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Who Is Ernest Khalimov? – Age, Bio And Relationship

Ernest Khalimov

Ernest Khalimod is a bodybuilder and fitness model from Russia. He was born on 1 March 1969. Right now, Ernest Khalimov age is 54 years. He currently lives in Russia and works as a model. He is one of the famous faces across social media, and many of us know him for his excellent muscular body, looks, and super sleek jawline.

Ernest has been working hard for a long time to achieve where he is right now in his life. Though there have been so many controversies around him, his consistency and dedication are not defocused. He has managed to overthrow anything that has ever come his way to success. Currently, he has a colossal fan base and rules on social media. And people are just crazy about his looks and body.

But, who is Ernest Khalimov? Do you have any idea? You just know the basic things about him. In this article, you will be able to learn about this person.

Let’s start.

Who Is Ernest Khalimov?

Ernest Khalimov, a.k.a. Sophie GigaChad, is a famous fitness model, trainer, bodybuilder, and entrepreneur, and he is most popular for his social media appearance. He has been an internet personality for a long time. Ernest was born and brought up in Moscow, Russia. He has a great macula body, a perfect jawline, and a handsome face.

Who Is Ernest Khalimov
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The first time Ernest became famous was when he appeared in the Sleek’N’Tears project. Here is basic information about Ernest Khalimov.

Name Ernest Khalimov
Nickname GigaChad
Date of Birth 1 March 1969
Birthplace Russia
Age 54
Nationality Russia
Hometown Moscow
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Weight 99 Kg
Height 6 feet 8 inches
Eye Color Light Brown
Ethnicity White
Hair Color Black
Religion Christianity
Net Worth $1 million

Ernest Khalimov Biography

Ernest Khalimov was born and brought up in Russia. His residence is in Moscow, Russia. He has grown in a family where his family used to follow Christianity. According to SLEEK’N’TEARS, he is a model and a social media influencer. But recently, there has been an absence of his social media presence.

There are people who think that GigaChad is not a real person but rather a fictional character. So, you must know that there are so many facts that support this story of his real presence. In 2017, he was seen in a photo where he had a stomach tattoo. And the physique was similar to Arthur’s. There were also posts regarding GigaChad all over the internet that he died. But that was a rumor.

However, we have collected most information through different social media channels and websites. We are unable to gather much more information about him. We don’t know his educational background, such as his school or qualification, or whether he has any college or university degree. We couldn’t gather any information about his family as well.

1. Ernest Khalimov Height And Weight

. Ernest Khalimov Height
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As I mentioned above that we are unable to gather information regarding his education. But there are facts that we already know. The first thing is that Ernest has a height of 2.03m or 6 feet 8 inches. And as far now, his weight is 218.25 lbs or 99 kg. He is currently 54 years old, and you can see his height and weight. This is the main reason that he is quite a famous personality all over the internet.

2. Ernest Khalimov Career

Ernest appeared in the Sleek’N’Tears project as a fitness model. And this was the first time this person came out of nowhere. And this was the start of his career. Later, he became famous for his personality, bodybuilding, fitness, and looks. As you can see in these pictures, he has a great physique, and because of this, he earned a reputation, fame, and popularity.

Ernest Khalimov Career  
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After this, he was in so many menswear shoots and catalogs, and people from different regions became fans, especially people who are gym enthusiasts. You can check his Instagram, which he runs with the name Berlin. After becoming famous, there have been so many controversies that Ernest had to go through.

The first controversy was that no person could make a body like this. And he is not a real person but rather a fictional character. The humor was so real that most people started believing in the humor. There was also a rumor that GigaChad died in a car accident. Later, Ernest showed up and told the truth through Instagram notes, and every rumor was a hoax and was not even real.

3. Ernest Khalimov Death Rumors

There have been several rumors about Ernest Khalimov and his death stories. The fake stories started with his tragic car accident. GigaChad died in a car accident. The rumors were basically he had a car accident, and then there was fire, and he was dead on the spot.

 Ernest Khalimov Death

But this was just a rumor. In fact, Ernest is alive, and he is doing so well. Right now, he doesn’t want to appear on the internet. His current focus is his career, and he has been doing that for the last couple of years. In order to break the rumors, he took action by writing long posts on his Instagram handle where he said that he was sad about the facts. But he also thanked those people who gave him wishes and showed concern.

4. Ernest Khalimov Relationship

 Ernest Khalimov Relationship 
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Ernest has been trying to put his private life separate from his professional life. And this is one of the reasons that you can’t find out about his relationship status or who is his girlfriend or boyfriend. He is very passive when it comes to the internet, and people have been questioning his relationship status for a long time. But, GigaChad has never spoken a word about his family, friends, siblings, or partner.

Ernest Khalimov: Final Words

Ernest Khalimov has an Instagram account where he has more than a million followers. He has also Twitter and Facebook accounts, but he is not active so much on these social media platforms. If you ask me about Ernest Khalimov net worth, then the approx amount is around $1 million. Although the internet has only a little data on him, I hope you will find a massive knowledge about him through this article.

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