minds the island has produced and even following his retirement from active politics he closely followed events and would often write on matters of national concern...
  • Government gives $500 to students entering secondary school

    24 July 2014
    Students entering a secondary school after successfully writing the Common Entrance Examination this year are set to receive financial assistance. The Ministry of Education has started registration for a onetime bursary valued at 500 dollars to help students meet the cost of financing their education. Education Officials say registration will be held during the period July 23rd – July 28th from 9am – 3pm at the respective District Education Offices. Parents are required to bring along a valid form of identification and their child’s common entrance results slip or proof of registratio...
  • A La Clery man has been charged with murder

    23 July 2014
    A La Clery resident appeared before court Wednesday to answer to the charge of murder. On Saturday July 19, officers attached to the Criminal Investigations Department charged Laurie Phillip for the death of Danny “Cocoyo” Theophane of Conway, Castries. Danny “Cocoyo” Theophane was shot on Friday July 11, 2014 on Carl Crescent Street, Castries. On Tuesday July 15, 2014, a post mortem examination was conducted on the body of Theophane, the results indicated hemorrhagic shock secondary to gunshot wounds
  • Hurt it Singer , J Mouse is the 2014 Road March King and Rituals Carnival Band is "Band of the Year"

    23 July 2014
    Results of the 2014 Carnival Parade of the Bands were released on Wednesday  Nine Bands participated in this year’s parade.  Rituals Carnival Band was named Band of the Year, followed in second place by Saint Lucian Spirits and the Just 4 Fun Carnival Band. Rituals Carnival Band dominated the Individual of the Year category, holding the first, second, third and fourth place. The Roderick Walcott Best Portrayal Award went to Rituals Carnival Band.  Likewise, Rituals Carnival Band won the Cuthbert Anthony Best Design Award. Section of the Year went to the Saint Lucian Spirit...
  • Former Governor General Boswell Williams dies at 88

    23 July 2014
    The Saint Lucia Labor Party has been paying tribute to the late Boswell Williams. The former Governor General of Saint Lucia passed away at his home in San Souci on July 20th 2014. Chairman of the party Sir Julian Hunte says Mr. Williams was a staunch supporter of the SLP even when the party went through its most turbulent times. Sir Julian Hunte has expressed condolences to the wife and family of the late Boswell Williams.
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Guest_7791: Fair results for the groovy. Power zero winner and one loser SLU carnival
Guest_8685: That good told you'll j mouse needed training
Tosa: Ezra
Me: yay for ezra!!!
Me: Ppl. Mantius that shoulda win. We need some peace and love with all that rowrow going on.
Guest_8685: Congrats Ezra good going for first time
Cicerongirl: mate beat Kakal! that's pure batiz
Guest_7791: Good song Ezra but can't sing to save his life. Epic failure IMO
Guest_7791: Congrats Ezra and no disrespect but our radio DJ's need to stop pushing the music they benefit from
Castries South: i am not very please with the results
Castries South: it lack everything pure disappointment
Me: Obviously the crowd pleasers were the only ones to make it in the top for power soca. so if you have a good song, performance and can sing on key.. that wouldnt matter if the crowd didnt go wild for you.
Castries South: margee
Guest_8685: i dont know where the commentators were right here
Guest_8685: ull kept saying hurt it
Castries South: road march for J mouse
Guest_8685: we will not be listening finally live tv
Guest_7791: Crowd pleasing should complement quality instead of crowd pleasing determining quality.
Guest_1224: who won
Guest_6829: Groovy Monarch top three:
Guest_6829: 3rd Ricky T -365 pts
Guest_6829: 2nd Ambi - 368 pts
Guest_6829: 1st Arthur - 378pts
Guest_6829: Power Monarch results
Guest_6829: 3rd place - J mouse "hurt it" -347points
Guest_6829: 2nd place - Ambi "Free" - 350 pts
Guest_6829: 1st place - Ezra (de fun machine) "Bacchanal Rampage" - 366 pts
Guest_8565: Shelton the best way to deal with that waste of time called Jason Sifflet is to ignore him. You give him honor by even wasting your breath on this.
Shayne Ross: Acepting your comments here for 90 minutes!!!
Shayne Ross: not a very nice comment 8565
Guest_3809: Livestream is down.
Guest_3809: Livestream is back.
Guest_3809: Shane Ross that comment my comment was not intended to be nice. Have you ever read any of Jason's floggins? The things he said of Shelton were not nice and totally unwarranted.
Guest_7492: Hello everyone! :)
Shayne Ross: Accepting your comments here for 90 minutes
Shayne Ross: 3809...Personally I wouldnt refer to anyone as a waste of time...thats all....but you are of course entitled to your opinion...and I respect that whether or not I agree with referring to anyone as a waste of time


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