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Streaming Services Worldwide Are Offering Slashed Up Prices Ending 28 November!

Streaming Services Worldwide Are Offering Slashed Up Prices Ending 28 November

Over this year, the prices of the subscriptions have been subsequently increasing at the streaming services. It is especially done to decrease the losses the businesses might be facing. However, recently, they have introduced a Black Friday sale!

And no one can resist a black Friday sale! With a year-long subscription at Walt Disney, you can get an ad-supported version of another streaming platform, Hulu, for $1 monthly. You won’t be able to resist a black Friday deal, especially when offered at such discounted prices.

The streaming services of Hulu have amazing offers and deals, which will end by 28 November. To access these offers, you must get them within the time frame. The price has gone down further than what they were offered last year.

The Disney+ streaming service charges you around $2 additionally for new customers. The bundle for this streaming service costs around $10 every month, especially after the black Friday sale. If you take a subscription for two services, you will have to pay $16 individually.

The Starz streaming service can also be added with this bundle, which will cost $1 more monthly. The organization Lions Gate Entertainment operates this streaming service. It is a mix of different offers on the Black Friday sale.

Significant promotion of products and services is being hyped during the sale because the advertisements are being used. Currently, there are millions of customers across the world who are using streaming services.

The streaming services industry gained by heaps and bounds after the COVID pandemic, but it has slowed down a bit, especially after the restarting of movie theaters. Twenty-three million customers were gained by the largest streaming services in the last year!

Max is another streaming service belonging to Warner Bros. It offers for returning and new customers. Their normal subscription rate is $10 monthly, which they have brought down to $6 monthly.

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