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Google Pepper Game – How To Play This Game On Google?

google pepper game

The concept of celebrating famous people’s birthdays and other similar essential dates has been embraced so well by the world’s most powerful search engine, Google. However, if not celebrating a particular date, Google also has a tendency to bring up issues that need more awareness. To make things more engaging, the popular search engine often introduces games for users to play. 

For example, Google celebrated half a decade of Kids Coding; the team at Google Doodle came up with the Coding for Carrots game. Then in 2016, Google celebrated Halloween with Meow-loween. Usually, there is a doodle that opens into a bunch of activities and user-friendly games. One such game is the Google Pepper Game, and today, we will tell you everything about this interesting game!

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What Is The Google Pepper Game?

Google Pepper

Before explaining what the game is all about, it is vital to find out the occasion that prompted Google to come up with the game! It was Wilbur Scoville’s 151st birthday, and Google was simply not able to keep calm! Long, long before Columbus even reached the American peninsula, people in the world knew about the tongue-burning effects of pepper.

However, what no one knew before Wilbur Scoville’s contribution was how to measure the sheer amount of ‘heat’ in the popular spice, pepper! So when Scoville turned 151 on 22nd January in 2016, the Google Doodle team thought hard and came up with a fabulous way to honor not just the great Scoville but also his contribution, the Scoville Scale!

And what’s better than a Scoville game to honor the man responsible for it all! And whammm, the Google Pepper Game was born! In fact, the doodler, Olivia When, had long been thinking about doing something fun about Scoville and his contribution. She even wrote in this context,

“Spiciness is somewhat of a universal, comical experience, which I think opened the door for us to do something we usually might not be able to, like a fighting game. First, I started making storyboards for how the game could unfold while engineers worked on building prototypes. Then I started sketching and making draft art to put in the prototype, so we could see what the experience would be like in interactive form.”

She further wrote in this context,

“After that I started working on backgrounds, boss characters, meters, and then all the character animations, and ending animations. At some point we thought about setting it in a human mouth, to clarify things, but then realized that was probably too weird (thankfully). Designing the boss peppers and animating Scoville’s reactions to eating them were probably my favorite parts.”

Who Is William Scoville?

William Scoville

The year was 1865 when William Scoville was born on 22nd January. Scoville was not just any man. He was an award-winning pharmacology professor, researcher, chemist, and also the second-ever vice-chairman of the American Pharmaceutical Association. He wrote a book called The Art Of Compounding, which is famous because it makes them very first reference to an antidote (milk) for the heat-inducing pepper.

Best known for inventing the Scoville Scale, he used this organoleptic test for measuring the pungency of pepper with the help of human testers. 

How To Play Google Pepper Game? – A Complete Guide

Playing Google Pepper Game

If you want to know how to play the pepper game, google, simply scroll down and find out how you can ace this game!

Step 1: Open your Google search.

Step 2: Click on ‘Stay and Play at Home’ Scoville Doodle from 2016.

Step 3: You will not find yourself in the middle of a standalone search on Google for famous Google Doodle games.

Step 4: Tap on the ‘play’ button located in the top section with the Scoville game. 

Step 5: Now, you will be taken to another page where you can easily click on a big ‘play’ button to start the game.

Step 6: Once the game begins, you will find the famous Wilbur Scoville testing a variety of peppers and informing the players about the levels of heat. Then, Scoville eats ice cream.

Step 7: After this, you simply have to click on the pepper alternatives mentioned before. Don’t forget to keep tapping the meter given below inside the game. The purpose is how exactly the ice cream will defeat the variety of peppers in Scoville’s mouth.

Step 8: You can win faster by clicking on the middle of the meter – you will notice that by doing so, you are able to click on the pepper even faster.

Step 9: The best part? You can obviously share your game results on various social media platforms like Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. How Do You Beat The Google Pepper Game?

Like any other game, even the Google Pepper Game that was created along with a popular Scoville google doodle becomes more advanced with every level you cross. But there’s a way to win this game. You just need to tap on the middle of the meter – once you do so, you will find out that you can click on the peppers faster.

2. When Is Scoville’s 151st Birthday?

William Scoville’s 151st birthday was celebrated on the 22nd of January in 2016. In honor of Scoville, the Google Doodle team came up with the Google Pepper Game.

3. What Is The Hottest Pepper In The Scoville Game?

The hottest pepper in the Scoville game (also known as the Google Pepper Game) is known as the Carolina Reaper. It also happens to be the world’s hottest pepper.

Wrapping Up:

The google doodle pepper looked pretty good, but that was not all. It was the game that made things even more interactive for the users, multiplying engagement in the process. And not just engagement, it also multiplies awareness about who William Scoville was. The Google Pepper Game is a pretty cool experience – if you haven’t played it yet, it’s time you do!

Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts on the same in the comments section below!

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