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Joinpd 2023: Every Detail You Need To Know!


If you are an educator or a teacher, you must help to educate or guide your students in online sessions. Sometimes, explaining certain concepts with diagrams or infographics is also easier.

It is where Joinpd comes in. You can use a prebuilt presentation to create a lesson that is both interactive and subjective. It also helps you design the display into a detailed evaluation of the student’s understanding of the lesson.

Joinpd: All You Need To Know About It

About joinpd

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Joinpd can be identified as a tool that effectively creates a presentation that enables teachers to be more interactive and instructional. Online classes have become more interactive with the help of Joinpd.

The software is popular in the United States and is ranked relatively high by teachers concerning educating and guiding students. Students are encouraged further through the application of personal and social learning.

A well-established database has different types of testing templates, scientific diagrams, interactive designs, MCQs for online tests, and prebuilt presentation templates. As an educator, you can use the available resources to create lessons and presentations for your students.

What Is JoinPD?

What Is JoinPD

Image Assign is an official portal for PearDeack, a web-based tool to create interactive presentations by teachers to interact effectively with students. The official website,, is a microsite for This website is accessible to both teachers and students.

The functional software application aids teachers and educators in using relabeled presentations to educate and instruct students. further aids the interaction between students and teachers through the presentation and other interactive tools available.

The presentation on Joinpd is accessible from any place and by anyone with the peardeck join code. Concerns can also be shared accordingly in a group; the reliable approach is sharing issues. The active Pier Deck account and code allow you to share your presentations with anyone.

What Are The Features Of JoinPD?

Joinpd caters to the diverse needs of teachers through the different features available. The parts have been designed so educators can get the most out of it. The features are as follows:

Collaborative Community

Collaborative Community

A vibrant community is the outcome of the platform JoinPD because it facilitates collaboration among teachers and educators. The educators can connect with others, fostering positive and interactive relationships.

They can exchange their practices, share insights and inform about any issues they face. Professional growth is the result of a platform that integrates idea-sharing and collaboration.

Certifications And Progress Tracking

Certifications And Progress Tracking

The joined platform allows educators to track their growth progress. The teachers can monitor their progress by attending workshops and modules, and they earn certificates and digital badges from the platform.

The certification is like a validation of the educators’ professional and developmental achievements. The certificates are valuable for teachers’ professional development and career advancement.

Resource Library

Resource Library

It is a wealth of lesson plans, educational materials, assessment tools, research articles, and teaching strategies. Educators can access diverse information and knowledge on the website; hence productivity increases effectively.

The administrators of constantly work on and upgrade the platform’s features. The resources also increase along with the upgrades.

Workshops And Webinars

Workshops And Webinars

If educators or teachers demand workshops or webinars, the platform arranges them. Renowned experts who are well-established in their field of specialization give seminars and attend the sessions. The workshop is flexible, and educators can participate according to their convenience.

Customized Learning Paths

Customized Learning Paths

Joined creates opportunities for teachers and educators by customizing and serving their requirements and needs. The platform offers learning paths customized to cater to the diversity in the conditions.

The aim is to align the areas of interest and expertise so that the modules help them develop their professional journey.

Interactive Learning Modules

Interactive Learning Modules

The platform offers interactive modules which engage educators and students in their learning experiences by creating templates and formats suitable to their requirements.

There is a wide range of subjectivity with technical integrity where assessment strategies and classroom management are crafted in complete sync.

How To Create An Account On

How To Create An Account On JoinPD

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To access the Pear Deck Platform’s excellent attributes, you must create an account on Joinpd. First, make sure that your device must be connected to the internet. You have to follow the steps to create an account.

  • You have to go to the official page of Joipd and then click “sign up for complimentary” on the right-hand side of the page.
  • Then click “authorize,” which will connect you to the service.
  • You will then receive the directions to set up and must comply with the instructions.
  • The first instruction is to put your email address and password.
  • There might also be a question of consent by PearDeck which you must agree on.
  • will then give the instructions to log in to instructors or educators.
  • The process is a little different for students as they have to wait for the educators to share the 5-character Joinpd code.
  • For any session of presentation or lesson, the educators or teachers must share the code with the students, who can then access the session by clicking on
  • The application will then ask for the code, which they must put on their dashboard accordingly, attending the session.

How To Create A Presentation Or Lesson On Pear Deck? (For Teachers)

How To Create A Presentation Or Lesson On Pear Deck

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The platform caters to educators and teachers but is used for students. Therefore, learning how to create a lesson on the platform is essential. The following steps must be followed:

  • You have to open the browser and visit the official site of Pear Deck.
  • You must then create an account by logging into the platform using a Microsoft or Gmail account.
  • You then have to enter the school details.
  • You have to permit the platform to access the information available on your account through which you logged in.
  • You then have to select “Create new lesson,” which, once you click, will redirect to Google Slides.
  • You can then access the prebuilt templates for the presentation.
  • Once you finish the presentation, click on the option “Present with Pear Deck.”
  • You will then be given a link that has been created from the presentation
  • You must share it with your students, who can access it with the 5-character code.


Please read the article to learn about Joinpd to use in 2023. You will also read about the features that make it a lucrative application for educators.

Comment below regarding your perspective on the platform’s available presentation and interactive aspects.

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