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You Can Still Make Money From Your Junk Car

Junk Car

Any driver who has experienced an accident knows how unpleasant and problematic it is. Even if there were no casualties and only your vehicle was damaged, you will have more than enough grief.

If the damage is minor, then there are no questions – you can drive in a “crumpled” car until you have the money to repair it. And what to do if the car is not running?

If the damage is severe enough, and it is simply not profitable for you to repair the car, then it is better to contact a car dealer. Buying used cars is a serious job for some. Small firms, and even quite solid companies pay cash for junk cars in Houston.

Tips On How To Sell Junk Cars

The automobile was in an accident, and that is terrible. But it is necessary to move on, which means understanding the degree of damage.

To do this, drive the car to the service for diagnostics. Experts will inspect the vehicle to determine what is still in good condition and what needs to be replaced. Of course, if the geometry of the body is completely damaged, then it is more difficult to sell such a car.

The vehicle will behave unpredictably while driving. Uneven tire wear will occur. The door will not fit tightly, which breaks the seal. In case of a new accident, such a body is unlikely to protect the driver. Therefore, the first thing to do is to undergo diagnostics and analyze the condition of the car in detail. This will be the source of information for the sale.

Sell Junk Cars

1. Contact the car dealership

Today, a large number of companies, such as JunkCarsUS, deal with the purchase of vehicles after road accidents. As a result, you will have no trouble determining how to acquire cash for junk cars in Houston. Car buybacks buy vehicles in almost any condition:

  • with small dents and scratches;
  • burned and after drowning;
  • that are not subject to recovery.

Even if, as a result of the accident, the geometry of the body is broken, the structural components are damaged and the airbags are deployed, car repurchase companies can still accept such a car. At the same time, the year of manufacturing, model, and brand are often unimportant.

The key benefit of the automobile buyback service is the quickness with which the transaction is completed. A specialist arrives, examines the vehicle, and announces how much a broken car can be sold for.

If you agree to sell for this amount, the documentation will be rewritten, and you will be compensated. The car is picked up by the company’s tow truck from where you say. The drawback is that corporations often give 10-15% less than you could obtain in an individual transaction.

2. How to profitably sell a broken car for spare parts

There is usually no point in repairing when the frame and body are deformed or the car is too old (but not rare, not in demand among collectors). Nevertheless, original car parts can be in good demand among motorists. And if it was an expensive car, the spare parts for it are, accordingly, expensive.

How Else To Sell A Car After An Accident?

Details can be offered to the service center. And, as already mentioned above, used vehicles for further disassembly are bought by auto salvage companies.

In addition to spare parts, metals are in demand: ferrous and non-ferrous, which can be extracted from the car and handed over to the scrap metal base.

Sell A Car After An Accident

1. Post an advertisement

You publish an ad on a specialized website, on social networks, or in a newspaper and wait for buyers. Everything is determined by the technical condition, model year, brand, and mileage. This essay is about how to sell an emergency automobile, so let’s go a little more into the vehicle’s state.

Experts note that the entire box and engine are already 35% of the price of the car. More “surviving” details? Add more to the cost. But everything is very individual.

Sometimes it is feasible to negotiate for half the price, while other times no one will accept 30%. It happens that the buyer himself assigns the amount – you just need to make a decision: to sell or not.

Sometimes it is feasible to negotiate for half the price, while other times no one will accept 30%. Add about 5% to the price at once – this is the amount that you can easily drop with reasonable bargaining.

2. Repair and sell

Perhaps the most difficult and long-lasting option is how to sell a car after an accident. But under some conditions, it can bring a good profit. Repairs always begin with an assessment of the damage received in the accident. Simple damages are scratches, dents, and damage to wings, bumpers, headlights, and grills. In most cases, replacing and painting components is sufficient.

The most important thing is not to harm the body. For example, if the body’s frames and power elements are bent, the restoration will be either extremely difficult and costly or impossible in concept. As a result, you can only profit from restoring the automobile if you sell it for more than you paid for it.

For example, you professionally repair vehicles or know a workshop that will do it well and inexpensively.

So, we considered several options for selling a used car. Which of them is the most profitable depends on many factors: your goals and expectations, the condition of the vehicle, and other nuances. Don’t have the time or motivation to do your own sales?

Contact a car salvage company like JunkCarsUS. The deal will take 1 day. When the state of the automobile is determined to be “hand over for spare parts/junk,” a car buyback firm is a fantastic alternative.

In another case – selling independently, you will have to tinker. Especially if you have also planned a preliminary repair. Such options also have their own conditions.

It is very critical to have the time and chance to sell the repaired automobile for more than the cost of the repair. Consider all of the options for selling a car after an accident and select the best one for you.



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