How To Tie A Bandana Headband?

Bandana Headband

“Put your hair in a headband, drink some coffee and handle it.”

A hot Monday morning. And what you don’t need is another drama at work to exhaust you. On top of that, all that hair flying everywhere, your makeup almost ruined. What can you do at this point? Get that Bandana headband out and tie up your hair!


You can replace a bandana with a stylish and functional headband. It helps in keeping moisture and hair out of your face apart from giving you an outstanding look. The process of tying a bandana headband can appear to be so tricky.

All you need is the correct type of bandana, a good knot, the right folding, and you will be good to go. You will be the person rocking a bandana headband within no time. All necks will be turning towards you for all the good reasons. Here are some of the tips that will help you get the best from the bandana headband.

Form Uneven Headband Using A Square Bandana

Bandanas do come in several sizes and shapes. However, square bandanas tend to work the best if you want to come up with a uniform fold. It explains why most people prefer to go for this when making a bandana headband.

Therefore, you have to choose a bandana that is big enough to fold into a headband. However, it should not be so large to give you a bulky head.

Choose natural fiber materials such as cotton for your bandana headband. These materials are good because they can breathe, and hence the headband will not make your head sweat. You will feel very comfortable when putting on such material for your Bandana headband.

There are so many designs and patterns that you can select when designing the Bandana Headband. The secret is to get a product that will flow when with the shape of your body.

Lay The Bandana Headband

Before folding the bandana headband, you should lay the fabric flat on the table as a way of preparing it. You can also lay it on any other flat position or surface so that it appears like a diamond.

Using your hands, smooth out any wrinkles or folds that could be in the fabric. You will end up with an even and flat bandana that you can work with.

If there are so many wrinkles in the bandana, use the clothes iron to iron them out. The most important thing here is to have a smooth material for your bandana headband.

Bring The Top Corner To Meet The Bottom Corner To Form A Triangle

When you fold the bandana, you have to make sure that all its edges line up. It is one of the things that most people forget in this process. Fold the bandana headband diagonally as you bring the two corners to meet each other and form a huge triangle.

Use your hands to smoothen out the fabric to make it flat. Make sure you arrange the pattern to make it visible as you fold your bandana headband.

Fold The Triangles’ Long End To Form A Long Strip

Fold the bottom of the triangle to make a strip of two to three inches or 5.1 to 7.6 cm wide. Thereafter, you need to fold the strip repeatedly towards the unique triangle point until the fabric makes a single strip.

Smoothen the material after every fold to make sure that you have a uniform size. If you have a wide bandana headband, you have to make a wide strip. Don’t fold the bandana, but rather roll it into a rounded headband.

Use The Hairspray To Spray The Folded Bandana

After folding the fabric to the desired width, you need to make the bandana headband adhere to your hair and skin better by spraying hairspray on it. This step will ensure that the bandana headband does not slip once you put it on the head.

You need to spray an even layer of the hairspray and let it dry for about five minutes. You may also use a hair gel but ensure that the gel dries out clearly. Only apply the gel on the headband side that will be against your skin and hair. From here, your bandana hairband is ready for tying. Read more on how to tie a Bandana headband.

How To Tie The Bandana Headband?

Bandana HeadbandYou can follow the below steps to tie a bandana headband. So, you will have a basic idea for a bandana hairband if you don’t know how to tie it.

1. Put The Bandana Headband Against The Forehead

Take the folded bandana headband strip by its end and then center your forehead against the strip’s middle. If you are a person with long hair, put the bandana under your hair so that it will not get trapped between the headband and forehead. You may also choose to center the bandana headband on your head’s crown.

2. Wrap The Two Bandana Ends Around The Head Hack

While pressing your forehead against the bandana center, bring both ends behind the head and above your ears. Ensure that the bandana does not unfold as you continue to wrap it.

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Ensure that the bandana headband does not unfold as you wrap it. Maintain the whole length of the bandana strip so that it flushes against the head.

You may also choose to center the bandana at the head back’s base and bring both ends around to the front section of the head and above the forehead.

3. Tie The Bandana Ends In A Double Knot So That It Can Form A Headband

With the bandana headband flushing against the head, tie both ends in a secure knot. Make sure that it is tight enough so that it stays in place. However, don’t tight it so tight to the extent of becoming uncomfortable. From here, form another knot that will keep your initial knot in place firmly.

If you choose to center the bandana headband on your head’s back base, tie the knot on the upper section of your forehead. Make sure that the knot is secure before tying it in the double-knot.

4. Make Necessary Adjustments And Smoothen Out Wrinkles In The Bandana Headband

The bandana headband has to rest securely and comfortably on the head. Tuck on the loose fabrics and smoothen any bunching of the material that may be taking place. Adjust the hair around the bandana so that you can attain the desired look.

If you are comfortable with how the bandana fits, you can remove it and then apply additional hairspray to your knot. The step is crucial as it will keep it tied up.

Frequently Asked Station:

1. What Is The Difference Between A Bandana And A Headband?

While a Bandana is basically a kind of headband, a headband is technically not a bandana, really. Simply put, any bandana could merge effortlessly into a headband and can be conveniently worn over your mouth to face – any bandana is a type of folded handkerchief.

2. Where Did Bandanas Originate?

Originating in the late 17th century, Bandanas came from the diverse cultures of Southern Asia and the Middle East. Today, the bandana has become so popular in the context of style that it’s almost like that one portable accessory you can keep inside your bag. Flip it out when necessary, and you are set for the day.

3. What Decade Were Bandanas Popular?

Thanks to the teenagers rocking it on TikTok, Bandanas are back in fashion, directly from the 90s! First popularized through the 70s by hippie women like Dolly Parton, the bandana headband was then further popularized by Axl Rose, singer of Guns N’ Roses in the 80s! And now, finally, these are back again!


This article will guide you through the process of tying a bandana headband. Following these tips will give you the best look and high levels of comfort from the bandana headband. Give yourself the best appearance with the Bandana hairstyle that your hair deserves. 

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