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Sam Altman Is Out And How: The OpenAI Board Stripped Altman Of His Directorship!

The OpenAI Board Stripped Altman Of His Directorship

New industries are opening up with the development and advancement of technology and integration of Artificial Intelligence! A year ago, the company OpenAI created a stir in the market by introducing ChatGPT.

Sam Altman is the company’s co-founder and becoming the company’s face. People became aware of ChatGPT through his presence, and he created his name in the industry where technology plays an important role in today’s world.

Now, that same company’s board has stripped him of his directorship and CEO title. His current worth is about $80 billion, and he had a major role in representing the services that ChatGPT is offering.

However, he has informed me in the past that, at times, he cannot be candid in his communications. The staff of OpenAI has been assured by the management that the company will not be affected by this departure, but people are worried about it.

Altman played a big role in the fundraising events and efforts of the company and became a Silicon Valley superstar! He was also known as the best startup incubator, YCombinator or YC; hence, his leaving the company will impact the position and the organization’s condition in the market.

Further, Altman also inspired and attracted top engineers who were some of the most talented in the industry. It is common knowledge that they will lead to wherever Altman went. A 38-year-old software genius has been seen giving a speech on a panel at the ongoing APEC summit organized in San Francisco.

He was seen chatting with a top Meta executive at this summit and attending another AI conference in San Fransico. He has his place and position set in the world. The question remains: how does OpenAI function?

It is also well-known that the software they are working with requires real money. Hence, it will be a hectic task for other board members.

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