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Building A Custom Home? Invest In These Key Features

Building A Custom Home

When it comes to residential construction, customization is an opportunity for homeowners and their architects and contractors to create a home that stands out. Building a custom home means you have complete control from the first step to the final light fixture that’s hung inside the house. It gives you the freedom and flexibility to choose how the home is laid out and the structures and features that fill its interiors and dawn on its exteriors.

With this freedom and flexibility comes a lot of decision-making. Everything from the flooring to the kitchen backsplash must be decided, and it can feel overwhelming at times — trying to determine which elements are worth a healthy chunk of your budget and knowing where you can save. For now, let’s look at the former.

These key residential features are worth splurging from your budget.

Quality-Made Windows

Quality-Made Windows

Windows may not be at the top of your splurge list but don’t underestimate the value of quality-made windows in your custom home. Experienced window manufacturers will tell you just how important this feature is — since durable window treatments not only protect your client from intruders and wildlife but can keep harmful allergens and pollutants from compromising their health and well-being.

There are several styles of windows to choose from, including casement, single-hung, bay, and even specialty windows. Whichever style you choose, be sure to look at the type of glazing, coating, and framing that would best suit the style and structure of your custom home.

Ample Storage

Storage is essential in any home, no matter the square footage. The longer the house is lived in, the more items are likely to accumulate — and the last thing you want is to live in a cluttered space or to have your client experience that feeling.

Spending money on extra closet space, custom shelving, additional garage storage, and even a shed in the back of the home will allow you to safely and conveniently store things such as seasonal items and clothing or kitchen equipment while still having easy access.

Welcoming Outdoor Spaces

Welcoming Outdoor Spaces

Font and backyard spaces should feel like an oasis, even if your home is sitting on a small plot of land. However, this may depend on the living style of your client. If they enjoy entertaining and spending time outdoors, it may be worth looking at the budget and determining where money can be allocated to make it feel like a comforting space.

Customizing a backyard can range from large projects like installing a functional outdoor kitchen or a pool to simply building a deck and putting out some comfortable outdoor furniture. It’s important to work alongside your client to determine their priorities.


Building a custom home is no small feat by any means, but putting in the time and effort as a contractor is key to creating a functional, stylish space that feels like a forever home for your client.

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