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Supply Chain Automation? Do It Now!

Supply Chain Automation

Proper document workflow is a challenge for many companies.

It might involve a lot of walking to numerous departments and sending papers to other parties, collecting signatures, or consulting about its content.

This is time-consuming and ineffective when it comes to producing desired results. If you wish to automate the paperwork in your supply chain, do it instantly with a dedicated platform.

What Is AP Automation?

accounts payable automation

This is an innovative solution offered by Infinite, in which the main goal is to fully automate the accounts payable process.

The AP Automation Suite is a platform where all activities are processed seamlessly without involving manual paperwork. Solution is dedicated to companies that hire more than 50 employees, especially in the retail, electronic, and DIY sectors.

AP automation gives you the opportunity to accelerate workflow between you and your partners. All documents that require processing and need to be created, accessed, updated, or verified can be now processed digitally via one platform, used by you and your suppliers.

The solution supports over 200 document formats, which allows for undisturbed work with purchase orders, dispatch advice, invoices, return notices, and many more.

Some Of The Key Features Of The Automation Software

Automation software has its own features, which have been successful in bringing about change. Armed with automation the accounting process has been successful in eliminating human-related errors. However, we discuss some of the key features of automation software. 

The AP automation delivers customized workflows. It helps streamline the repetitive tasks that have human involvement.
With supply chain automation, the processing of large volumes of documents, such as invoices, has become easy. 

Apart from it another key feature of the AP automation is that it gives one single repository for the ones when searching for or retrieving information. With the help of this system, you will be able to get the approval process for the debits, payments, or say, any modification to the AP transactions.

It’s all about complying with the accounting standards for payment and then regulation for the AP processing. This is one of the core benefits that you get with the help of AP processing.

Gain Your Competitive Edge.

As a business owner, you may have a lot of goals to achieve. None of them is possible without productive workers. But if you want them to work more effectively, you should give them the appropriate tools. AP Automation platform will let your company switch from manual paperwork to digital one, which aims for the following objectives:

  • reduced the number of daily operations processed manually,
  • enhanced business relationships with your partners,
  • better insight into stocks, deliveries, and replenishment processes,
  • increased market share,
  • enhanced cash management,
  • improved suppliers’ service.

What is more, it is extremely important to implement new technology that is paired with an eco-friendly solution. With AP Automation, you go green as an organization, which promotes a paperless initiative that brings countless benefits to the environment.

Why Infinite?

There is no place for mistakes while doing business – each error may turn out to be quite expensive. As a professional entrepreneur, you need a proven solution you can rely on. Therefore, choosing Infinite as your partner is a reasonable decision.

Infinite IT Solution is a leader in business digitization from the European market. With offers that include e-invoicing, electronic signature, and many paperless solutions, it quickly became a team of reliable and solid IT specialists.

Benefits Of AP Automation

Benefits Of AP Automation

A paperless workflow will bring multiple benefits to you and your suppliers. Faster invoice processing, improved cash flow, and decreased operational costs are the key benefits you can expect after implementation. 

Improved payment cycle, 100% data accuracy, and better account visibility will result in seamless business relations as well. Do you want to turn your company into a fast-growing organization? AP Automation platform will allow for smooth daily operations without the use of paper. 

With the help of a good AP team, businesses can’t satisfy their suppliers. Furthermore, it can quickly cut itself from the most vital goods and services. The help of the AP automation software can help the organization with the preciseness. However, let us elaborate on the subject to gain a better idea of it. 

» Improved Accuracy 

One of the benefits that you could get from supply chain automation in accounting is accuracy. Accounting involves complex computations and therefore, it turns out to be a difficult task. When you have the clerks unraveling the typing involved with the information available in the system, errors may occur, and it is inevitable. 

But with the help of automating the process and using the best software, businesses can easily process the information and ultimately, it helps give accurate results along with speed. Success in business depends quite largely on the accuracy of information. This is where the supply chain automation has its advantages.

» Time Efficiency

Be it business of any volume, time appears to be one of the biggest factors. For example, the invoice cycle time often involves it own complexities. You have to ensure that the business pays the invoices to keep the cash flow liquid.

 It must also ensure no violation of the vendor invoice terms. The automated system can strike a balance between and among these grave concerns. At the same time, it also helps create an overall reduction in the amount of time. 

» Cost Savings 

The growth and development of a business organization depends quite an extent on savings. According to an observation, each invoice could cost around ten dollars. It ultimately turns out to be a costly endeavor. It could completely drain all the savings. 


But with the help of automation of the process, the businesses will be able to successfully bring down the cost per invoice. Many invoices could undergo processing and approvals with few human touches. 

However, if you conduct the cost-benefit study, you will understand how supply chain automation in accounting helps the organization attain its goals. This is how using the excellent features of automated systems, businesses can reap the benefits of precise accounting. 

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