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The Ultimate Guide To Owler Datasets For Business

Owler Datasets For Business

Use Owler’s business datasets to capture some of the most comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date sources of business data and insights. When you buy Owler datasets, you get access to ready-to-use datasets that can be easily analyzed and turned into valuable insights for your company.

What Is An Owler Dataset?

What Is An Owler Dataset?

An Owlers dataset is a community-powered collection of data points about dynamic and real-time intelligence of a company’s competitors, customers, and prospects. The Owler community consists of over 3.5 million business professionals who share various details and insights that are then collected, segmented, and turned into datasets.

Why You Should Choose An Owler Dataset Rather Than Data Scraping

Nowadays, 97.2% of business executives confirm that their organizations are investing in big data and AI projects. While many of these companies are using scarpers to collect data from intelligence sites like Owler, others choose to purchase Owler datasets from data providers.

These are ready-to-use datasets that require no preparation or technological knowledge. Let’s take a look at some reasons why you should use an Owler dataset rather than scraping the Owler website.

  • Agility. Datasets enable high levels of workflow and provide businesses with significant workflow flexibility. When a business commits to scraping data, they have to do it consistently, or else they won’t get the insights they need, and they can miss important pieces of data. Whereas an Owler’s dataset can be purchased whatever time you want, for specific projects, or even custom ordered for a specific event.
  • Resources. Datasets do not require any additional resources aside from money to purchase them. While an Owler data scraper must be kept up and requires hardware and software tools, it depends on special teams of scrapers and engineers.
  • Time effectiveness. Organized Owler datasets remove the time wasted between identifying data and rolling it out of the website with a scraper. Since there is no collection time, you can get insights instantly. Moreover, many datasets are regularly refreshed, meaning you won’t have to buy new ones constantly.
  • Cost reductions. Even though a dataset can be pricey at first sight, they are more cost-effective than data scrapers. The cost of the dataset can be spread among several organizations, which isn’t possible with data scraping.

The Key Features Of The Owler Dataset 

The Key Features Of The Owler Dataset 

Owler datasets provide dynamic data that covers various aspects, is collected in real-time, and is stored in archives so you can look back at it whenever you want.

Global coverage

Owler datasets include and cover all the information you need for business purposes, they cover aspects such as names, descriptions, locations, industry types, social media, web links, CEO names, and even information about revenue and employee turnover. The datasets contain information about more than 8.3 million companies from all over the globe.

Fresh data

Your Owler datasets will get updated monthly with all the freshest details. Get the freshest updates on all competitor information, enabling you to identify their marketing changes, new product introduction, and employee hiring trends.

Data Archives

Many businesses receive new exciting data, use it instantly, and forget about it, then when they need to take a look at it back they can’t find what they need. In fact, 95 % of companies claim they have problems managing unstructured data. Whereas Owler datasets don’t have problems with unstructured data, they keep it all organized in archives, meaning you can access even the oldest data insights with a simple search.

The Main Benefits Of Using An Owler Dataset

There are numerous excellent benefits that businesses can seize from Owler datasets, let’s take a look at four vast benefits.

  1. Strong data support in competition. One of the greatest benefits is how much competition leverage you can grab from a rich dataset. You can clearly understand what your competitor is doing, what tools they are using, and predict their next moves.
  2. Track industry trends. Grab all the information you need from Owler datasets for short-term and long-term planning, track the latest trends, and develop effective systems.
  3. Discover prospects. With all details about other companies, customers, and prospects you can analyze potential partners and plan how to approach future collaborators.
  4. Formulate a robust database. It has been detected that the average company doesn’t use 60-73% of its data for analytics, whether that’s because it’s not organized or not relevant. But you can update your data with an Owlers dataset.

Wrapping Up

Use Owler datasets to tap into critical and insightful business data about your competitors, customers, and prospects. With all of Owler’s useful data and insights structured in one dataset, you can easily and quickly analyze your competitors, outsmart them, and take influential business measures before any other company realizes to do so.


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