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Britney Spears Separated From Sam Asghari After Allegations Of Cheating Heading For Divorce!  

Britney Spears Separated From Sam Asghari

Britney Spears and her husband, Sam Asghari, are heading for divorce, especially after their nuclear argument, as Sam alleged Britney is cheating on him. According to the reports by TMZ, Britney was confronted by her husband further leading to a huge fight.

Based on the reports in the industry, there have been severe troubles going on for quite some time now in the marriage of Britney Spears. Her behavior has been erratic to the extent that she has regularly been involved in screeching matches and blowout fights.

According to the sources, Sam Asghari has lived in his place for some months after the fight. He has moved out of their house, and there is a high probability that he will file for divorce any day now!

With recent fights, it has come to light that Britney has become quite physical with Sam, and they are facing challenges in their marriage, leading to Sam not sleeping in the house he shared with Spears for quite some time now.

There is a prenup between the couple that will help Britney protect her properties and assets; however, based on some agreement, the marriage will only end with a settlement where Spears has to pay Sam.

Financially, Britney is in a better position than Asghari, and it might take a check from her to end the marriage settlement. Reports have surfaced regarding Sam’s issues and unacceptability towards the erratic behavior of Britney. That might be another reason for the separation!

The couple started dating in 2016 when Sam got a job in one of Britney’s music videos. They were inseparable at the beginning of their relationship. They planned on starting a family once they married, which Spears shared with her fans. Sam finally proposed to Britney in 2021!

The couple shared videos and pics of Britney Spears with the engagement ring, and the happiness was quite evident on Spears’ face. Fans went wild on social media. Now they are on the verge of divorce, and there is a chance it will happen sooner than later!

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