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  • Fire fighters stage industrial action

    02 September 2014
    Operations at the St Lucia Fire Department have been thrown into chaos as fire officers’ stage industrial action. The workers agreed to stay away from work following a meeting yesterday. Their action is said to be having a crippling effect on the Fire Department. Reports say fire stations in Gros Islet, Vieux Fort, Dennery and Micoud have all been forced to close their doors. The officers say they feel ignored by the authorities and they have had enough. They have listed a number of issues that they want addressed in the department. Meanwhile the Deputy Chief Fire officer says the op...
  • Chief Medical Officer responds to Ebola fears

    02 September 2014
    The island’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Merlene Frederick has been responding to fears among Customs officers about possible exposure to the deadly Ebola virus. The officers had threatened protest action; demanding that passengers arriving here from West Africa are screened for the virus. However, Dr Frederick says while their anxiety is understandable, their risk of possible contamination remains very low. The Ministry of Health says it has deployed nurses to the island’s two airports to screen arriving passengers for Ebola. Authorities say all health facilities have been placed on ‘E...
  • UWP Southern Zonal Conference

    02 September 2014
      The United Workers Party is gearing up for its annual convention slated for November 2nd.   The political party has started meeting with party delegates in preparation for the event.   A new executive will be elected to run the affairs of the UWP during the convention.   Party Chairman Ezechiel Joseph says the first zonal conference was held last Sunday in the South at the Augier Combined School. The meeting reported on a number of things inclusive of the Southern Constituencies identifying candidates for the party.   The UWP’s Northern Zonal Conference w...
  • The Flogg Blog silenced

    01 September 2014
    A popular online blog that built a reputation for its unconventional and anti-establishment stance on local issues has been silenced. The Flogg Blog was managed by St Lucia journalist – Jason Sifflet. Its no-holds barred style of writing made it famous on social media. But Mr. Sifflet says the blog was taken down on Saturday by internet giant Google over apparent complaints of hate speech. Mr. Sifflet says he may have been the victim of what he described as a political aristocracy. Meanwhile The President of the St Lucia Media Workers Association Clinton Reynolds says he’s very concer...
  • Protest action by customs officers averted

    01 September 2014
    Threats of strike action by Customs officers at the Hewanorra international Airport have been averted following swift government intervention. The officers had threatened not to attend to airplanes that arrived here carrying passengers who originated from West Africa. They feared that those passengers could be carrying the deadly Ebola virus that has killed hundreds. However, CSA President, Mary Isaac says medical experts have been sent to the airport to allay the concerns of the customs officers. There are no direct flights between St Lucia and any African nation, according to flight ...
  • Assistance From Changhua

    01 September 2014
    Saint Lucia’s Health Minister is hoping that the arrival here of a team of medical volunteers from Taiwan will help St Lucia better manage issues associated with renal failure. Alvina Reynolds was speaking at a welcome ceremony for the seventeen volunteers from Changhua Christian Hospital in Taiwan. She said there are still many people on the waiting list for dialysis.


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Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: We're talking about Ebola...and St. Lucia's preparedness...Chief medical officer Dr. Merlene Fredericks...and Epidemiologist Nahum Jn Baptiste on the line this morning
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