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The Different Types Of Laminate Flooring Colors

Over the years, laminate flooring has gotten a bad reputation in some home improvement circles. Certain people have argued against using it because older laminate floors often looked and felt cheap.

But if you’re interested in doing floor replacement in your home, you shouldn’t write off laminate flooring right away. There are so many benefits of using modern-day laminate floors in your house. These floors typically look fantastic and provide waterproofing that wasn’t always included in old laminate flooring.

There are also so many laminate flooring colors to choose from in this day and age. You’ll definitely be able to locate the right floor colors to complement the rest of your interior design colors.

Would you like to learn about some of the best laminate flooring colors on the market right now? Take a look at them below and decide which one will work best with your current home colors.


In a perfect world, everyone would be able to have hardwood floors installed in their homes. They’re the best-looking floors around, and they’re also designed to last for decades to come.

Hardwood floors can be very expensive, though. So if you aren’t able to afford them, you might want to look into having brown laminate flooring installed instead.

Laminate floors come in many different shades of brown, from lighter floor colors to very warm floor colors. You’re welcome to pick out any shade of brown that you would like since almost every shade will work to some degree in your home.

You should, however, make sure you invest in brown laminate flooring from a trusted flooring manufacturer like Znet to ensure it looks like wood. You might also want to shop for other types of flooring like affordable vinyl plank from Znet if you want your floors to look like they’re constructed out of wood.


You really can’t go wrong with choosing brown laminate flooring for your home. It’ll give your floors a wooden appearance without breaking the bank.

But you also shouldn’t set your sights on brown and not consider any other laminate flooring colors. If you do, you might miss out on the opportunity to consider going with another great color like gray.

Gray laminate flooring is a lot like brown laminate flooring in that it’s going to work well with almost any other interior design colors. You won’t have to worry about making adjustments to your other home colors since gray will complement all of them.

Gray laminate floors will also be very easy to keep clean since they’ll hide dirt and stains well. You won’t regret going with gray floor colors if you decide to head down this path.


If you have kids and/or pets living in your home with you, you might want to rule out white laminate flooring right away. It’ll be very difficult to keep anything that’s white-clean in a house with pets and/or kids.

But if you don’t have kids and/or pets living in your home and you’re searching for floor colors that’ll help brighten up a space, white laminate floors might be the move.

Most laminate floors that are white won’t include just white and nothing else. They’ll often have patterns on them that’ll add richness to them without taking away from their color.

This might make white an attractive option for those in the market for laminate flooring. White laminate floors are going to make a strong statement as long as you’re able to get them clean and keep them that way.


Do you want to make a very large room feel a lot cozier than it does now? Then going with a darker-colored laminate flooring might get the job done.

You can, of course, choose a dark brown laminate flooring if that’s more your speed. But there are also some aesthetically pleasing black laminate floors that might check all the right boxes for you.

Just be sure you’re willing to work at keeping black laminate flooring clean. While black laminate floors might hide stains better than lighter-colored floors, they might also show off all the dust you have on your floors if you don’t work to clean them on a regular basis.


Each of the laminate floor colors we’ve discussed thus far is going to look amazing in almost any home. Brown, gray, white, and black laminate floors will work nicely with most interior design colors they’re matched up with.

Cherry isn’t always going to fall into this same category. Cherry laminate floors will have a slight reddish tint to them that’ll make them look decidedly different from many other laminate flooring colors.

If you would like to take a little bit of a risk with the laminate flooring you install, you might want to toy with the idea of choosing cherry laminate floors. They will, no doubt, stand out and turn into a conversation piece before too long.

But you will need to be careful about which colors surround cherry laminate floors. There will be some colors that might clash with your floors that’ll need to be removed from the rooms with these floors in them.

Choose The Right Laminate Flooring Colors For Your Home

Laminate floors will prove to be excellent options for many homes. They’ve become so much more beautiful and durable than they used to be. It’s why you should avoid overlooking them when you’re shopping for new floors.

If you decide to go with them, you’ll just want to make sure you shop for the right laminate flooring colors. There will be some that’ll work better than others based on the interior design colors scattered throughout your house.

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