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Zerg Rush – How To Play This Game On Google?

Many of us find ourselves doing nothing on the homepage of Google. But, wait, are you just sitting on the homepage of Google like me? In that case, you can play Zerg Rush.

I would not call it a game, but if you want to fool around with the search engine a little bit, then this is what you should play/ or do.

This is one of many easter eggs of Google that you can have fun with. You can do all sorts of crazy things on the search page with the easter eggs of Google.

You can do a Thanos snap, dinosaur game v2, zerg rush, playing Atari breakout, do a barrel roll, or play other google doodle games like Pac man or google snake.

In this article, I will help you to play this game on Google. If you want to play this game, reading this article will help.

What Is Zerg Rush?

What Is Zerg Rush

The term zerg-rush dates back to 1998. The term was first introduced in a real-time strategy game called Starcraft by Blizzard video games. Then the name continued onto the sequels to zerg rush. Later google introduced it as a fun game you can play on the search result page.

Among many other google easter eggs, the google zergs rush easter egg is a famous one. It is quite a funny game (rather a trick ). Once you start playing this game, you can see little yellow and red-colored Os will come and eat all the search results from top to bottom.

The Os attack all the search results present on the screen and will eat all of them. But you have to keep them from eating away or destroying the search results. You can use your mouse to shoot the Os and kill most of them before they destroy the rest of the search results.

How To Play Zerg Rush?

How To Play Zerg Rush

Got you interested, didn’t I? If that is the case and you want to play some zerg rush, you can follow the steps mentioned here –

  1. First, you have to open Google on your Chrome browser.
  2. Now open the Google search box.
  3. Now search with the keyword “Zerg rush.” 
  4. Then you will see lots of yellow and red Os are destroying the search results.
  5. You have to shoot these Os and kill them before they destroy the rest of the search results.
  6. The game might seem a little hard (you may have troubleshooting/ clicking all the Os), but that is the fun of this game.

Does Zerg Rush Still Work?

Why don’t you see it for yourself? By the way, the game still works, and you can check it. It is really simple to check if zerg rush still works. Follow these steps –

  • Got to the google search box and searched for zerg rush.
  • Numerous little Os will come and destroy the search results.
  • You need to click on the Os and stop them from destroying the search results. 

What Happens When You Google Zerg Rush?

When you zerg rush, little Os will appear on the screen, and they will destroy the search results. If you want to play it, you need to use your mouse and click on the Os and destroy them.

What Are Other Easter Eggs On Google?

Easter Eggs On Google

You can play zerg rush or play any other google easter egg games on the google search page. Here is a list of the google easter eggs you need to know about–

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

I hope that you can play zerg rush after reading the previous sections. But, if you want us to clarify more of your queries, the following questions and answers may add some value.

1. How Do You Turn On Zerg Rush?

First, you need to go to the google homepage and search zerg rush on the search box. Now the zergs will be activated, and you have to use your mouse to destroy most of them. It is simple to play this game. You can just start, and you will get the hang of it.

2. How Do You Get Thanos Snaps On Google?

You can play the Thanos snap-on google. All you need to do is go to the Google search box and follow these instructions–

(a) Use keywords like “thanos gloves, thanos snap, or thanos google easter egg.”
(b) You will see a clip image of the infinity gauntlet of Thanos in the search result. 
(c) Now you have to click on the gauntlet to activate the trick. 
What happens next? You can wait and watch.

3. How Do I Make Google Crazy?

You can make Google crazy by playing all the different google doodle games and the easter eggs. Ask it to do a barrel roll, do Zerg rush, and Google will also do a Thanos snap. You Google also is another fun stuff to make Google go crazy.

4. How Do You Play Pac-Man On Google?

(a) First, open google map and sign in ( it might not be required)
(b) Now choose a location
(c) There will be a Pac-man icon at the bottom left. 
(d) The Google map will turn into a Pac-man map
(e) You will find most of the features for many of the locations on the map. 

Bottom Line

You can play google doodle baseball, basketball, and other games on the google search engine. But if you are on your desktop and want to have fun and relax for a few minutes, then zerg rush will help you kill some time. 

Do you like this simple guide to this game? Please let me know your thoughts on this game in the comment. Also, you can share your tips on playing this game.

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