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Step Into Style: Expert Tips on How to Style Your Air Jordan 3 Sneakers

air jordan 3

Did you know that studies support the theory that shoes can tell a lot about a person?

Depending on your kicks, people may think that you’re careless and lazy or confident and stylish.

If you want to feel good in your kicks, there are a few Air Jordan 3 ideas to consider.

Keep reading to discover how you can wear your Air Jordan 3 shoes and give off the best impressions!

Top 7 Ways To Style With Air Jordan 3 Sneakers

Style With Air Jordan 3 Sneakers

1. Try Graphic Tees and Jeans

One of the best outfit ideas for Air Jordan 3 shoes is a graphic tee and jeans.

This simple look is casual but doesn’t make you look like a slob. The stylish shoes can pull your outfit together if they incorporate the same colors. Plain t-shirts won’t make your shoes look as impressive and they may get overlooked.

Try to find a pair of jeans that aren’t too long. Certain jean cuts can hide the unique shoes on your feet and even make you look shorter! If you’re wearing your favorite band’s shirt, your Jordans will likely improve your style.

Depending on the length of your jeans, you may want to roll them. A clean roll on the legs can draw attention back to your shoes.

2. Pair With Game Day Gear

No matter what your plans are for game day, you must be comfortable and show off your team pride.

At tailgates and parties, you can wear your Air Jordan 3 shoes. Make sure you don’t wear them anywhere they could get damaged, however, since they aren’t cheap. Many people buy Jordans in the same colors as their favorite teams to match jerseys and gameday gear.

If you have the money and want something more unique, you can customize your Air Jordans to add team logos and names. You can also change the color of the laces and shoe insoles to add other pops of color.

3. Style With Your Streetwear

Whether you’re running errands, going on a date, or meeting up with friends, streetwear can draw attention to your kicks.

Bomber jackets, hats, and oversized t-shirts pair great with Air Jordan 3 colorways. Streetwear and Air Jordans work flawlessly since they include the same colors without clashing. Black and white patterns are easy to match with streetwear, but there are still many options to consider.

If you wear a lot of black and blue, you should get Jordans that also use those colors. You can balance the outfit with gray pants or a top since it will draw attention back to your feet.

White high top sneakers unisex footwear fashion

4. Incorporate Distressed Items

Distressed jeans and t-shirts look great with Air Jordan 3 shoes.

Look for clothes that are ripped, bleached, or scuffed up. These clothes might make you look homeless for a minute, but once you slip into your shoes, it will all make sense. The stylish effect from your shoes will make the rest of your outfit look vintage.

Distressed clothing was once a sign of anger toward society, but it has evolved into a fashion statement. If you need help pairing your shoes and clothes, there is a guide. You can check it out to discover all of your options to start coming up with creative outfits.

You can display your creative or rebellious side with your Air Jordans by wearing distressed items. They show attitude and make the simplest outfits look cool.

5. Wear Skinny Jeans

Air Jordan 3 outfits can be simple, but they shouldn’t hide your shoes.

Bell-bottom jeans and bootleg cuts won’t do your looks any good, even with your Jordans on. Skinny jeans are recommended since they draw attention to the shoes and typically make people look slimmer. Find a pair of skinny jeans that you feel confident and comfortable in and grab your favorite top.

Skinny jeans pair so well because the shoes are chunky. Straight-leg jeans are another option to consider if you don’t like the tight fit.

This is a quick solution if you start to overthink your options and become overwhelmed.

6. Pay Attention to Your Accessories

Buying bright-colored Jordans with fun patterns is fun, but many people worry that they won’t match with outfits.

You can match your Air Jordans by wearing other accessories. For example, if you’re wearing a blue and yellow shirt with black jeans, yellow and red Jordans would still match. Jewelry, hats, and bags can easily get paired with your shoes and alter the appearance of a standard outfit.

Monitor how many accessories you wear, however, since they can clash with your shoes or distract people.

7. Avoid Neutral Colors for Clothing

Neutral colors can camouflage your cool kicks without you even realizing it.

Black, gray, and white are often used for Air Jordans. These colors can blend in with your pants and don’t look as impressive. You may also want to avoid navy clothing since blue jeans can cover up your navy kicks.

Wearing neutral-colored clothing and Jordans can impact the appearance of your silhouette. Having contrasting colors will help you control where attention is drawn to. If you want to make a good impression, don’t be afraid to play with colors.

Blue running sneaker isolated on white. flying shoe for fitness and sport on white background with shadow

What Will You Wear With Your Air Jordan 3 Shoes?

Learning how to style Air Jordan 3 shoes can help you feel confident on the streets.

These unique shoes can easily get hidden when surrounded by neutral and clashing colors. Paying attention to the style of your shirts and jeans can make a big influence on your appearance. You can learn how to manipulate outfits and dress-up Jordans with certain accessories.

Don’t be afraid to try pairing your shoes with an outfit you typically don’t wear.

Make sure you read our blog for more information about styling your outfits and finding the best shoes!



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