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By Singling Him Out, Ron De Santis Highlights Vivek Ramaswamy In 2024 Elections!

Ron De Santis Highlights Vivek Ramaswamy

In the primary states, Vivek Ramaswamy has been highlighted in the 2024 presidential race gaining proper media spotlight! He has been talking about offbeat proposals related to “covidism,” “gender ideology,” “climatism,” and “reverse racism”!

The Republican rivals did not pay much attention to Ramaswamy until recently when Ron De Santis, the Florida governor, singled out Vivek Ramaswamy in one of his debate strategy memos.

The political novice is getting involved in debates and is making his stand as an anti-immigrant, Trump-supporter, and right-wing politician. He has also spoken about abolishing established authorities such as the FBI instead of redeploying the US Marshals services.

Ramaswamy, a business investor, is being considered a rising wild card, especially with his unfiltered perception of politics, speech, and policies. He is against everything the Republicans hold dear to their traditional norms and acts.

Many are already highlighting Ramaswamy’s similarities with Trump concerning managing policies and speech; however, he is leaving behind his stamp by being far more engaging and eloquent than Trump ever.

In a recent Fox News poll, Ramaswamy was identified as a significant competitor in the 2023 presidential race as his popularity ranked in double digits. Based on the elections, Ramaswamy has become a potential challenger to Trump and De Santis by ranking third following those two.

Ramaswamy is quite open about his support towards Trump as he supported an impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden regarding the alleged profiteering from Ukraine War.

Apart from that, Ramaswamy has also defended Trump in the indictment cases calling them a ‘national disaster’ on the social media platform ‘X.’ The 38-year-old is the youngest Republican candidate in the history of the US.

The Republican has also spoken about topics such as child sex trafficking! He also hopes to develop a comprehensive foreign policy vision concerning different parts of Asia, along with India, China, Taiwan, and Russia.

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