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Is NHL66 Down? How To Fix It? – Top 12 Alternatives Of NHL66 Stream


For hockey aficionados, the thrill of catching NHL games live, rallying behind your beloved team, and savoring those heart-racing instances is unmatched.

Although NHL66 used to be a go-to choice for streaming NHL matchups, it’s now prudent to venture into alternative avenues that provide akin excitement. 

Within this piece, I will acquaint you with the top 21 alternatives to NHL66, where you can enjoy cost-free NHL streams. Each of these platforms boasts distinct pros and cons, facilitating the quest for the ideal fit for your NHL viewing preferences. So keep reading this article till the end to learn more about the same…

What Is NHL66?

NHL66 is a free streaming platform for especially watching the National Hockey League. First of all, there are so many free streaming platforms for different sports. In that case, NHL 66 was the first platform to watch the hockey league. Secondly, the platform is free, and most importantly, you don’t need to register to enjoy live sports on this platform.

Is NHL66 Down?

No, the platform is not down. When it comes to knowing whether it is legal or not, then there are some question marks. But you don’t have to worry about the platform’s legality. If the platform is illegal, then I hope there will be something happened earlier. So you don’t need to worry about anything.

Also, if you find that the platform is not working properly, if you can not open, then there is a way that you can use it. Just download a VPN, and then open the platform. There will be no problems that you will have to face.

Top 12 Alternatives of NHL66 Stream

As of now that you are well aware of the streaming platform, now it is time to know alternatives that you can use if you face issues with NHL66.

1. Laola1


This platform is one of the most popular alternatives for NHL66. The platform is free and similar to the NHL 66 platform. You will also get to play video games and sports. The platform also has highlight clips, so the platform is best for sports fans.

Laola1 is renowned for offering a wide range of sports content, catering to a global audience of sports enthusiasts. Its notable attributes are the user-friendly interface, thoughtfully crafted to elevate user experience and simplify navigation.

2. Buffstreams


Buffstream sports is one of the best free streaming platforms that you can use for watching various kinds of sports. You can watch rugby, NHL, football and other sports as well. You can also use StreamEast Alternatives.

A notable aspect of the platform is its dedication to providing several mirror links for every streamed game. This clever strategy ensures continuous access to live streams, even if any of the links encounter downtime or technical problems.

3. SportStream


One of the oldest and most popular streaming platforms is SportStream. The platform holds different listed channels for different sports. This free streaming platform is one of the best NHL66 and MLB66 alternatives.

Centered on user experience, the platform presents a streamlined and uncluttered design, guaranteeing seamless navigation for sports aficionados. The intelligently crafted interface empowers users to enjoy their preferred NHL games, devoid of interruptions effortlessly, thus elevating the overall viewing pleasure. A notable highlight of SportStream lies in its vast array of NHL games on offer.

4. SonyLIV


There is no doubt that SonyLIV is one of the best streaming platforms where you can watch online sports. You can use this platform from anywhere. From watching La Liga to watching ICC tournaments, you can watch all kinds of sports here. You can look for Volkastream alternatives.

SonyLIV, as a conscientious platform, respects content owners’ and partners’ rights. It ensures NHL matches are accessed through official channels, upholding superior video quality standards. A distinctive aspect of SonyLIV is its unwavering commitment to providing top-tier video quality for NHL streams.

5. SportSurge

One of the best alternatives to NHL66 is SportSurge. When it comes to free online streaming platforms, SportSurge is a popular platform. Here, you can watch boxing, football, basketball, soccer, and so many different sports. You can also look for Streamonsport alternatives.

Positioned as a well-established hub catering to sports enthusiasts, the platform has cultivated a devoted audience due to its unwavering dedication to providing high-caliber live streams and an impeccable user journey. A notable aspect of Sportsurge is its uncluttered and intuitive interface. The platform’s layout places user convenience at the forefront, enabling fans to effortlessly and promptly locate their preferred NHL matches.

6. Ronaldo7


Are you a Ronaldo fan? Then this online free streaming platform allow you to watch Rinaldo’s sports and games. You will also find information about Ronaldo. And most importantly, you can also watch live sports. Check for 6streams alternatives.

Though primarily centered on football events, the platform occasionally broadens its scope to encompass NHL streams, presenting a varied array of sports content. For enthusiasts of football and hockey alike, Ronaldo7 emerges as an enticing option, allowing them to engage in both sports seamlessly from a single, user-friendly hub. With its solid standing as a trusted football streaming destination, Ronaldo7 has garnered a sizable audience due to its dedication to providing top-tier video streams of football matches.

7. Bilasport

This is also a free streaming platform that allows you to watch live sports. When you use this website, there are different live sports links, and you can click any of them to enjoy sports. The platform is based in middle east countries. Check out NBABite alternatives.

