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Mike Tyson And Ric Flair Collaborate With P&L

In an exciting move for hemp wrap enthusiasts, P&L’s Twisted Hemp, the go-to name in the world of hemp wraps, has joined forces with boxing legend Mike Tyson and wrestling icon Ric Flair to unveil a series of distinctive lighters. Teaming up with Clipper, renowned as the world’s #1 reusable lighter brand, the collaboration brings forth a collection of unparalleled designs that pay homage to the legends of boxing and wrestling.

The contemporary smoking culture takes center stage in this collaboration, as L’s Twisted Hemp, Mike Tyson, and Ric Flair’s design teams work in tandem to create items that resonate with the individuality of new generations. This unique collection is a celebration of two legendary figures and a testament to a commitment to innovation and quality.

Enthusiasts are in for a treat, as the partnership for this collection spans two years, promising a steady stream of new limited-edition designs every few months. This dynamic approach keeps the offerings fresh and ensures that consumers can continuously explore new, one-of-a-kind designs that align with their evolving tastes.

P&L Group, the driving force behind L’s Twisted Hemp, emphasized its dedication to understanding consumers and delivering products seamlessly integrating with their lifestyles. The collaboration with Tyson and Flair marks a significant step in this direction, reflecting the brand’s ethos of innovation and quality.

With a budget-friendly price tag of just $2 USD, the Mike Tyson x Ric Flair Clipper lighters are now available for purchase. And there is no wonder that it is adding up to the net worth of Tyson!

Hemp enthusiasts can grab these exclusive lighters directly from The Twisted Hemp website and select retailers. It’s a golden opportunity for fans to own a piece of smoking culture history while enjoying the convenience and reliability that Clipper lighters are renowned for.

Don’t miss out on this unique collaboration that combines the worlds of hemp wraps, boxing, and wrestling in a series of affordable and stylish lighters. Get your hands on these exclusive designs before they become collector’s items!

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