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Aarp Free Games: Best Games To Play In 2023!

Aarp Free Games

The official website of aarp free games is a collection of free online games, crossword puzzles, word games, Sudoku, backgammon, and solitaire. The organization’s website has a global rank of 5105, while the category ranking is 3rd.

The unique element of this website Aarp free games is that it supports aged people and the stimulation they need to function regularly. The complete form of AARP is The American Association of Retired Persons which focuses on problems and issues faced by people aged 50 and above.

Aged people face issues concerning daily functions; therefore, certain games and online activities help stimulate their brains. The term AARP is commonly used for any brain game that stimulates an individual’s thinking and brain activity regardless of age.

Aarp Free Games: Best Games To Play In 2023!

The games are available on aarp free games websites and can be played by everyone. The individual’s age is unlimited regarding who can play the games available on Aarp for free.

When designing, the target audience was older adults who could stay mentally engaged and active while playing these games. The popular games available for free on Aarp games are word wipe, Sudoku, mahjongg dimensions, spider solitaire, and others.

To access the free games on aarp free online games, you need to be a member of the Aarp. You have to go to the AARP website of AARP and sign up. If you already have an account, please log in to the aarp games free online section.

Once logged in, you can select any game and start playing. This application’s mobile version can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store.

What Are Aarp Free Games?

What Are Aarp Free Games

To become an AARP member, you must pay $12 for the first year and sign up on the official website. From the following year, you will be on the Automatic Renewable. Hence, there will be an option to make automated deductions.

People who are members of AARP do have benefits in the form of discounts on the websites. The second membership for AARP is free, and they also get a subscription to the AARP The Magazine.

What Are The Features Of Aarp Free Games?

The AARP free games website is accessible to everyone. However, it is unique and special. With a collection of extraordinary and selective games, it is significant. The features make it easier for the website to be used. They are as follows:

More Straightforward Navigation And Improved Look

The website’s look has become sleeker, highlighting the popular games at the top of the page. The players also get a highlights section of the recommended games.

Favorite games are easier to find with the improved look of the website. There is also a new section called “New Games” which will constantly be updated, and accordingly, players can fund all the latest games that have been added to the website.


Based on your performance in certain games, the site provides recommendations regarding different games and your implementation. Offers and suggestions of games will be given to the players in the free aarp games.


There is a new leaderboard on the right-hand side of the page. Players can see the top scorers across the sites. Players who are competitive types would get a boost leading to more engagement.

Comments And Social Features

There is a comment section where visitors can comment, and anyone member of AARP can read the comments. Users can also share their game recommendations through social media platforms with friends and families.

What Are The Benefits Of Playing Aarp Games?

What Are The Benefits Of Playing Aarp Games

There are certain benefits of playing aarp free games. You can read the benefits as follows:

  • The free games on the website help stimulate the brain and, thus, make it sharper and more robust.
  • The games are challenging; hence, it increases the players’ problem-solving and decision-making skills.
  • The strategic understanding of the games requires a player to be logical; hence, playing the Aarp free games helps develop logic.
  • Playing the aarp free games online means challenging the games which train the brain to function in a certain way. According to a study in 2018, brain training increases the brain’s health.
  • It decreases the probability or risks of illness in the brain.
  • The brain’s cognitive functioning increases, reflecting that playing these games exercises the mind and the thought process.

What Are The Best 5 Games Available On Aarp Games?

With a wide genre of aarp games free, you can access different types based on your choices. The best 5 games that are available on AARP free games are as follows:

1. Classic Solitaire

Classic Solitaire

The game is a single-player game that requires the player to concentrate and implement skills. Strategy is an integral part of this game. It is pretty popular worldwide, and the online version is addictive.

2. Sudoku


The game of Sudoku originated in Japan and is based on mathematics. It is exciting and helps the brain develop logic. It is an effective strategy-based game that allows people to create an understanding of real-life situations too.

Counting quickly or budgeting is easier if you regularly play Sudoku. The brain becomes more efficient and present-minded.

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3. Daily Crossword Puzzle

Daily Crossword Puzzle

The good old crossword puzzle is not exclusive to the elderly because it is exciting and keeps the mind sharp. It is also essential for players to be entertained; hence, playing crosswords can strengthen memory.

4. Online Chess

Online Chess

Chess is a game that is multifaceted and can stimulate competition. Once you learn the rules of the game that is suggested in the online version, you will be able to play. You can play the game against the computer, increasing your ability to think diversely.

You will develop more concentration, logical thinking, and memory improvement when you play chess. One important lesson to learn further is sacrifice because, at times, you need to sacrifice your weaker piece to win the bigger game. It can also be a life lesson.

5. Backgammon


The game efficiently encourages your cognitive skills, where you can implement your critical thinking skills. A game of backgammon helps players combat stress and anxiety. It also helps in strengthening the immune system of the player.

The critical thinking that an individual uses to play a game strengthens the immune system. The ability to combat stress increases with a good game of backgammon.


Please read the article to learn about the best games on the aarp free games website. You will also learn about the significance of the website in the article.

Comment down below regarding your favorite game on the website.

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