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  • Strike at ECFH

    31 March 2015
    Employees of Bank of St Lucia have downed their tools in protest. The workers have remained outside their office since reporting to work at eight o’clock this morning. ECFH – the parent company of bank of St Lucia – said it’s working to address the workers grievances and is trusts that this matter will be resolved amicably and expeditiously.   RSL understands that ECFH’s management previously made a wage increase offer over three years – two percent in each year. But that was reportedly reduced on the orders of the board of directors. Officials of ECFH and NWU could not be reac...
  • CSA meeting disrupted

    31 March 2015
    The President of the Civil Service Association has blamed what she called “mischief makers” for disrupting a CSA workshop this morning. The workshop was called to prepare CSA members for a general council meeting scheduled for next month. CSA President Mary Isaac says the meeting was cancelled after the facilitator refused to continue amid the disruption. Barthelmy Fedee, who led a recent petition for for Mary Isaac’s dismissal as CSA president said the protest was against Mary Isaac's assuming the position of general secretary.
  • Five charged in Soufriere

    31 March 2015
    Five men have been charged in connection with gang-related violence in Soufriere last week. The men were arrested during an operation in the town on March 24. Police say they were charged last Friday, March 27. Police Press Officer, Zachary Hippolyte, says the charges range from threats to possession and discharging of firearms.
  • St. Lucia is the safest in 20 yrs

    28 March 2015
    Current crime statistics show that St. Lucia is the safest it has ever been in the last 20 years. That’s according to Minister of Home Affairs and National Security, Senator Victor Phillip LaCorbiniere. Senator Lacorbiniere was at the time responding in the senate to opposition criticism about the general performance of the St. Lucia Labour Party Government.
  • The VH Awards

    28 March 2015
    Staff of Victoria Hospital have been commended for their efforts at improving the level of service at the institution. A number of employees were honoured for their service during an award ceremony this past week. The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health Cointha Thomas encouraged the workers to keep up the hard work. Staff of Victoria Hospital has been commended for their efforts in improving the level of service at the institution. A number of employees were honoured for their service during an award ceremony this past week. The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health Co...
  • designers expected here for carnival

    28 March 2015
    Creative designer, Giovanni St. Omer is experiencing the benefits for self and country of promoting St. Lucian artistic talent overseas. Mr St. Omer’s work was featured in the Hong Kong costume parade to usher in the Chinese New year on February 8TH. He is looking forward to hosting for St. Lucia carnival at least five fellow artists who he said were fascinated with his work in Hong Kong. He has also been invited to Brazil carnival next year.


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Keisha St. Helen: they in tears
Keisha St. Helen: lol
islandprincess2015: that's lil children for u
Guest_8529: We must be open minded, and encourage healthy and factually discussions
Prettie: I will listen on the Radio. Have a good evening all. Keisha, I am waiting for my son.
Guest_8529: later
Prettie: YEs, u know the thing Keisha.
Keisha St. Helen: i didnt say no
Keisha St. Helen: i did not say that
Keisha St. Helen: how is it open minded
Prettie: Factual discussion ind eed and openness with all parties.
Allyson Henry UK: Enjoying your company too i bet
Keisha St. Helen: when we doing something cuz one sex wants to do it
islandprincess2015: yes
Keisha St. Helen: i say again
Keisha St. Helen: it is people
Keisha St. Helen: s choice
Keisha St. Helen: but
Keisha St. Helen: u cannot say u have a feeling to have mutliple partners and then lie to a woman and say to her u want her to be the only one
Keisha St. Helen: da eh right
Keisha St. Helen: u know u dont want just one say so
Keisha St. Helen: u even wanna marry bla bla blah but u feeling polygymous
Keisha St. Helen: eh
islandprincess2015: bullshit i not sharing no man with several others
islandprincess2015: if u aint able to commit don't come and lie to me about being your one and only when you know its not true
Allyson Henry UK: not 2 cents, its a 10k
Keisha St. Helen: thank you
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: Good Morning to All!!!
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: Speaking Labourand wage disputes this morning!!!
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: Labour and wage disputes!
towana: morning Shayne
towana: listening in
Guest_9088: Aa Shayne Ross in love
Guest_9088: Nice music
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: lol...
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: I am!!!


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