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Learn How To Play Ludo Like A Pro Easily


Ludo has been one of the most popular board games for time immemorial.  This traditional game of Pachisi became even more popular after getting released on the mobile platform. For generations, it has won the hearts of millions and is still hooking the crowd’s attention through online versions. However, while many play ludo to add thrill and entertainment to their monotonous and hectic schedules, the game is about strategy and overcoming challenges.

Moreover, if you play online ludo, you are most likely to compete against players you don’t know personally. As a result, you may fail to identify their traits and create a strategy to win against them. So, what’s the best way to devise a plan without knowing your competitors personally? Apply the right ludo tips and tricks to win the game!

Read on to learn how to play this popular board game along with some valuable tips and tricks to come out as a winner.

How to play ludo?

Ludo can be played both in online and offline modes. However, the online versions are more interesting and convenient to play. That’s mainly because online ludo allows people to interact with different players each time. Rest, the rules for playing ludo remain the same for both online and offline versions.

A ludo board is typically divided into four color quadrants – red, green, yellow, and blue. Each player needs to choose a quadrant, however, the choice of color can be personal. Then the players get four same colored tokens as that of the quadrant to start playing the game.

Each player needs to race from start to finish using the tokens allocated to them. They simply need to roll a cubic die and race the tokens forward, depending on the number rolled on the die. The first player to move all four tokens to the end point wins the game.

Although winning the game largely depends on the numbers rolled on the die, some expert tips and tricks can help you win the game every time you play it online.

Tips & Tricks To Play Online Ludo

Tips & Tricks To Play Online Ludo

How do you win the ludo game every time you play it online? Well, now that you have learned how to play ludo, it’s time to take a look at some useful tips and tricks that will make you invincible at the game.

  • Strategize Your Moves: If you want to play ludo like a pro, you must learn to strategize your moves first. Having the right ludo strategy in place can help you win the race every time you play the game, irrespective of the format.
  • Consider The Game A Battlefield: Never underestimate your opponent while playing a ludo game. Be it any platform, your ludo opponent is your enemy. So, don’t miss any chance of cutting down your opponent’s tokens. The more you cut, the higher the chances of your win.
  • Open All Tokens: One of the best strategies to win a ludo game is to open all of your tokens you roll a 6 on the die. Doing so will prevent you from struggling to open your tokens when one of your tokens already reaches the home triangle.
  • Move Tokens Simultaneously: Racing a single token is not a smart ludo strategy. In fact, it’s always better to move all of your tokens simultaneously. The more you spread out your coins over the board, the more your chances of cutting down your opponent’s tokens, finally leading to winning the game.
  • Block Your Opponent: If you can’t capture your opponent’s tokens, block them. This way, you will be able to save your tokens from your opponent’s attack, disabling them to move past or capture your tokens.
  • Safeguard Your Tokens: Besides the play yard, there are several other places and techniques to safeguard the ludo coins. For instance, never move a token that’s about to reach the home triangle. This may make a chance for your opponent to capture your token.

Final Words

Hopefully, now that you have read the entire blog, you can play ludo like a pro. Following the tips and tricks mentioned above can help you win the game every time you play it, both in online and offline modes. However, your opponent might also be acquainted with these ludo tips and tricks. So, always ensure to download a free version of ludo to start with.

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