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  • PM visits storm-hit Dominica

    01 September 2015
    Prime Minister , Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony departed the state Tuesday morning, September 1 for a visit to the Commonwealth of Dominica, where he will meet with Prime Minister, Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit, and observe first-hand the devastation from the passage of Tropical Storm Erika on Wednesday, August 26, 2015. The Government of Saint Lucia was swift to respond to the plight of its Caribbean neighbour. The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force despatched a team to support the Dominica police, with supplies from the National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO) and the Ministry of Health. NEMO ha...
  • Suicide awareness month begins

    01 September 2015
    Unconfirmed reports are circulating that a man from the community of Babonneau took his life however the Royal St. Lucia Police Force was unable to confirm the details when reached.  Amid the alleged suicide reports, St. Lucia is observing Suicide Awareness month in September 2015. The Wellness Center in collaboration with the Ministry of Health came together to plan a month of activities for Suicide Awareness Day, to inform the general public on the mental illness, eliminate discrimination and reach to those suffering in silence.  Director of Turning Point Ms Joanna Joseph spok...
  • Soufriere Compre School Rewards

    01 September 2015
    Three retired teachers have designed and executed a  motivational learning programme for their former school – the Soufriere Comprehensive Secondary School.   The programme encourages the participation and involvement of students, teachers and parents in the learning efforts of the students through motivation and tangible incentives.   Mr Innocent Aimable, one of the founders of the programme, tells RSL 97 News that he and his colleagues created the programme because they were not happy with what obtained at the school.   Mr Aimable says the teachers received beauty...
  • St. Lucia-Taiwan Display Nov.17th

    01 September 2015
    The 8th Annual St. Lucia-Taiwan Partnership Trade Exhibition opens on Friday, November 27TH.    The Ministry of Commerce, Business Development, Investment and Consumer Affairs and the Embassy of Taiwan are jointly hosting the exhibition. Marketing specialist Ms Cindy Eugene is encouraging exhibitors, manufactures and service providers to bring in their goods or services prior to the September 11th deadline. According to Ms Eugene, the St. Lucia- Taiwan Partnership Trade Exhibition has been a success in previous years and related assessments are being conducted by St. Lucia Burea...
  • Red Cross Appeal

    31 August 2015
    The St. Lucia Red Cross says drinking water and money are urgent priorities for Dominica   The Society says it's in the process of launching an appeal for relief assistance to the people of Dominica.   Disaster Coordinator of the St. Lucia Society, Mr Hubert Pierre, says communications between many communities in Dominica have been cut-off, and water shortages are among the more urgent problems.   Mr Pierre says that he is in contact with the Dominica Red Cross Society.  
  • St. Lucia rallies aid for Dominica

    29 August 2015
    The Government of Saint Lucia has begun sending emergency supply items to disaster-hit Dominica. The National Emergency and Management Agency (NEMO) says the government has been swift in responding to the plight of the Commonwealth of Dominica, particularly those who suffered loss or were displaced as a result of the passage of Tropical Storm Erika on Thursday. The government here says it fully understands the physical, social and psychological impact of such devastation on communities and island nations and therefore pledges its full support to recovery efforts. Among its first steps, th...

