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Tips For Creating A Healthy And Productive Work Environment

Nobody wants to spend a major portion of their lives unhappy. Since a large part of the time is spent at work, it’s important that the environment there is kept healthy and productive.

Doing so will have a positive impact on employees and ensure that they stay happy and motivated. In this article, we delve into the details of why creating a healthy and productive workplace is important and what tips and strategies can be employed to create one.

5 Practical Tips For Creating A Healthy Environment

Creating A Healthy Environment

Investing in a healthy work environment isn’t expensive. Small changes in work culture can help achieve the ideal work environment for your employees:

1. Keep the Office Clean

Cleanliness allows employees to stay organized, avoid illnesses, and improve their well-being. In fact, studies such as one conducted by Staples Corporation highlight that employees who work in a clean environment are 94% more productive than those who don’t. Of this, 74% believed they produced a higher work quality. Such employees also stay healthier for a long time and take fewer sick days.

In order to create a clean and healthy workspace, commercial cleaning plays an important role. By ensuring a thoroughly clean and neat workplace, you can create a healthy workplace for employees where they’re more focused and creative.

Compass Cleaning Solutions affirms this notion, stating that cleanliness helps to improve the profitability, productivity, and performance of employees. A clean workspace with lots of light, space, and comfortable furniture can help provide maximum comfort to employees as well.

2. Promote Wellness

Promoting wellness is essential for creating a healthy work environment. Employers can start by curating wellness policies that promote healthy behavior. Conducting health fairs and educational health programs can also help in this regard.

Moreover, employers must also be mindful of both the physical and mental wellness

of their employees. Start by encouraging your employees to exercise. Inspire them to take mini breaks when they feel overworked. Take care of their physical and mental well-being with wellness challenges, gym membership discounts, and the like.

3. Work-Life Balance

Happiness and fulfillment can be attained with work-life balance. While work is important and must be prioritized, it shouldn’t be at the cost of your health. Employers should encourage their employees to leave their office at the allotted time, take some time off from work when needed, and even take on flexible working schedules.

Work-life balance can also be prioritized by inculcating fun work days, virtual breaks, open discussions, and even workshops. With a healthy work-life balance, employees can ensure that they are happy and content where they work. This will also help reduce absenteeism and turnover rates.

4. Reward and Recognize Employees

A healthy and productive environment can also be curated with various morale-boosting efforts. Employers should recognize the hard work put in by their workers, appreciating them through kind words and constructive feedback. Such feedback and recognition allow employees to improve their performance.

By knowing what they did well and where they lacked, they can work to progress themselves accordingly. Moreover, awarding rewards can also motivate employees to do their best. Some employees are motivated through extrinsic rewards such as bonuses, vacation trips, etc. On the other hand, other employees are motivated by intrinsic factors such as positive affirmations.

5. Mentorship

With mentorship, employees can sharpen and shape their minds for better productivity. The right mentors can help employees learn faster, adapt easily, and become more familiar with work practices due to their insight and practical knowledge. ‘

Corporations should regularly arrange mentorship sessions for employees to help them learn faster. Mentors should strive to build a relationship with the mentees to allow them to nurture from the sessions. However, mentees themselves should also work to build their relationships through active communication and feedback sharing.

Importance Of Creating A Healthy And Productive Work Environment

Fostering a healthy and productive work environment ensures employees feel better and have more energy to do their tasks. It also ensures that employees feel happy and content with their surroundings.

Studies have found that employees who are happy are 20% more productive than their counterparts. Since turnover is expensive, keeping employees content can help retain them longer too. To avoid losing out on employees that will cost you terribly, it is better to avoid it by creating a productive work culture.

It should also be noted here that employees who are content with their workplace are more likely to stay than those who are not. Healthy employees also get less sick. They require a lower spend on healthcare, and even their absenteeism rates are low.

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