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  • Positive signs in economy

    17 April 2015
    Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony says that positive results of policies that are not always popular with the public are beginning to show in the economy. Looking ahead to his presentation of the 2015-2016 budget, Dr. Anthony, who is also the Minister of Finance, says his budget policies have always been guided by his desire to do what is right for the people of St. Lucia, and not simply to raise the profile of the government.  The Prime Minister says the worst of the economic contraction is over and growth will begin to return to the economy within the 2015-2016 budget cycle.
  • Tribute to son of Laborie

    17 April 2015
    The people of Laborie will pay tribute to the late Dr. Keith Saint Aimee at a special event to be held on Sunday. Dr. Saint Aimee passed away last week following a period of illness. The Laborie native served the country in many capacities including St. Lucia ambassador to the United Nations. He was also deeply involved in the island’s politics. During Sunday’s event close friends and family members of the Dr. Keith Saint Aimee will be recalling their fond memories of him.
  • SOL donates to youth

    17 April 2015
    SOL Gas has made a financial contribution to three programmes here geared to support development of the youth. Cheques were presented Thursday in support of a St. Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival Young Musicians Programme; St. Joseph’s Convent Secondary School’s Youth Development Programme; and the St. Mary’s Programme for Vulnerable Youth. The jazz programme received 5,000 US-dollars, while SJC and SMC received 5,000 EC-dollars each.
  • Lambirds turned up negative

    16 April 2015
    The national investment promotion agency, Invest St. Lucia, did carry out background checks on Lambirds Academy and its principals, but found nothing negative at the time. Mr McHale Andrew, CEO of Invest St. Lucia, said Invest St. Lucia conducts a “bona fide due diligence” check on investment proposals to ensure that the proposed investors have not been flagged for illegal activity. Four men associated with Lambairds Academy have been remanded in prison awaiting trial on charges of human trafficking charges in connection with a study and work programme in St. Lucia. One of the men is ...
  • St Lucia-Morocco ties stronger

    16 April 2015
    Deplomitic relations between the Kingdom of Mocorro and St. Lucia are set to expand, following the establishment of a physical presence. Resident Ambassador Mohammed Benjilany says the process of setting up the embassy has been a thrilling experience. Diplomatic relations were established way back in 1988, but it was not until early 2013 that a resident ambassador was appointed.
  • Cuba to be taken off terror list

    14 April 2015
    President Barack Obama recommended Tuesday that Cuba be removed from the U.S. government's list of state sponsors of terrorism. Long sought by the Cuban government, Obama's decision, expected for weeks now, will likely expedite plans to re-establish embassies in both Washington and Havana. In a brief message to notify Congress of his recommendation, Obama explained his action was based on specific criteria that warranted Cuba's removal from the list. "The government of Cuba has not provided any support for international terrorism during the preceding six-month period; and the governmen...

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Cyah b lv: Whu u expect...the script keep changing....only ting that remain the same
Guest_4426: Regarding Lambirds, and this person who constantly calls for the "deportation" of the Lambirds Students.

When a person is given a VISA, and further when their passport is stamped upon arrival and permitted to enter Saint Lucia, they have a responsibility to obey and abide by our laws and rules. By stamping their passport and admitting them into the country, the government also has certain responsibilities to those people they allow into the country. Saint Lucia is a nation of laws, and is also party to many international agreements, laws, conventions, etc. So when I hear that particular person calling to say “depot” the students, plus all kinds of other “insane” stuff, I cannot help but wonder if he engaged his mind before he disengaged his tongue.

There are procedures, rules, and laws to be followed. I do not think the government wants this issue on their hands any more than the rest of St. Lucia does. Why don’t we give the government the benefit of the doubt, and let them do what they need to do to solve this issue with the foreign students? Too many experts on such a complicated issue. Many of whom are very wrong and far off base.
Guest_5554: Morning Sheldon, I am concerned about a subject you/listener raised yesterday - that of the proposed Flying School and the small aircraft business crisis at Vigie airport. Any update on that matter?
Cyah b lv: Look forward to the nominees for the Sucker awards ooops meant the Oscar awards for all actors are eligible
Guest_4426: Things were going so well, then someone said CSA, and now Shelton is off to the races. No better way to get him excited. LOL.
Guest_4275: Mary Francis put herself as General Secretary because she will getting a salary of 6,000 to 7,000 dollars a month. President just gets a Per Diem, so do the maths. She is no fool.
Guest_4126: It is Mary Issac not Francis and ys I agree it is all about the money not about representation of workers because her Executive is dicatoral and stiffling the voices of the members
Cyah b lv: 4275... money money money...remember the song...or just refer to our own Invada
Guest_4126: Mary and Pieere appling to the very Executive that have to select a nominee for the General Secretary position.
Guest_4767: maryy isaac mary francis all a dem crazy d same way
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: Be nice 4767
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: We dont call people "crazy" here
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: :S
Guest_4426: No calling "crazy"? Then I am safe.
Guest_7297: Shane im loving the vibe
Guest_7297: but i need to get some work done.
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: H iLoving the vibe
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: Nice Name
Irreplaceable: HELLO CHATROOM
Irreplaceable: WHAT'S UP
Irreplaceable: CG WHERE U
Cicerongirl: Goodmorning everyone!
Cicerongirl: Good afternoon :)
Cicerongirl: Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :)
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: Hey CG
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: Been a while
Shayne Ross LIVE!!!: you good?
Cicerongirl: I'm great. I had some Kindergarten class trips with my daughter. Three more next week
Cicerongirl: hope you're good too Shayne
Cicerongirl: Irreplaceable darling :)
Irreplaceable: HI MY GIRL
Irreplaceable: MINTEK BABY
loving the vibe: Thank
loving the vibe: thanks


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