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Guest_9003: lol...more than likely...not only DBS...
Guest_6856: Well DBS right outside the studio eh
Guest_2080: Listening to the police here to me it's hypocritical of them to talk about negativity over shadowing positive when their policies are largely guided by the minority negative acts in the public domain. Casing point, most people are law abiding citizens but now the ordinary law abiding man can be charged for forgetting his driver's licence, nonsense. Act differently and the public's perception will follow.
Guest_6856: DBS is waiting outside. LOL
Davidson: shout out to my family,The Verdant,Mc.phee,joseph,lastic in Gros-Islet..Just @ work listening to RSL,as always..Waiting on tropical Ericka...
Guestimate: St. Lucians stranded in Dominica. Electricity is out in some places and persons have begun to turn off their cell phones to conserve battery power. It is possible that this could be the worst natural disaster to affect Dominica since Hurricane David in 1979.
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: Gooooooooood Morning to ALL!!!...accepting your comments here for 90minutes...FREE UP FRIDAY!!!
Guest_2211: Couldn't agree more with Shelton's comments about the parliament's reaction to the commission's report. I thought the ministers were often childish, myopic, shortsighted and steeped in self-interest as against taking a long-game, holistic view of what is in the best interest of the country.
Guest_2211: On the issue of the storm impact in Dominica, I thought it was a really poor editorial choice on the part of HTS News not to lead with the flooding in Dominica last night. Instead they led with a story about two media workers who got killed in the US and the impact to us here and precaution stations here should take. Dominica is our neighbor, our sister isle even, they are our OECS neighbor and that story should absolutely have been the lead story. IMO.
Guest_2211: :) :) :) BUT I DID end with "IMO". Not dictating at all...but it's hard to see how that story was not the lead one. Hard to see how someone consciously chose to lead with something else. Again, my opinion. Not dictating. :)
Guest_1896: I just logged on excuse me! I was reading something about the Police.... my take is the entire police force should be given the pink slip and start rebuilding from scratch all of them are so corrupted. I'm sorry but that's my take. Beat it.......
Guest_3845: Are you getting ready for West Indian day in New York man!
ryan: big up ryan
Guest_4189: «link»
Guest_5920: «link»
Guest_8863: Hi Good Morning...just to let you guys know that for the past few weeks I have not been getting RSL on 97.7 Vieux Fort...I'm missing my programs.90 mins..IPI etc...
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: Good morning to all!!! Accepting your comments here for 90minutes
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: Hello 8863....We are aware of the situation in the south of the island...thank you for bringing it to our attention
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: We have been trying to resolve that issue
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: Apologies for the inconvenience
Guest_2550: Good mornign Shelton, please ask your guest about the Fod St Jacques road in Soufriere
Guest_2550: He already answered that
Guest_2550: Thanks
slu: When ever we driving a Motor Vehicle/Motor bikes we should have our license and insurance card with us..My question is how we solve that problem,sometimes your insurance expired before your drivers license,do that driver still have a rights to be operate on the road?
Guest_4033: Listening to Mr Wilson explain that the land owner is responsible for trimming overhanging branches is very scary! We are talking about threats to life and we leave it up to the person who owns the land? Some of those people don't own a car, or even the ownership of the land is questionable. This is too important to leave it to the fancies of the land owner. Please do not leave the lives of my loved ones in the hands of land owners.
Davidson: I call it cost 2 drive.....Having (Toll Roads ) every village or twon we drive thru we should pay a fee, this should help repair our roads....increasing the price on license,might not work....
Davidson: my error town
Guest_1946: The thing is in St Lucia we pay more but NEVER see the benefits the increases are supposed to bring. Take VAT for instance. The whole nation was in uproar (and I understand) when it was proposed and it was touted as a way to ensure that taxes were comprehensively collected. We have wasted buildings, our hospital;s CANNOT finish and VAT apparently has not raised the intended revenue so we have to introduce more taxes on an already financially strapped and highly unemployed populace. I do not see a light at the end of the tunnel.
Guest_4881: The people St Lucians voted for they all on the list. You might ask what list is that? you figure it out and come back with answer !
mikewillie: Goodnight to all and welcome to IPI with Shelton Daniel. You can post your comments and question yo him here. Thank you.
mikewillie: Sorry for the mistake (yo).Imean post your comments and question to Shelton.
Guest_4224: Suicide is a permanent solution for a temporary problem.
Guest_5786: Not sure if this has been asked before. But can your guest inform us of success stories with suicide prevention. Has the system, hotline etc, been able to successfully prevent any suicides.
Cicerongirl: Good afternoon Shayne. Can you please play Conqueror from Empire soundtrack. Thanks much :)


:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)