Bilasport shines for its inclusive services, notably its dedication to presenting a diverse selection of NHL games. This platform is a haven for hockey enthusiasts, ensuring they can experience the full thrill of the games at their fingertips. An exceptional feature of Bilasport is its commitment to delivering numerous links for each streamed NHL game, enhancing accessibility and enjoyment for fans.

8. Crackstreams


The platform is one of the best alternatives to NHL66. First of all, the platform is free, and secondly, you can also use the platform to enjoy UFC and NBA games. You can check out for Sport24 alternatives to know more about other platforms.

Crackstreams has become a reliable and highly sought-after hub for NHL streaming, recognized for its unwavering dedication to offering impeccable live streams with minimal delays. Serving as a primary choice for hockey aficionados, this platform guarantees fans an immersive experience of their cherished NHL matches, complete with exceptional video and audio excellence.

What truly distinguishes Crackstreams is its steadfast commitment to delivering premium streams. Utilizing cutting-edge streaming technology, the platform minimizes buffering and latency, guaranteeing uninterrupted enjoyment of every thrilling game instance.

9. FirstRowSports


The platform allows enjoying different sports like Hockey, Rugby, Baseball, Football and other live sports. But, you have to face some advertisements to enjoy this platform. You can check for NBAStreams alternatives.

Positioned as a favored hub for sports aficionados, the platform serves a wide array of hockey enthusiasts, guaranteeing access to riveting moments from beloved NHL matches. A notable attribute of the platform is its commitment to providing numerous mirror links for every streamed NHL game. This well-thought-out strategy guarantees a smooth viewing journey for users, countering potential technical glitches or heavy traffic during high-profile matches.

10. Stream2Watch


The platform is basically an online mark streaming website. There are different series of channels for snooker, NHL, snooker, Premier League, Golf, Hockey, and others. The interface is easy and simple to use. This is one of the best NHL66ir alternatives.

Stream2Watch excels in delivering a seamless, high-quality streaming experience to users. Employing a robust infrastructure and advanced streaming technology, the platform effectively reduces buffering and lag, ensuring uninterrupted playback during live NHL games.

11. Batmanstream

. Batmanstream

When it comes to online free streaming platforms, Batmanstream is one of the best to watch baseball, tennis, rugby, football, basketball, NFL, and other sports as well. The platform can be used by anyone, and the interface is easy to use. Check out VipBox alternatives.

Batmanstream’s dedication to offering multiple links for every NHL game it provides makes it unique. This considerate approach guarantees users a range of choices, enabling them to pick the streaming quality that suits their preferences and internet speed.

12. StopStream


One of the best NHL66 alternatives is StopStream. There are so many different sports matches that you can enjoy on this platform. You can check for Hesgoal alternatives.

This platform guarantees users easy access to cherished NHL matches without unnecessary complexities, providing a smooth and convenient streaming encounter. The platform’s thoughtfully structured design and user-intuitive features underscore its commitment to user-friendliness. The streamlined layout of StopStream empowers users to quickly find and pick their desired NHL streams, conserving time and effort effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are some interesting questions and answers that most people ask.

1. What Is The Best Alternative To NHL66?

Ans: When it comes to NHL66 ir, this is one of the best platforms that you can use for streaming. As of now, there are other platforms as well. is a top competitor of NHL66. There have been 412.6K visits to the streaming platform. is the 2nd most similar website to, and there have been more than 37.0M visitors in the last year. There is also a website alternative to NHL66, which is, and there are more than 3.3M views.

2. What Is The Best Hockey Streaming Website?

Ans: When it comes to on-demand elite hockey and the world’s largest channel for live hockey, then HockeyTV is the best. There are more than a thousand games that you can watch with this streaming platform. The demand for watching hockey games is huge. If you have HockeyTV’s All-Access Pass, then you can watch any game at any time from anywhere.

3. What App Can I Stream Hockey For Free?

Ans: One of the most popular and most demanded streaming platforms is Adrar. To watch hockey, you can use this app. Users of Adrar TV can enjoy NHL games in HD, and there are other hockey leagues that they can watch also.

Final Words

I hope now you can freely enjoy NHL66 without any trouble. But, if you face issues while using the platform. Then there are other alternatives that you can use.

  • MamaHD
  • MyP2P
  • Streamwoop
  • goATD
  • VIPBoxTV
  • Sport365
  • Cricfree
  • Bally Sports
  • fuboTV
  • Bosscast
  • StrikeOut
  • Rojadirecta
  • Sportlemon
  • Feed2All

Different regions have different regulations for streaming platforms. This is why I have mentioned so many different free streaming platforms that you can use. If you have any queries, feel free to ask in the comment section.

Thank You.

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