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Best Affordable Term Plans With Return of Premium

Life is full of uncertainties. Sometimes these uncertainties can affect your family, and you’re left with many questions: What if something happens to me? Will they be able to pay their living expenses without me?

These questions, sadly, don’t always have an answer. However, what if there was a method for you to make financial preparations for these occurrences in advance?

If you die before the term of your life insurance policy expires, it will pay out a lump sum to your loved ones, preventing them from going through financial hardship. It’s an easy way to help protect your family when you’re not around.

We’ll talk about what term life insurance is, the difference between a regular and a term plan with a return of premium, and its affordability

Term life insurance: What exactly is it?

The simplest type of life insurance is the term. It is also among the most reasonably priced life insurance options. Term insurance only ensures a predetermined payout upon the insured’s passing; it does not include any investment elements.

Term insurance policies typically don’t offer any survival advantages. At the beginning of the policy, the premiums are among the lowest, but as the insured person ages, they gradually rise.

The need for extensive coverage declines, the policyholder pays a more significant premium, and there are no returns. Due to all of this, a standard term insurance plan is far from ideal.

What Is The Return Of Premium Term Insurance?

Term Insurance

A conventional term plan and a return of premium term plan are comparable. It serves as a life insurance policy and pays a death benefit to its beneficiaries.

The maturity benefit applicable on a term plan with a return of premium is the distinguishing factor that makes it unique.

By paying an additional premium, policyholders can take advantage of a term plan with a return on premium.

You can decide on the required sum and insurance length, then pay the premiums by those choices. When the policy expires, the insurance provider will provide the customer with a refund for any premiums paid.

There are typically two types of policy buyers:

  • one who seeks both life insurance and a means of saving
  • a person who just requires life insurance to assist their family financially while away.

You can select a family-friendly plan based on your budgetary needs.

Term Plan Comparison: Regular And Return Of Premium (ROP)

  • Since term plans have 30–40% lower premiums than other insurance plans and offer Return of Premiums (ROP) Plans for customers who want more significant returns from their insurance plans, term plans are growing in popularity nowadays.
  • These ROP Plans are insurance plans designed for customers who anticipate returns from them; they offer death benefits, and the amount equal to premium payments is reimbursed upon the survivability of the covered person for that defined time.
  • There are many customized ROP plans available on the market today, including the option of paying premiums all at once or over the policy’s term, Paid Up Plans that provide reduced. Still, guaranteed benefits if premiums are not paid on time, premium-free terms, accident and disability coverage, and paid add-ons to the policy.
  • Customers can also choose underwriting plans as a substitute. These underwritings are comparable to term plans but more expensive, and their premium increases with each additional benefit claimed. However, unlike term plans, these underwritings have higher benefit amounts payable upon the insured’s death or the plan’s maturity.

An alternative to a traditional term insurance plan is term insurance with a refund of the premium. For those who want their insurance costs reimbursed but don’t want to forfeit their premium payments, it is the ideal answer.

Let’s See Some Of The Top Term Insurance Plans Available In India

Term Insurance Plans

1. Canara HSBC Life Insurance iSelect Smart360 Term Plan

Canara HSBC Life Insurance’s iSelect Smart360 Term Plan protects your family’s needs if you die. It pays a lump sum or recurring income on the occurrence of your death. The plan also allows you to protect your family against future expenses with additional coverage options. This makes it one of the best term plans in India.

2. ICICI Prudential iProtect Smart

If you’re looking for a plan that offers protection for your family and critical illness cover for you, this term plan from ICICI Pru iProtect Smart is one of the most popular plans online.  With 1 out of 3 people selecting critical illness cover as a benefit, this term plan has been a hit with consumers.

 3. HDFC Life Click2Protect life

It is a term plan that adjusts to your needs and protects your family against uncertainties. The option of getting Whole of Life coverage is available to you. In addition, it provides income payouts from age 60 onward. A choice of three plans is available to you, each meeting the needs of a different individual.

4. Max life insurance Smart Select Plus

An insurance plan like Max Life Smart Secure Plus can provide a financial net for a family. A comprehensive financial plan that fulfills financial requirements and offers reliable support when needed.

5. Tata AIA Sampoorn Raksha Supreme

Term life insurance with Tata AIA Sampoorna Raksha Supreme gives you the flexibility to ensure the future financial security of your family.

These are some of the top term insurances in the market. You can choose any term plan based on your requirements and goals.


Whether you are preparing for your parents or yourself, it’s always a good idea to talk with a life insurance expert to choose the right plan that best fits your needs. Term life insurance is just one kind of insurance out there; there are other things to consider. For example, another kind of insurance you may want is long-term disability coverage. Prepare now and make sure your family members won’t have to worry about things if something happens to you by taking steps now by investing in the best term plan in India!



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