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I’m Feeling Lucky Google: Everything You Should Know In 2023!

I’m Feeling Lucky

Do you remember the earlier days of Google Surfing? During those days, you used to search for things mostly on Internet Explorer. I hope you remember the option “ I’m Feeling Lucky” on the Google homepage. In my case, I always thought what’s the use of this until I tried it out by myself. So, in this guide, we will be covering what’s the real use of this feature from Google.

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What Is Google I’m Feeling Lucky?

I’m Feeling Lucky Google

Let’s hit the bull’s eye at first – What is Google I’m Feeling Lucky or Google Gravity I’m Feeling Lucky? Well, Google’s homepage shows a button below the search bar labeled as “I’m Feeling Lucky. When a user types something in the search and taps on this button, the user is taken straight to the 1st search result. In this way, the search results page (SERP) is bypassed, saving a lot of time for the users.

The fundamental idea behind it is that if the user feels lucky, the search engine will give him/her the perfect match in the first instance. This will make the user avoid the confusion of search results.

Benefits Of Google I’m Feeling Lucky

What Is Google I’m Feeling Lucky

Using Google Gravity Im Feeling Lucky has a plethora of benefits for the users. I know people don’t use it anymore but you can’t deny the advantages of using it. Take a look at them in the points below:

Google Gravity Im Feeling Lucky will help you to get the best search result on the particular topic you are looking for at once.

2. Consumes Less Time

This Google feature will help you reduce the time required to search for a particular thing on the internet. 

3. Gives The Best Search Result

I’m Feeling Lucky Google takes you to the best search result on the query you have put. Google uses its own algorithm to find out the best search result for you.

How To Activate Google Gravity?

Google Gravity

There are different ways of bringing Google Gravity to your browser. But I am going to explain to you the easiest one over here. Here is a step-by-step guide to how to activate Google Gravity all by yourself:

  • Go to any browser, for example, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, etc. 
  • Type in the search bar
  • Tap on the first link ( that arrives 
  • You will get the Google homepage appearing in front of you 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. How Do I Get I’m Feeling Lucky?

This Google Button comes only in the desktop version of Google. It’s possible for you to get access to it from the address bar by typing a backslash. After that, press Tab from your keyboard and type the search phrase. You will get it.

Also, simply type Google on your browser and hit the first link from the search results. The Google home page will appear to you along with the option I’m Feeling Lucky.

Q2. Does Google Still Have I’m Feeling Lucky?

Yes, Google still shows the I’m Feeling Lucky option on its homepage. But you will be able to see it only on

Q3. What Happens If You Press I’m Feeling Lucky?

Yes, Google still has the option on its homepage. As soon as the user clicks this button after typing something in a search, it will navigate you to the first search result, bypassing the SERP.

Q4. Does Google Sphere Has Anything To Do With I’m Feeling Lucky?

Google sphere is a completely different concept than Google I’m Feeling Lucky game. It’s a different game that makes your Google homepage turn upside down. On the other hand, Im Feeling Lucky Google is an option that remains on the Google homepage in an invalid condition.

Q5. What Are Some Other Alternative Options To Use I’m Feeling Lucky Google?

Some other options similar to I’m Feeling Lucky Google are Im Feeling Curious, I’m Feeling Trendy, etc.

Bottom Line

That’s all we had to say about Google I’m Feeling Lucky. Its usage has become obsolete now, although the option is still there. You can always try it out anytime you want according to the procedure we have given above. I bet you’ll get a reminiscence of the earlier days of surfing the Internet.

Do not forget to let us know what’s your experience of using this Google feature.

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