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Unlock The Secrets Of Winning Job Interviews With Skillhub

Job Interviews

Are you anxious before a job interview? Don’t be. Skillhub career experts have prepared a list of everything job seekers need to do to impress any hiring manager and nail their dream job. If you follow our advice, your chances of getting hired will increase tenfold.

But first, to meet with your potential employer, ensure you get your resume and LinkedIn profile in order. It always helps to hire professional resume and healthcare resume writers to assist you with that. This way, you’ll be way more likely to get multiple invites.

Here Are Nine Important Secrets Of Winning Job Interviews With Skillhub

Secrets Of Winning Job Interviews

1. Research the Company and Position  

Once you’ve landed an interview for your dream job, it’s time to thoroughly research the company and position you’re applying for. You’ll need to learn about the company’s history, what it’s known for, why it’s so successful, and its core corporate values. All those things will be useful when the interviewer asks why you’d like to work there.

Also, don’t forget to research the specific position you’re applying for. No matter how competent and experienced a candidate is, they can’t know all the job details unless they spend enough time studying the information available online. It also helps to research similar positions in other companies (if nothing else, to know how much money to ask for).

2. Practice Your Answers to Common Questions  

Next, prepare answers for the questions that any interviewer is guaranteed to ask you.

They include:

  • Why do you want to work at our company?

  • Why do you think you’re the right person for the position?

  • What’s the biggest challenge you’ve successfully overcome in your previous job?

  • Which career accomplishment you’re proud of the most?

  • Why did you decide to leave your current job?

  • How do you deal with criticism?

  • Do you have any questions about the company or position you’re applying for?

That’s only the tip of the iceberg. But any interviewee with thoughtful answers ready for these questions will already look better than someone trying to come up with them on the spot.

3. Remember About the Importance of First Impressions  

Long gone are days when any job seeker was expected to come to any meeting wearing a formal suit. Now, it only applies to some industries and top-level positions. Still, look at least somewhat presentable, even if you’re having an interview over Zoom. No hiring manager or employer appreciates an interviewee who looks like they’ve just rolled out of bed.

More importantly, don’t be late. Tardy candidates communicate disrespect for the company they’re applying for and the interviewers who have to wait for them. Ideally, arrive 10 minutes earlier to compose yourself and revise the answers you have in your head.

4. Bring Copies of Your Resume and Any Relevant Materials  

Even if you’ve already submitted your resume and other materials online, bringing hard copies is always a good idea. This shows that you’re prepared and organized. And you can look at your resume when answering the interviewer’s questions to avoid forgetting something important.

5. Pay Attention to Your Nonverbal Behavior  

Candidates’ body language, tone of voice, and other nonverbal cues matter. Your body language can communicate much about your confidence and interest in the job. Make eye contact, sit up straight, and avoid fidgeting or slouching. Also, be sure to smile and use a firm, but not overly strong, handshake (if you’re having an interview in person).

6. Don’t Be Humble  

Some people find this surprising, yet humbleness is rarely appreciated in the corporate world. Our survey of job seekers who failed job interviews has revealed that a few were explicitly told that they didn’t seem confident enough despite having impressive career achievements.

That’s why it’s essential to give your skills and accomplishments justice. Don’t be afraid to admit that the success of the last project you worked on was primarily yours. Acknowledge that, just like everyone else, you have room to grow. But also convince the hiring manager that you’re already an expert.

7. Listen Carefully and Ask Questions  

During the meeting, listen carefully to the interviewer’s questions and take the time to answer thoughtfully. Ask follow-up questions when appropriate, and show genuine interest in the company and the role.

This helps you understand the position better and shows the hiring manager that you’re engaged and enthusiastic about the opportunity. If you don’t ask questions, it creates an impression that you’re either uninterested or desperate for a job. Neither is a good look.

8. Be Honest (To an Extent)  

Finally, find the right balance between oversharing and saying whatever you think the interviewer wants to hear. For example, when asked about your strength, mention what you’re excellent at. Otherwise, your future employer will have some serious and valid questions for you.

At the same time, if you’re leaving your current company because of constant conflicts with your team, it might be better to avoid sharing this. You risk coming off as a poor communicator and someone unable to compromise. Basically, the rule of thumb is to be the right amount of honest.

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9. Follow-Up After the Meeting  

Finally, send a thank-you note to the interviewer or hiring manager after the meeting. This is a great way to show appreciation for the opportunity and keep yourself top-of-mind with the hiring team. It also gives you another chance to reiterate your interest in the role and highlight any key points you may have missed due to nerves.

To Sum Up  

Nailing a job interview is a whole science, but it boils down to just a few things. Make sure to have a well-written resume from monster resume writing (and take it with you), research the company you’re applying for, practice your answers, look and act presentable, ask the hiring manager questions, and give your accomplishments justice.

And if you need professional help with “resume writing near me” with your resume or LinkedIn profile, google Skillhub—thanks to our resume writers, your chances of getting a job interview will grow by a mile.

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