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Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau’s Stranded In Delhi Due To Plane Snag

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau's Stranded In Delhi Due To Plane Snag

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s visit to Delhi took an unexpected turn as he found himself stranded in the Indian capital due to technical issues with his plane. This incident comes on the heels of a diplomatically challenging trip to India for the G20 Summit.

Trudeau’s visit was marked by a series of events that raised eyebrows and garnered criticism from various quarters. Notably, he skipped the official G20 gala dinner, leaving Canadian media puzzled about his absence. Opposition leader Pierre Poilievre expressed concern, tweeting, “Putting partisanship aside, no one likes to see a Canadian prime minister repeatedly humiliated and trampled upon by the rest of the world.”

However, the most significant setback occurred when Trudeau’s plane, which was scheduled to depart on Sunday night, was grounded due to technical problems. Canada’s Department of National Defence disclosed that a component needed replacement. As a result, the Canadian Armed Forces dispatched another plane, and Trudeau is expected to depart on Tuesday morning.

The trip, marred by these incidents, adds to Trudeau’s history of tumultuous visits to India. In 2018, he faced criticism for his choice of attire, repeated donning of traditional Indian outfits, and inviting a convicted former Khalistani terrorist to a reception, which strained Indo-Canadian relations. Additionally, his itinerary was questioned for appearing more like a family vacation than an official visit.

During his recent G20 Summit visit, Trudeau’s interactions with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi were marked by moments of awkwardness, notably when Trudeau pulled away from Modi’s hand during a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi at Rajghat.

Moreover, the Indian statement after a pull-aside talk between the two leaders was curt and cold, highlighting Canada’s alleged inaction against Khalistani elements active in the country. India has repeatedly expressed concerns about Canada’s refusal to address this issue, with External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar calling it “vote bank politics.”

Trudeau remained non-committal about taking action against Khalistani elements during his visit, emphasizing Canada’s defense of freedom of expression and peaceful protest. This stance contrasted with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s vow not to tolerate such violence in the UK.

Trudeau’s Delhi visit, which was also his first official solo trip since announcing his separation from Sophie Gregoire Trudeau after 18 years of marriage, has left him grappling with diplomatic challenges and a prolonged stay due to the unexpected plane snag.

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