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How To Bet On The NBA: Top Tips And Strategies

Sports betting is something that has taken off around the planet and this saw the global sports betting sector being worth over $80bn in 2022. But what is behind this love for sports betting globally? There is no doubt that the top sportsbooks to gamble at online play their part and make it very convenient for people to get involved with this activity.

In addition to legal sports betting sites in many US states, other countries also offer online sports gambling to residents and visitors. Denmark is a good example and is a country that has lots of safe, easy-to-use sportsbooks for Danish gamblers and tourists to bet at.

The presence of the world’s top sports at online sports betting sites also helps and the NBA is a case in point. As the world’s top basketball league, it attracts plenty of interest from sports gamblers in the US and all over the world. If you plan to bet on NBA games, though, you should first find out the best ways to go about it.

But what are the best tips and strategies for NBA wagering?

Check Out Team News Before Betting

Check Out Team News Before Betting

One of the best tips to take on board for NBA betting is to check out the latest team news before putting any money down. This is important because who is playing can have a major impact on how the game you bet on may go.

If the LA Lakers have all their star players fit but their opposition team is ravaged by injuries, for example, then it is easy to see why predicting a Lakers win makes sense. In addition, you should also look at any regular players who are missing due to suspensions, poor form or team rotation.

Bet On The Underdog When Sensible

Upsets happen in sports all the time – just look at Carlos Alcaraz’s Wimbledon 2023 win, which saw him overcome a heavily-fancied Novak Djokovic in the final. The NBA is no different and has its own fair share of upsets and underdog wins every season.

A good strategy is to look out for games where the underdog has a good chance of springing a shock win – and backing them. This comes with the advantage of higher odds being available on the least-fancied side, which will return a better payout if your instincts are correct.

Look At The Schedule For Betting Edges

Schedule For Betting Edges

A really good piece of advice for NBA bettors is to take a closer look at the season schedule to gain an edge. This is made possible by looking at teams that may end up playing back-to-back games and that may perform poorly in the second match due to fatigue.

Even if you cannot find teams involved in back-to-back games, try to look for those whose schedules might see them playing multiple games in a short space of time. If the Trailblazers are playing their seventh game in 10 nights, for example, this might point to the other side being the better team to back.

Focus On Live Betting Markets

Live betting (also known as in-play betting) involves placing your wager after the game has started. This has the distinct advantage of allowing NBA bettors to see which team seems on top and which looks out of sorts, before putting their cash down. As you can imagine, this makes it a lot simpler to capitalize on what is happening in play and to pick winning bets.

Another good tip for live NBA betting is to try to take advantage of the ever-changing odds. Savvy bettors, for example, can use these always-updated odds to set up arbitrage opportunities or make the most of the volatility some matches deliver.

Shop Around For The Best Lines

Shopping around to find the best odds is key for betting on any sport and this is also true for basketball. Getting the best value lines possible means you make more should your wager win. It can also have a major impact on how successful you are overall as a bettor, and your profit levels over time.

But what is the best way to go about this for NBA wagering? To begin with, you should carefully choose which sportsbook you register with, and only use those that are known to offer the best value odds. It is also wise to sign up with more than one sportsbook, so you can check which has the top lines for the game you plan to wager on and take advantage of that.

Top Tips And Strategies For NBA Gamblers

The NBA is one of the world’s top sporting leagues and is the premier competition in basketball. As such, it attracts lots of interest from gamblers all over the planet who love to place bets on it. If you are thinking of doing this, the tips and advice here are worth considering.

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