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Henry Kissinger, The Former Secretary Of State Of The US Dies At 100!

Henry Kissinger Dies At 100

During the Cold War, Henry Kissinger, the secretary of State in the Nixon and Ford Administrations, played a pivotal role in the US foreign policy. One of the top diplomats of America dies at the age of 100!

Kissinger died in his home in Connecticut, and the statement of death was announced by Kissinger Associates, a policy consultancy, on Wednesday night. They did not give any reason or cause for the end. A series of tributes were posted, one by former US President George W Bush!

The tribute highlighted the distinctive voice and dependability that American politicians and diplomats get from Kissinger on foreign affairs. Even the daughters of former US President Richard Nixon informed that the life of Kissinger was as American as it was unique.

Of course, they would know, considering the Gemran-born former diplomat served under Nixon’s administration. The daughters stated that the man’s character would never be forgotten even though he has achieved a lot in the search and cause for peace.

The former US Secretary of State was a school teacher’s son who fled along with his family in 1938 from the Nazis. He was born in Germany in 1923, and due to this history, he never lost his native Bavarian accent.

Becoming a US citizen in 1923, Henry Kissinger served in the US Army for three years and later worked for the Counter Intelligence Corps. He taught International relations at Harvard after earning his bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

1969 Kissinger was appointed the national security adviser by then-president Nixon, giving him power over US foreign policy. During the Vietnam War, relations with China, and hostilities from the Yom Kippur War 1973 of the US, Kissinger put an effort to create Shuttle diplomacy.

It made him popular, and he enjoyed a certain level of China over the years. His death has been well-covered on social media platforms in China, specifically Weibo. His obituary reads, “An old friend of the Chinese people!”

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